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Youth Hearing Protection

Hunting, target shooting, competitive shooting and other hobbies that include the use of firearms are a huge aspect of our culture and of our lives. Americans purchase and shoot over 1 billion shells every year, and this means that there are over 1 billion opportunities for permanent Hearing damage or loss to be had. In the ‘How Important is Ear Protection, Really?’ article we saw how firearm related activities are growing to be more and more popular with young people today, this puts a whole new demographic at risk.

Children’s hearing is much more fragile than the hearing of an adult, especially from the ages of 0-4. It is also, in some sense, much more important because a child’s ability to hear will greatly affect their development. In the first few years of a child’s life hearing can impact a child’s ability to develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Even limited exposure to loud noise can damage a child’s hearing to the point of effecting their speech and their ability to understand language.

Just think about it, if we were unable to hear the language that is being spoken to us, that would greatly impact our ability to learn how to interact. It would also create a barrier between us and the people around us because we would not be able to communicate with everyone else in a normal way. Can you see how that might have an effect on a child emotionally?

It is not only important to protect a child’s hearing when they cannot protect themselves but it is also important to instill good habits into Youth as they grow up. This means that we must take the time to teach them the risk of hearing loss when being exposed to high decibel noises and the importance of hearing protection while around a firearm.

So what can you do beyond teaching youth about the do’s and don’ts of firearms to provide safety for your kids, or the kids you care about around you? Fortunately there are quite a few options tailored to protecting the hearing of youth of all ages. There are specially sized ear muffs, kid sized ear plugs, and even a youth line of WildEar products. Each of these safety tools are just as effective as full size but they are scaled to fit people of all ages allowing them to enjoy the outdoors and to share in your passion for a safe shooting experience.

The Wildear Youth Program believes in hearing conservation and safety in all youth shooting and hunting sports. We, as concerned parents, realize that our hearing is far too precious to go unprotected early on in young people’s lives. Over the course of time the human ear changes in shape and size and the WildEar Youth Program provides a top of the line product targeted for youth between the ages of 12-18. This line of WildEar products allows for youth wearing the hearing protection to communicate with a parent, shooting instructor, or teaching while still being protected by the premium technology in amplification and defense.

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Youth Hearing Protection


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