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IV Nutrients May Be All The Rage In Hollywood But Is There Any Truth To The Hype?

I get inquiry calls about this therapy frequently and am surprised. Can you cure a hangover, boost your immune system, fight fatigue and get healthier skin all in one IV treatment?  That’s what Vitamin IV drips promise.

The process works by providing the user with a direct infusion of Vitamins and minerals, like high doses of vitamin C or magnesium. Receiving vitamins through an IV allegedly allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system for faster vitality. There are various different formulations of vitamins you can receive depending on your needs.

Fans of the treatment ― from Bravo reality stars to Adele to Chrissy Teigen ― and companies that offer the service advertise that it will help with various health concerns.

Does it? And Is it SAFE?

Most treatments cost from 300-$500 and last from 20 minutes to one hour.  The most popular treatment is called a “Myers Cocktail” which contains a drip of saline solution, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C.  A licensed health professional must oversee the procedure and it is best if a Medical Doctor is there in the facility in case emergency procedures need to be implemented which is what happened to Kendall Kardashian a short while ago.

Most healthy people with functioning GI tracts do not need IV therapy.  It bypasses nature, costs a lot of money and opens the door for all kinds of complications to occur.

What kind of complications?  Well for starters you really don’t have any idea what is in your IV.  A woman recently died from a turmeric IV she was getting to treat eczema which was due to a mistake by the compounding pharmacy that created it.  IV clinics are not regulated by the FDA so you really have no idea what you are getting…

While technically the person administering the IV should have training the training standards vary widely across the country.  IV clinics don’t have sufficient information about your medical history to provide safe care.  If you have diagnosed or undiagnosed heart disease you should not do this as it will put an added strain on your heart. 

Insertion of an IV can cause bruising, infection, blood clots and vein inflammation.  

When one considers the risk and expense of IV therapy, in my opinion no ethical doctor will advocate or prescribe it except under extreme medical conditions.

Many of my patients are being treated for long term digestive problems and have a multiplicity of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  We customize patches for these clients and they work extremely well and circumvent the above risks.  Contact me if you’d like more information about this!  I think most of the hype of IV treatment comes from the increase in energy one will experience immediately upon getting hydrated. Obviously drinking  16 ounces of water does not seem exciting to people,LOL. Next week join me to learn how ONE nutrient can stop blindness and cure eye disease.  SignUP so you don’t miss this.   We proudly offer brands like: Douglas, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne Research, NeuroScience, Allergy Research and so many more.  Please visit our natural pharmacy for great deals and FREE shipping on hundreds of FRESH products.  We ship same day in most cases.  Thank you and best of health!


Taryn DeCicco

Naturopathic Doctor


Clinical Nutritionist

Holistic Physician




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IV Nutrients May Be All The Rage In Hollywood But Is There Any Truth To The Hype?


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