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Fake news and other spin

I am ignoring most of the US press because the stories are anti Trump all the time, and they seem more like propaganda outlets than news outlets.

For example, then there is an absurd story that the security guard from the LV massacre has popped up and given an interview on... Ellen (!?).

Now Ellen is a nice lady, but not a newsperson or anyone with expertise in hotel security, so one suspects she asked softball questions.

Lots of conspiracy theories that this is why he was "allowed" to go there: because if hard questions were asked, the hotel might be found to be lax in security (duh).

Alternative conspiracy theory: She paid more than other news sources.  Well, that would make sense, but I suspect other more reliable news outlets like the National Inquirer (/s) would pay more than Ellen.


The good news: The Fall of ISIS.

Blame Trump and Russia... which is why the MSM is sort of ignoring the story.

Most of the airstrikes in Syria are by the American led coalition. This is followed by Russian and Assad aircraft (who work closely together) and finally the Israelis and Turks. ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is rapidly losing it personnel and territory because of constant attacks by just about everyone (Turks, Kurds, Assad and his Iranian and Russian allies as well as the Americans and sundry other minor players). 

The bad news: The powers left standing will now fight each other

As ISIL is being put down everyone is thinking about the next phase of the civil war. The winners want to get rewarded for their service. The Syrian Kurds want autonomy in the northeast (mainly Hasakah province) and protection from Turkish efforts to keep the Syrian Kurds away from the Turkish border. That’s going to be a problem. There are more problems in the north, such as the FSA (Free Syrian Army). This group was a major player early on because it was largely secular and popular with Western nations. But most Syrian rebels preferred more radical groups like al Qaeda and eventually ISIL. FSA continued to exist and eventually found a patron in Turkey, which apparently plans to turn over control of the Syrian side of the border to FSA, if the Assads and Syrian Kurds can be taken care of.

Read the whole thing at StrategyPage.


we still see soldiers in trucks here once in awhile, and every bank and large business has security guards with rifles guarding them.

and since the city jail is down the street, we see the open air minivans carrying prisoners now and then. (similar to the open air vans that local barangays use to help the poor shop at the palenke etc.)

But now we are starting to see cops on motorcycles. The Inquirer has the story.

hoping to stop the tandem murders of people someone doesn't like.. Yes, some of these are by off duty cops pulling a "dirty Harry" hit against known criminals... but a lot are paid hits, not just by politicians against their rivals, but by ordinary folk who don't trust the courts to get justice. And a lot are criminal gangs who do drive by shootings, often in retaliation against snitches or rival gangs...

All the SJW in Manila are ridiculing this, but since a lot of them tend to live in gated communities, and get their talking points from the left, keep that in mind when you read the comments.

The numerous murders by druggies robbing homes, or by our politicians, etc in our neighborhood before Duterte took over didn't bother them: but this is why the poor voted for Duterte instead of "the American girl", who was the chosen candidate...

The Green Berets killed in Niger were fighting the Boko Harum, but the press headlines are the Trumpieboy are that he insulted someone when he called the families.

Because everything must be politicized, you know, to foment Trump hatred.

But why were they there in the first place? Because President Obama sent them there in 2014...

Backstory from before their deaths from Reuters in 2015 HERE.

A Reuters reporter was the first to visit the detachment, which is among about 1,000 U.S. Special Operations Forces deployed across Africa. In Chad, Nigeria, Niger and elsewhere, they are executing Obama’s relatively low-risk strategy of countering Islamic extremists by finding local partners willing to fight rather than deploying combat troops by the thousands. The new approach, which Obama announced in May 2014, is far from being a silver bullet for the United States in its global battle against Islamic militancy. 

italics mine.

the backstory is not just the Boko Harum but the ongoing war in the Sahel, which gets little or no press coverage, partly because most of the special forces types there are French.

StrategyPage discussed this little covered war HERE. and has this note about the ambush:

October 4, 2017: In the northeast, just across the border in Niger four American Special Forces soldiers were killed when the training exercise (a large patrol) they were supervising was ambushed. Four of the Niger troops were killed as well and even more American and Niger troops were wounded...
The attackers were believed to be Islamic terrorists from Mali. In less than an hour French helicopters were in the area to evacuate the wounded and in the next 24 hours French troops and more aircraft from Mali moved to the Niger border to search for the attackers.
Italics mine, because another story had a father of another of the troops wondering why they had no air cover.

The press picked this up and started saying this was "Trump's Benghazi", i.e. implying that he refused to send help for those who were ambushed. Uh, in Benghazi the help was told to stand down for political reasons. Here, the French air support arrived within an hour.

And SP has the backstory:

 The area where the attack took place had never experienced an Islamic terrorist activity before but the border is long and the Islamic terrorists have been known to move around the area without attracting attention because the locals tend to avoid groups of men with guns.
Apparently Islamic terror groups had established a new smuggling route that ran through this areas. The U.S. has 800 troops in Niger, mainly to train Niger troops but some also maintain a number of Reaper UAVs used for surveillance. The smuggling operations often appear (especially from the air) like commercial or aid group traffic.
read the whole thing.

AlJ notes that the SJW are not protesting the many killed in a truck bomb in Somalia. Why Not? Racism?

Well, no: because they were killed by Islamic terrorists, and the left loves Islamic terrorists, and most SJW are leftists.

This is the same reason the SJW ignore the deaths in Yemen: They can't blame the US or the west for what is essentially a fight between the Saudis and the Iranians.

But the failure to notice the many killed or fleeing the war in the Congo is indeed racist. UKGuardian story from January 2017.

Congo’s Catholic church said in a recent report that more than 3,300 people had been killed in Kasai since October. The church blamed government forces, their proxies and the insurgents. More than a million people may have been displaced and were threatened with malnutrition and disease – historically the two biggest killers of civilians during conflicts in the country – it added.
more recent report about nearby Burundi at Crux. (which reports Catholic news).

Later stories are about the murder of wildlife activists, because of course SJW care more about wildlife than black children.


more bad rumors for US Catholics at Father Z.

if you don't understand my anger, try reading this, 

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Fake news and other spin


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