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Half a truth is a lie

quote of the day: From Spengler, who worked in Russia after the fall of the iron curtain to remake it's economy.
Unfortunately, the delusion that the United States would remake Russia in its own image persisted through the Bush and Obama administrations. I have no reason to doubt the allegations that a dozen Russian intelligence officers meddled in the U.S. elections of 2016, but this was equivalent of a fraternity prank compared to America’s longstanding efforts to intervene in Russian politics.

and not just in Russia and the Ukraine:

Yes, and it's just a coincidence that during the last election, there was a new US ambassador here, (one who had been thrown out of Bolivia for interfering with their election), and just a coincidence that the American girl's husband had CIA ties...

and it's just a coincidence that the Ukrainian billionaire who helped overthrow that country's pro Russian president also was found funding one of our "opposition" newspapers who prints lots of exposes on the so called atrocities of the drug war.

But never mind.

The meme is that Trumpie boy asked Russia to hack Hillary and they did.

But the real story is that Hillary told inspectors that she "lost" 30 thousand emails that she didn't want government inspectors to see, and Trump jokingly tweeted that maybe Russia could find them.

It was a joke, but you wouldn't know that from the PC press.

and the hack was a low level skill hack that could have been done by any high school geek (but apparently not the FBI).

and the information? That Hillary's dirty tricks stole the nomination from Bernie, and that she wasn't the only one who snobbishly looked down on working folk, akd "Deplorables".

this, not the ads on Facebook resulted in working class men voting against her... as for me, I stopped going to facebook because the memes posted there by liberal friends and relatives, which before the election were full of anti Christian hate, have gotten worse.

Dilbert says if the Democrats win, they're coming to get you, and I wonder if he is right.

As for the SC judge: One reason for the "culture war" in the USA is that the elites changed laws via the courts. Essentially, allowing a dictatorship. So appointing a judge that judges law instead of making it up will be a relief.


related item: StrategyPage on what's going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan. read the whole thing. Dead human shields are used to manipulate the media, and the recruits from "religious schools" remeains a problem.

The Special Forces did not find gossip about distant cousins a few provinces away to be boring, much less details of why one tribe or clan was not on speaking terms with another (often it had to do with a dispute generations old). The Special Forces were often considered annoying by their own superiors, the CIA and senior government officials because the Special Forces operators, after much tea and much listening reported a much different reality than the media was pushing. Who to believe?
If I rely on SP a lot, it is because they get things right about places where I have worked or live, so I figure they have it right about other places too.


oh, that mayor in our area that was killed?

No, it wasn't Duterte: or drug related.

Yup. Business contract dispute. Figures.

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Half a truth is a lie


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