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Helios~Terra, Aer et Ignus

The Earth has existed as an independent body in space orbiting the sun for about 4.5 billion years now. Originally molten now only a molten core remains as the cooling continues. 

The iron core is still liquid and circulates in a pattern of convection that induces a magnetic shield around the planet called the magnetosphere. This circulation also mirrors the Coriolis flows of the oceans and air on the Surface where the water, air and iron in the Northern Hemisphere never mixes with that of the Southern Hemisphere. Instead the flows are retrograde back towards the associated pole after it hits the equator.

The flow of the ocean makes a complete cycle every thousand years. The cold melt water at the poles is heavier and moves along the he floor to the equator carrying an abundance of oxygen to the bottom. This oxygenated water delivery is critical to the continuity of life on the surface because it maintains a thriving global population of aerobic bacteria. In the past, as we are being threatened now, when this oxygen delivery has been stopped, the balance of bacteria turns to anaerobic forms that release hydrogen sulfide as a result of their respiration with mass global extinction being the result.

The magnetosphere resulting from the molten iron core prevents atmospheric gases from being stripped from the planet. The accumulation of atmospheric gas results in atmospheric preassure that allows much of the water on this planet to remain in a liquid state at the temperatures that are typical here, on the surface.

The Earth System is a highly energetic one. The concentration of Electronegative elements is extremely high on the surface. The most electronegative element is oxygen(except fluorine). 

The SCHNOPS Elements(sulfur,carbon,hydrogen,nitrogen,oxygen,phosphorous) are the principle mineral elements of life. They are the highly electronegative elements found at the top right of the periodic table. They are also the most abundant minerals on the surface with the oxygen concentration reflecting that of living creatures as the highest. Eighty percent of the earth is water, eighty percent of water is oxygen, and eighty percent of water is oxygen. Hydrogen is also a non-metallic, electronegative SCHNOPS Element, and so water is 100% electronegative.

It is also noteworthy that the dominant products of stellar fusion are electronegative and SCHNOPS.

The Earth is highly negatively charged on the surface. The difference in charge between the surface and the stratosphere is about 60,000 volts. That would be about a 200 volt difference in electrical potential for a six foot tall person between their head and their feet while standing.

The Earth indeed is a highly energetic system that extends it’s Aura out from it’s surface a hundred kilometers. In this dynamic it functions as our external metabolism, the same as the internal metabolism works without us knowing or trying. Do you have to try to beat your own heart?

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Helios~Terra, Aer et Ignus


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