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Will Losing Weight Help Marionette Lines?

Aging is an inevitable aspect of human life. Different people age in diverse ways. Wrinkles are the most notable features of aging. People have reported wrinkles forming in their face, eye area and even the mouth. It is important to know that wrinkles have a tendency of forming in areas with a lot of movements. While wrinkles have been a great concern, Marionette Lines is another aspect of aging that has also alarmed many people. It is defined by lines seen running through the corners of the mouth down the chin with the fast-moving age. Unlike wrinkles, this condition not only makes a person older, but also causes some beauty defects. The lines can make someone look angry and sad. This is the reason why many people with marionette lines have been agitated to find ways of averting the condition.

Who gets marionette lines?

Every human being ages as time goes by. Therefore, anyone can have deep facial lines running through the mouth. However, this condition has some lifestyle and genetic aspects. The most affected population is the smokers. People who smoke are prone to sagging of the skin around the mouth. Also, staying for long hours under the sun increases the chance of a person to have marionette lines. Genetically, marionette lines can be seen in a family line.

What causes marionette lines?

There are many causes of this condition. Aging is the main cause of the deep facial lines down in the mouth to the chin. Below are some other causes of marionette lines:

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Loss of skin ligaments causing the skin on the face to sag
  • Loss of collagen in the skin. With collagen loss in the skin, the elasticity of the skin is lowered ultimately causing deep facial lines.

Ways of treating marionette lines:

There have been many attempts by different medical experts to help avert this condition among its patients. However, the big question that many people still need answers to is whether weight loss can help to reduce or completely eradicate marionette lines. To help answer this question, below are detailed reasons why weight loss might help in reducing the effects of marionette lines:

  • It averts re-occurrence of laxity:

It is important to shade off some weight before conducting a facial lift. Plastic surgeons have recommended weight loss as the first process before undergoing other methods. There is a constant line of internal ligamentous to the skin from a deep muscle. This fixed line runs through the corner of the mouth down to the chin. This line creases causing marionette lines as one gets older. The extend of the crease on the other hand is exaggerated when the inner cheeks’ muscle bulge towards this fixed line. Increased weight gain causes a larger amount of subcutaneous fat produced around the cheeks. Similarly, increased weight gain also causes what is called laxity. This condition is noted as an early symptom of aging. Unlike wrinkles that are noticed after a long period of time, this condition appears as soon as aging begins. Under the skin is a support layer called the SMAS. This layer is tightened in a bid to treat laxity. To make this treatment last for longer period, a facelift is also recommended. This is where losing weight is advised. Before the procedure, it is a requirement to lose all the excessive weight. Weight loss after the treatment is detrimental and will cause laxity to re occur.

  • It makes facial lift easy to conduct:

Facial lift is one of the most used treatments of marionette lines. However, losing weight is crucial before conducting this procedure. This is because weight loss makes your face light and this makes the procedure easy to conduct. In the process of losing weight, the face volume deflates making the face skin loose. Weight loss is also crucial for your health. Therefore, to avert the effects of this condition, make an arrangement to work with a weight loss trainer. To also complement and speed the process of losing weight, you are also advised to watch what you are consuming.

  • In place of facial lift:

Not many people are willing to undergo a facial lift. To try a natural way of reducing the lines running through your mouth down the chin, you are advised to consider weight loss. Reduced weight has an effect of lowering down the weight of your cheeks while also reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat deposited at your chin. This will help in reducing the extent of marionette lines. Weight loss process is mainly advised to people with excessive body fats. There are situations where the excess skin might persist after losing some weight. This is because averting this condition also depends on the elasticity of your skin.

  • Complements filler procedure:

Losing weight is important before conducting a volume filler procedure on your chins. This is because weight loss causes the subcutaneous fats to shade off. As such, the subcutaneous tissue is made light and a filler can be conducted.

Preventing marionette lines:

After stating ways which weight loss can help marionette lines, it is important to discuss ways of preventing this condition. Prevention is better than cure, it has been quoted. Below are some ways that can help to prevent the occurrence of marionette lines:

  • Avoid smoking and increased consumption of alcohol
  • Watch out of consumption of junk foods and instead add fruits, vegetable and a lot of water to your diet.
  • Consistent and regular exercising will also reduce the aging rate of your body.
  • In case you notice any upcoming signs of aging, engage in some anti-aging activities so as to slow the aging process.


Weight loss is not only crucial for your health, it has also been used as a way of reducing marionette lines. However, some medical officers have attributed weight loss as the cause of this aging condition. It has been reported to make the facial lines much deeper. Instead, these medical officers have advised other ways to avert this condition. Change of diet and addition of vegetables and fruits in your meals are some of the recommended ways. It is not late for you to start the journey of weight loss. Make an attempt to start and induce the habit into your lifestyle.

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Will Losing Weight Help Marionette Lines?


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