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12 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green tea

Health benefits of green tea are immense. From Cancer to cholesterol, it can be the cure for all. According to Famous researcher and scientist Christopher Ochner of Mount Sinai Hospital “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink,”.

Around 4000 years ago, people in China were using Green Tea as medicine and later it was adopted as a daily drink, considering its healthier benefits.

What is Green Tea?

The main difference between Green tea and black tea lies in the way it is processed. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves without performing oxidation or withering process, which makes it more antioxidant-rich.

The Natural antioxidants present in green tea is very good for skin and hair. It also contains polyphenols, which not only helps to reduce weight but also helps to fight different kind of Cancers.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Many of us still think “is green tea really healthy?“ or it’s just overrated. Trust me, after reading the benefits mentioned below, you won’t have any doubt left.

Green tea for weight loss

Weight Loss:

Green tea is very popular among weight Conesus people. The Polyphenols in green tea boosts oxidation of fat and helps to make calories from food. This prevents storing of extra fat inside body. A study shows green tea can burn around 70 calories each day. [1]

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Fights Diabetes:

According to reports Type II diabetes has captured around 300 million people worldwide and by 2030 the number is supposed to become double. The main reason behind Type II diabetes is, body’s inability to produce insulin in enough quantity. Green tea improves insulin sensitivity and keeps glucose level under control.

A Study Conducted in Japan shows, the risk of Type-II Diabetes was found 33% lesser in those who drink more than 6 cups of green tea per day than who drink 1 cup a week. [2]

Reduces Cholesterol:

Increase of bad cholesterol in our body posses risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Green tea contains tannin, which is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol like LDL. Besides, Green tea also helps to increase good cholesterol. [3]

Green tea prevents cancer

Prevents Cancer:

Abundance of powerful Antioxidants in Green tea helps to fight Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Colorectal cancer. It promotes apoptosis and destroys cancer affected Cells naturally without harming good cells.

Study shows Antioxidant in Green tea is 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 24 times more than Vitamin E. [4]

Improves Immunity:

Green tea is very beneficial for our body. It protects us from parasites, bacteria and virus by keeping our immune system strong and Healthy.

Reduces Chances of Heart Attack:

It is very well known to everyone that Green tea is very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Green tea handles changes in blood pressure and keeps blood flow normal.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, Chemical rutin in Green tea prevents the formation of blood clots in both arteries and veins. [5]

Improves Hair:

Aside from having many other benefits, green tea is also very good for Hair. Green Tea can cure almost every hair problem.

Green Tea keeps the amount of Dihydrotestosterone balanced, which is responsible for hair fall and other hair problems.

Catechin, a molecule present in Green tea act as an antibiotic and helps to fight Dandruff.

Green tea reduces stress

Reduces Stress:

With changing lifestyle, Stress has become one of the major problem in today’s world. According to WHO, there are around 300 million people worldwide who suffer from Stress.

Green tea contains an amino acid named L-theanine which helps to reduce stress and Depression. [6]

Boosts Memory:

Green tea Can Boost memory and protect your brain from Memory Loss. By controlling acetylcholine, Green tea helps to fight against Alzheimer which is one of leading form of Dementia.

Improves Dental Health:

Bacteria like Streptococcus mutans are responsible for Cavity and Tooth Decay. Here’s too Green tea can be beneficial. Catechin anti oxidant in Green Tea kills bacteria and virus present in our mouth and lets us have a healthy smile. [7]

Not only that, it can also be used as mouthwash. Due to its antibacterial properties and zero alcohol it is better than those mouthwashes available in the market.

Glowing Skin:

There are innumerable benefits of green tea for skin. Antioxidants in Green tea prevents aging and helps to retain glowing skin. In addition, It can cure eye puffiness and Dark circles very easily.

To remove dark circles, Keep 2 tea bags in refrigerator and put it on your eyes for 10 minutes.

Green Tea is also used as natural pimple remover. It reduces pimple without creating any kind irritation or dryness.

How to Choose the Best Green Tea?

You will get all the health benefits of Green Tea only when the Tea is perfect. Here are few tips to buy the best green tea.

  1. Go for organic green tea to avoid pesticides and chemicals.
  2. Try to buy tea leaves. Over processed tea contain less catechin.
  3. Always look for manufacturing date as Green tea doesn’t stay good for long.
  4. In case of Gas or digestion problems, Buy decaffeinated green tea as it contains less caffeine.

How to make green tea

How to Make Green Tea?

Temperature plays very important role in making a perfect cup of green tea. Overheated water makes the tea taste bitter and removes its fragrance. So, Always try to boil water at 70-80 degree Celsius.

In case of, Tea bags boil it for 2-3 minutes and for tea leaves boil it for 4-5 minutes. However, I suggest you to use tea leaves instead of tea bags for full benefits.

How to drink green tea?

  1. Never Drink Green tea on an empty Stomach. Caffeine in green tea plays important role in formation of gas.
  2. To Get Most of the benefits of green tea, drink it before 30 minutes of meal or 1 – 2 hrs after meal.
  3. Don’t use Milk or sugar with green tea.
  4. Mix Honey with Green tea for Weight Loss.
  5. Avoid drinking green tea before sleep. It may cause Insomnia.

Side effects of Green Tea

  • Stomach Problem:
    Tannin in green tea can cause stomach ache, vomiting, or constipation problems.
  • Anxiety & sleep apnea:
    Green tea contains caffeine, which prevents body from sleeping.
  • Iron deficiency:
    Green tea blocks iron absorption from foods. As a result, body experiences iron deficiency.
  • High Blood Pressure:
    People having high blood pressure should avoid drinking green tea as it can increase blood pressure.
  • Irregular heart rate:
    Caffeine in green tea increases heart rate and interrupts Harmonic rhythm.

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12 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea


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