Vegan Falafel- Prepare 1 cup of mung beans saturated overnight in a stress stove. It must not be mushy. Add a chopped onion, 3 garlic cloves, chopped cilantro as well as parsley, 2 tsp cumin and also coriander seeds, 1 tsp red pepper flakes and turmeric and salt in a mixer making a crude mix. Make them into patties, fry them on both sides.

Ayurveda food is everything about consuming in balance and according to one’s dosha type. Vegan food could be personalized according to one’s requirements. In addition to dairy, Ayurveda is basically vegan. There are exceptions where the meat could be suggested, but this is rare. Pitta and also Kapha doshas can profit one of the most by going vegan however Vata as a result of their completely dry nature, they will need heavy foods (usually these come from animal resources). There are replacement for these too.

If you are a vegan and desire an ayurvedic spin in your day-to-day meal after that below are a couple of recipes

Ayurveda Vegan Recipes

Ayurvedic Vegan Falafel Recipe


1 cup of drenched (over night) Mung Beans
1 small Onion chopped
2-3 cloves of Garlic
1/ 2 cup of sliced Cilantro as well as Parsley
1-2 tsp each Cumin Seeds as well as Coriander Seeds
1 tsp each Red Pepper flakes as well as Turmeric
3-5 tsp Potato Starch (optional – this aids to bind them into patties and also give a crispy structure)
Salt to taste


-Mung beans cooked gently are less complicated to absorb. The very best and also fastest means to cook any sort of beans/legumes is in a stress stove. You might make use of a stockpot to cook these beans make certain you do not make them mushy.

– In a food cpu add all the components pointed out above (other than potato starch) together with cooked mung beans and grind this right into a rugged appearance. Please make certain you make use of a mixer as well as not a high-speed mixer like Vitamix for this recipe.

-Mix this coarse blend with potato starch to create falafel rounds. Potato starch is totally optional. Utilizing it will certainly make it much easier to bind all the active ingredients together to develop a round as well as it additionally provides a nice crispy appearance to the falafel.

-Once you create all the balls keep them in the refrigerator for regarding 30-40 mins to establish and also firm up. It’s easier to saute these spheres on a skillet once they are firmed up in the fridge as well as require hardly any oil to saute.

-Flatten these balls a little and also make them much more like a patty, this aids to prepare the falafels completely inside out.

-Take your skillet as well as place it on a low-medium heat, include two drops of olive oil (or any type of vegetable oil you favor) and also spread it equally on the warm skillet. Area the flattened spheres as well as cook them on a low-medium warmth. Turn them after a number of mins to prepare on the various other side.

Ayurvedic Vegan Sauerkraut


4 huge yellow Indian cucumbers (You might utilize any type of veggies you like – carrots, cauliflower, zucchini all go well with this dish.)
4-6 tsp newly ground mustard powder (you can roast mustard seeds for added taste)
1-2 tsp fenugreek as well as asafoetida powder
2-3 tsp red chili powder
2-3 tsp unrefined sesame oil
Salt to taste


Wash the cucumbers in water as well as pat them completely dry with a cooking area towel. Cut the cucumbers in bite size pieces after getting rid of all the seeds.

In a dish mix all the seasonings together.

In an impermeable glass container, include this mix well into the bite-sized cucumbers. Make sure all the slices are coated uniformly with this seasoning blend. Let it rest on your cooking area counter top for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, mix this with a tidy, completely dry spoon. Keep it on the counter top for an additional 24 – 2 Days. Later move this pickle right into the refrigerator. The flavors obtain further and more improved the much longer you keep it.

Ayurvedic Rose Smoothie

Rose Smoothie Ingredients

1 mug saturated pumpkin Seeds (you could use any kind of nuts/seeds you like)
2-3 tbsp rose jam (recipe listed below)
Few strands of saffron
pinch of cardamom powder
1-2 goes down vanilla significance (optional)
Water as required (making the healthy smoothie consistency)

Rose Jam

1 cup organic rose petals
approx 4-6 tablespoon date syrup/ Jaggery/Natural Whole Food Sweetener
Water if making use of the food preparation method

Making the Rose Jam

For the raw, much more genuine version, you primarily add the rose flowers and also the sweetener in a glass jar as well as shake it well. Maintain it in the sunlight for about 1-2 weeks stirring daily. This will be perfectly sun-cooked as well as is very rich as well as robust in flavor.
For the prepared variation (which is less complex as well as much faster) you take a supply pot include the rose flowers and the sugar as well as prepare it on a really reduced flame for regarding 15-20 mins, including water as required, making certain the flowers are not getting burned.

For the Smoothie

First mix the pumpkin seeds with some water and also later include all the remaining active ingredients and blend away to great shake consistency.