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Jihadis, drugs and terrorist family values:: The stuff you might not read in the headlines

StrategyPage has an article on jihadis killing Muslims.

and this might surprise you:

June 27, 2017: One type of victim that is not carefully counted in the current outbreak of Islamic terrorism are Islamic clerics (including scholars) who are murdered by the terrorists for preaching against misuse of Islam to justify the violence.

like the priests and ministers killed in Mexico (and in Colombia) for opposing the violent drug gangs, these martyrs are invisible to the press. And publicizing their deaths might show the lie behind the Islamophobes who commonly ask why "no one" (i.e. no Muslim leader) opposes the jihadis .

read the whole thing.

And speaking of murderous radicals: There is an article about the Argentina/Mexican cartel smuggling of cocaine on that site too. Drug smuggling and terrorism are connected (terrorists need money, and smuggling drugs is one way to get rich quick).

Which is why here in the Philippines, the "war on drugs" is connected closely with corruption in politics and business, and with terrorism.

but this was not noticed or denied by the usual suspects (the left leaning Catholic church here, the "human rights" organizations and of course the MSM who have written cookie cutter similar articles all of which seem to relate a similar story about some poor innocent tricycle driver who was killed, ignoring the fact he was caught in the crossfire when they raided a drug den, or was found carrying drugs for the cartels but never mind).

Ignore all that stuff on our "reign of terror". It's propaganda. And ignore the meme about how the "war on drugs" resulted in the terrorists being able to attack in the south, the "meme" being that all the cops were busy fighting all those innocent druggies... nonsense of course.

Here, the terrorists get money by robbery, kidnapping, and drugs.

and the reason for the fight in the south is because the military found one of the big shots was in that city wounded and went to get him. So they decided to make a last stand there (and use "innocent deaths" to pressure the government to stop). This is the only majority Islamic city in the Philippines, which of course means they are harming their own people (along with burning down churches etc.)

first  hand report here from the star on line.

Before my trip to the Philippines, I thought that the Marawi City siege was only related to IS. It is actually a combination of several factors such as the Islamic State influence and narco politics – a defeated Marawi City politician who is allegedly a drug lord with connections with the Maute family.
 Rappler article here (they tend to be anti duterte but also anti corruption). They trace a lot of the backstory (who is related to whom).

The Maute brothers are the first cousins of Azisa Romato, the wife of the late MILF vice chairman for military affairs Abdulaziz Mimbantas. Mohammad Khayyam is also married to a Mimbantas daughter – it was in their house where Sanusi was killed, according to an intelligence report.
In Marawi, son Abdullah Maute is married to a sister of former mayor Pre Salic. Salic and his brother Omar "Solitario" Ali, also a former mayor, are among the politicians the government singled out for helping the Maute Brothers. They are facing charges of rebellion.
The links to influential families grew through marriages with families not only in Butig and Marawi but also in nearby Masiu, where Farhana sought refuge and was arrested at the height of the clashes.
These relations have triggered suspicions against the MILF despite the rebel group having cooperated with the military in its offensives.

To understand the Philippines, you have to realize that clan ties outweigh other stuff... which is why the government is worried about the MILF connection.

alas, most of the headlines in the western press are glamourizing the terrorists, of course.

and if we didn't have enough trouble: OH NO! 

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Jihadis, drugs and terrorist family values:: The stuff you might not read in the headlines


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