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scandal stuff

Professor Leon Podles, who has written a book about Abuse problems in the Catholic church, discusses one case he is familiar with.

he notes that seminarians who are initiated into gay sex (as young adults) could then believe it was okay, and the abuse would continue.

And remember: it's not like a gay falling in love and lapsing. These are serial abusers, who often have numerous victims (something noted by the grand jury). Alas, too many victims are too ashamed to come forward, or else blame themselves.

also: Notice that the accuser was vilified?

reminds me of a case in Altoona, where a patient cried on my shoulder that her husband was asked to intervene with the family of an abused boy: telling them not to destroy the career of the nice visiting priest.

shortly thereafter, the bishop actually wrote a letter claiming that no cases of abuse had been reported since he took over.


no one believed that, of course, so when a priest who had met a young man at a local gay bar, and that kid and his mom concocted the story that the priest had abused his younger (i.e. underage) brother and sued the diocese, the bishop actually let the case go to court, the defense being that the priest involved only liked young men of legal age.

The jury, knowing it was a money scam, (heck, the entire diocese knew it was a money scam) nevertheless found for the boy and told the diocese to pay him oodles of money, as a way to "punish" the bishop and give him a headsup that people were disgusted.

One note: The huge numbers in Pennsylvania that are being cited went back 70 years: and often they were the result of serial abusers...

 and what you didn't see is the many good priests who tried to do their best in this toxic environment.

Get Religion, a blog that covers how the press reports (and often distorts) religious stories, has an article about the Cardinal who spilled the beans and named names.

yes, the MSM is putting this as those nasty and rigid conservative Catholics who oppose the Pope trying to "reform" the church.

Conservative American Catholics have been among the most vocal opponents of Francis’ agenda since he came into power in 2013. They have resisted his efforts to bring back into the fold those Catholics who have fallen away from the church because they are divorced and remarried, or are gay or lesbian, or are secular nonbelievers.
before Vatican II, the innocent party of a divorce who remarried Catholics just went to mass but didn't receive communion. After Vatican II, they could get annulments. Similarly, before Vatican II, Gays could repent go to confession, and try again and again to stay pure. Now, Francis wants to accept those who flaunt their gay lifestyle and be full fledged members of the church and not have their lapses seen as sins.

As for secular non believers: Why would they want to go to church?

in other words, they are opinion pieces posing as news, supporting Francis when he preaches against the 2000 year old ethics of Jesus against divorce and lust: and what is worse, we have reporters telling Catholics what we should believe, and they condemn those who try to follow the rules.

so they will smear the messenger instead of trying to find the truth about abuse by those who support the liberal "reform" agenda being pushed by the MSM.

So what is missing? GetReligion points out:

Well, what is NOT going on here is an attempt to find out if Vigano has stashed away copies of documents that back many of his highly specific claims. Also, as his letter notes, the original documents are in the Vatican's main U.S. office and locked away in key locations in Rome. Will the defenders of Francis (and McCarrick?) produce original copies of documents that refute Vigano?...

and they go on to note and provide links where Vigano was accused of a coverup, and he provided documents to defend himself.


so why do I remain a Catholic?

Because we know good priests and bishops, who are trying to just do their work and help us to remain holy, by giving us mass and the sacraments.

I know priests who were martyred. So who is more typical? Abusers or martyrs?

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scandal stuff


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