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Chinese aggression and hatefilled Congressladies hogging headlines.

StrategyPage article on how China is bullying the Philippines, and Duterte, noting the failure of the US (under Obama) to confront them, has left the Philippines vulnerable, since there is no way we can win a shooting war with them.

so now, with bribes and threats, the Philippines will "Share" resources with China.

The aggression of China, and also the war in the South getting worse, are both result of Obama refusing to send aid to the Philippines if they didn't pass gay friendly laws (that aren't needed), legalize abortion (which is seen as evil by all religions here) and later, to punish Duterte for his drug war (but actually because he won and they wanted the "american girl" to win).

So SP has a lot of detail about the war against the Islamicist terrorists moving to Mindanao because it was seen by them as safer than in other countries, and guess what happened? A lot of "foreigners" were behind the present battle.

and they dare say that religion is indeed part of the problem.

The Marawi City battle killed a lot of the most dedicated Islamic terrorists but it also demonstrated how Islam keeps generating more “more Islamic than thou” religious fanatics generation after generation.
More Islamic majority nations are trying to deal with this militant intolerance problem (that no other major religion has) if only because this attitude has crippled areas where Moslems predominate.
Islamic conservatives have successfully suppressed scientific and political progress for over a thousand years and that has become much more obvious during the last few centuries as the West moved ahead in multiple areas.

some people insist Islam needs a "reformation", but this goes back to Thomas Aquinas and the reframing of Aristotle's thought to make logic/science and religion compatible, and that God was rational,

Pope Benedict used Manuel II's argument in order to draw a distinction between a Christian view, as expressed by Manuel II, that "not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature", and an allegedly Islamic view, as explained by Khoury, that God transcends concepts such as rationality, and his will, as Ibn Hazm stated, is not constrained by any principle, including rationality. 

and we all know how the MSM spun that statement...

Most Filipinos respect our troops (even though they might disrespect some of the corrupt generals and most of the politicians who are corrupt too).

Our soldiers joined even though they knew they might die, because to defend the innocent is their job.

General Kelley's speech says it better than I can.

Kelly was criticizing a politician who took the President's comments out of context to gain publicity and praise from the SJW and MSM.

The spin was Trump said the soldier did it for money and if he was killed, he knew what he was getting into (the congresslady's spin was Trump said he deserved it).

But Trump was actually saying he was proud and brave, and knew he was going into danger when he enlisted, so is a hero.

an editorial in the Phil Star said the same about our soldiers, and notes the SJW/Elite here who shrug off their bravery.

The story of PFC Dhan Ryan Bayot is just one example of the kind of courage and heroism displayed by our soldiers as they fight to defend our beloved country from murdering, vicious barbarians who think nothing about burning churches and schools and killing innocent civilians to establish a reign of terror....
any of us often forget the kind of sacrifices they make and take their service for granted – and sometimes, I find myself getting angry at those who mock and ridicule our armed forces and look down on our soldiers. They get very little pay, and the hazard and combat pay they receive for risking life and limb is laughable. ...

because even here in the Philippines, too many of our SJW come from elite families who politicize everything and ignore or ridicule our soldiers here, who are usually from working class or families who own small farms or businesses,  implying they only enlisted for the money (when they could make more in Saudi of course).

If I am sensitive to this, it is because my husband and his brother fought in WWII against the Japanese invasion, my son in law and grandson are in the USNavy...

 I was in the National Guard for awhile (but never called up). (My only "War" experience was worrying I would be killed,as many of my friends were, during a nasty war when I worked as a doc in Africa.)

we missionaries also knew what we were getting into when we signed up, and saying that doesn't lessen the bravery of those killed for volunteering to go into danger.

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Chinese aggression and hatefilled Congressladies hogging headlines.


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