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Straw man arguments: We haz that

An example of this type of manipulation in the MSM is this video is making the rounds, and of course a lot of folks are shouting memes, but essentially it is a classic show of how the MSM destroy people, in this case, she is using straw man arguments, trying to put words into his mouth, and unlike most people he actually corrects her...


in this case, he is trying to point out nuances, and the interviewer keeps rephrasing incorrectly his arguments to distort what he is saying.

in other videos, he makes the argument about government laws forcing people to use pronouns. These types of laws have a lot of implications: Because using the half dozen or so "preferred" pronouns is not only hard to do, but it forces the way one speaks under force of law.

and once you change the language, you change the way people think.

It is one thing to be polite: It is another to force language to push an agenda from above.

Ruby says her oh so PC school in Canada are pushing this, and she correctly noted that in the name of making trans etc. people feel okay, they are making believing Christians uncomfortable by coercing their behavior and as a result, coercing them to change their opinions that some behavior is more desirable and more moral than other behavior.

even Pope Francis has pointed out the absurdity of radical gender theory, and warns that it could destroy the biological basis of the family and destroys the biological, sociological, and evolutionary realities behind the family, which in most countries is the core basis of society.

Recounting the story of a public education minister he knew who was offered money to construct new schools for the poor, Francis said to receive the money, the minister had to agree to use a course book with students that taught gender theory.
"This is the ideological colonization," the pope said. "It colonizes the people with an idea that changes, or wants to change, a mentality or a structure." "It is not new, this," he continued. "The same was done by the dictators of the last century. They came with their own doctrine -- think of the Balilla [youth groups of Fascist Italy], think of the Hitler Youth."

this is probably harmless in the affluent socialized west, where government subsidies provide a social umbrella so you can do your own thing, but here in Asia, it is the family that is the institution that enables a person to thrive, care for children and the sick and elderly.

It isn't just government policies that caused this: The "sexual revolution" culture encouraged selfishness and freedom from responsibility, and then a bunch of women deserted by their boyfriends aborted their kids, and became feminists. And the media, alas, has spread such ideas of false freedom and irresponsibility to the entire world.

Has modern culture resulted in freedom for people, or resulted in isolated individuals who find that their utopia is hell?

From a UAE paper:

‘Sad’ Britain? Minister for Loneliness to deal with realities of modern life

May described Loneliness as the “sad reality of modern life” that affects millions of people in UK. “I want to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved one – people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with” said May.
In a population of 65.6 million people, Britain has more than 9 million – equivalent to the population of the UAE - who say they are always or often lonely according to the British Red Cross. The charity calls it a “hidden epidemic” that can affect people of all ages at various times in life such as retirement, bereavement or separation. 
A report in 2017 has said that loneliness was as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It is also a proven fact that people who have happy and stress-free lives live longer than those who are bogged down with stress or are unhappy and lonely....
Loneliness doesn’t affect just the elderly. It is also being perpetuated by a consumerist, individualist society with a deconstruction of the community.
The technological revolution has also meant that we can all live more unconnected lives with so much being done through the computer and the internet from the comfort of your own home, without any physical interaction with other people. Human interaction is becoming unnecessary and it is demolishing real sociability and replacing it with a virtual reality which can be the cause of loneliness among the younger generations. 
In traditional Christian, Muslim and Confucian culture, the importance of the family is a basic idea.

In effect, the elites and opinion makers in the UK destroyed religion, and no one seems to recognize the problem is lack of religion/ethics in one's say of living.

So I can see all those good Muslims reading that article shaking their heads and saying they are glad they don't live in the UK.

I was always an outlier: ignoring pressure and comments by the girls in my school, who pushed the idea "women are stupid so shouldn't be doctors" ideas of the 1950's, or the "have sex, use drugs, don't study too hard" memes of the 1960's....:

Part of this was because I never based my life on happiness, but on duty and using my talents to help others.

Hmm... duty, responsibility, hard work.

I guess I'm just an old fogie/ self righteous prig.

one news item today says the class at one big shot university on "Happiness" has over 1000 people signed up.

The problem? Is the goal of life one's personal happiness?

In the past, sages said otherwise: they stressed living a virtuous life and doing one's duty.

Or in the old Baltimore catechism: the goal of life is to know, love and serve God, and serve our neighbor, by doing the duties of our daily life.


Well, anyway, Peterson has a new book out: I'll have to keep an eye out for it on Scribd or at the bookstore, but here is a summary:

... supposedly he has a big following on youtube: mostly by young men who were never taught how to live life.

. and society's jester, Milo, analyzes the controversy of the first interview I posted up top:

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Straw man arguments: We haz that


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