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What can a snowflake learn us about how cancer spreads in a body?

The answer, according to a group of researchers during a USC Viterbi School of Engineering, might revolve around fractals, a forever formidable patterns found in nature.

Trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, snowflakes and hurricanes are all displaying or obeying fractal rules. A fractal outline of many things is a story about how they grow.

In this case, fractals can also assistance report how a control of insulin countenance signals blood glucose law or how something as duplicitous as Cancer spreads in a physique and a right collection to stop it.

Conventional math can't sufficient indication a communication of mixed genes over mixed time frames — a required substructure for any cancer-fighting drugs. The study, published in Frontiers in Physiology by Mahboobeh Ghorbani, Edmond Jonckheere and Paul Bogdan of a Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, is a initial investigate that accounts for a memory, cross-dependence and fractality of gene expression.

Gene countenance is a firmly regulated routine that allows a dungeon to respond to a changing environment. It enables information stored in a DNA to upsurge within a formidable biological system. Without gene expression, a dungeon would not exist.

Unfortunately, according to Ghorbani, a Ph.D. claimant in Bogdan’s Cyber Physical Systems Group: “Existing models are formed on nonlinear equations that can tells us that gene is obliged for a sold illness though not how these genes interact.”

“The problem with existent models is that they usually see partial of a network.”

The researchers laid a initial grounds by spelling out a simple characteristics for these yet-to-be-developed mathematical tools. Ghorbani grown a module to inspect and envision gene-to-gene interactions in dual vital bacteria: E. coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, ordinarily famous as baker’s yeast.

Their commentary denote not usually that there is memory in gene countenance though also that gene countenance displays fractal and long-range cross-dependence characteristics within a interactions among genes.

If a universe appears as a fractal, constantly changing in a predicted pattern, it is many expected since many objects in inlet have fractal structure (e.g. by energy laws). Also, co-dependence can explain how dual cancer cells work together in one set though kill any other in another. Or, how scientists can operative growth cells to kill their possess kind. Memory allows us to demeanour during DNA as a module — a set of instructions that constantly check with any other. In other words, zero in a DNA programming is random.

“Current mathematical models that exist on gene regulatory networks, do not prove these functions,” pronounced Bogdan, an partner highbrow of electrical engineering-systems.

“Investigating a dynamics of gene countenance enables us to know a mechanisms and patterns that expostulate biological organisms,” Ghorbani said. “This believe helps us from both systematic and engineering perspectives since we can feat it to detect an curiosity or disease. Then, we can operative cells to perform specific tasks such as drug smoothness for cancer treatment.”

When scientists pattern a therapy for a sold disease, they can’t usually take into comment one sold gene function during one time, though how it interacts with other genes over mixed timescales. Otherwise they finish adult treating usually a localized defect.

“We finish adult saying: ‘we grown a drug to quarrel this cancer, though afterwards cancer found another way,'” pronounced Bogdan, citing examples in that a studious receives diagnosis for one form of cancer, though develops another form of cancer after on.

“And not since a cancer cells have migrated or that cancer outsmarted us somehow,” he said. “It is intelligent if we don’t ask a right doubt with a right tool.”

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What can a snowflake learn us about how cancer spreads in a body?


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