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The Best GABA Supplement Brands – Our Top 10 List

Best Gaba Supplement Brands – Our Top 10 List

GABA is short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, which functions as a primary neurotransmitter material. It helps calm the nervous system and for stimulating the production of other essential neurotransmitters such as serotonin, glutamate, adrenaline, and dopamine. At its core, GABA acts as a control for your brain. Not enough Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid leads to our neurons firing too often and with the slightest provocation.

Overstimulation is a common sickness in today’s world. Working too much while balancing family life, responsibilities, tasks and a million things to do, as well as social media and the internet causes the brain to become too excited. The result? Chronic stress, anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed haunt our day-to-day dealings. GABA deficiency is as real as any other serious illness out there. Isn’t it time to think about taking Gaba Supplements today?

Increasing GABA Naturally

GABA’s main function is to slow the neurons and to calm the brain down. GABA supplements work in decreasing the massive amount of stress we accumulate living in a fast-paced, advertising-laden world. Mass insomnia, depression, addiction, and anxiety are some of the most common symptoms people get when they experience neural overstimulation. GABA works because it naturally calms you down in stressful and hectic situations.

Keep in mind that not all GABA products are the same. In fact, GABA material does not strictly enter the brain area as it can’t cross the brain-blood barrier. For this reason, additional synergistic ingredients are used. These extra ingredients allow for increased production of natural GABA within the system so you can get the benefits. Therefore, it’s wise to say that you should only get the best GABA supplements available on the market today.

  • Natural Stacks (Editor’s Choice)
  • Absorb Health (Editor’s Choice)
  • Amazing Nutrition
  • Douglas Labs
  • Nutricost
  • Country Life
  • Vitanica
  • Thorne Research (Editors Choice)
  • Pure Encapsulation
  • Now Foods

1. Natural Stacks GABA Brain Food – (Editor’s Choice)

Natural Stacks is comprised of a proprietary blend of proven nootropic ingredients, some of which include Dopamine Bran Food, MagTech, Smart Caffeine and BioCreatine. You can be sure that each bottle contains the freshest ingredients and provide the best mental results.

Some of the notable ingredients in a Natural Stacks GABA supplement are L-Citrulline, Grape Seed Extract, Rosemarinic Acid and of course, organic GABA. All of the compounds used in the product provide what we call a “synergistic effect”, which means they work better as a group than alone. You’ll get increased GABA levels where it matters most in a consistent state. Some of the amino acids, minerals, and vitamins support the production of GABA via cofactors and precursors that promote healthy and functional neurotransmitters.

As you may know, L-Arginine increase nitrous oxide production while L-Citrulline is an effective precursor to L-Arginine. The addition of Grape Seed Extract increases the already potent combination of the two, further increasing eNOS, or Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, which is an important part of producing nitrous oxide.

Natural Stacks makes GABA easier to enter and be absorbed by the brain’s enzyme, the GABA-T. The manufacturers who made Natural Stacks GABA Brain Food has even added rosmarinic acid into the equation, which has a powerful inhibitory effect on GABA-T. This means that GABA production is sustained and takes effect for a longer time period.

In laymen’s terms, Natural Stacks provides users a clear and calm mind with increased levels of relaxation and feelings of ease. Irritability and anxiety get canceled out, which helps in many social situations. The product resets the brain to a normal state which helps cope and block out excess stimuli that threaten your peace of mind.

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2. Absorb Health GABA – (Editor’s Choice)

Each bottle of Absorb Health contains 500mg of GABA in 100 capsules. Some of the notable ingredients in this product are silica and maltodextrin. Health experts recommend taking GABA supplements in doses of somewhere between 100 to 250mg 3x daily, but this will depend on the user’s physiology, medical history, and personal preference. The label on the bottle recommends taking one pill in the morning and another one in the evening. From there, you can either increase the dosage to get maximum results or lower the dosage if the effects are too powerful.

The company who made Absorb Health is known for producing high-quality supplements that are affordable. Some of the more popular products include various nootropics for helping individuals focus and gain laser-like concentration. You can add to the therapeutic effect of GABA supplements with Phenibut or L-Theanine supplements that provide a synergistic effect on both the mind and the body. The manufacturer’s website lists all the Absorb Health certificates and 3rd party lab tests for you to see.

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3. Amazing Nutrition GABA

Amazing Nutrition has managed to come up with a potent formula containing pure and bioavailable GABA for those who need a break from external stresses and stimulation. If you’d check the manufacturer’s website you’ll see a lot of satisfied customers and reviews on how the supplement worked.

You get 750mg of GABA in each bottle. The label and instructions on written on the product are a little confusing- it says you can take it anytime you need to calm down. It lists the many benefits you can get from taking GABA supplements, including improved mood, better sleep, and overall relaxation. The price is reasonable and the product works!

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4. Douglas Labs GABA

There’s no doubt that you may have tried holistic approaches when it comes to quieting down and eliminating stress, but sometimes you’ll need additional help in the form of GABA supplements. Douglas Lab’s GABA formula can be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

All the products listed here have a proven track record, and it’s no different with Douglas Labs GABA. What makes this product great is that it doesn’t have any fillers, additives or binders that could lower overall quality. Each bottle contains 500mg of GABA in a quick-dissolve capsule, perfect for those who need to relax and induce a state of calm even when they’re on the go. The instructions are easy enough that you can take it without worrying about overdosing and side effects.

When you’re feeling stressed out and wish to escape from an instant world, take a GABA pill and watch as all your anxiety melt away. The label recommends you take a pill along with your favorite beverage for the best results.

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5. Nutricost GABA

Nutricost GABA is what you need if you want a simple, unflavored GABA product that you can rely on. The proprietary blend makes it easy for you to mix in a dose along with your favorite beverage or food anywhere and at any time.

One serving size of Nutricost contains 500mg of bioavailable GABA without any of the additives, fillers, and binders. This product has one of the largest sizes among the list as each bottle contains 1000 servings at a budget-friendly price. When you need quick recovery from excessive mental stimulation, need to get a good night’s sleep, get relief from chronic anxiety or just want to relax after a hard day’s work, then a GABA supplement is what you need. The instructions are simple enough- one scoop of Nutricost in your protein shake, milk, juice or favorite beverage, mix it well and drink it down for instant calm.

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6. Country Life GABA Relaxer

If you’re bothered by allergies, eating meat and you don’t want any additives in your food and supplement, then Country Life GABA Relaxer is for you. The blend is comprised of ingredients that are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan components. Moreover, you won’t be consuming potentially harmful food elements such as preservatives, coloring, GMOs, salt, sugar, soy, yeast or dairy products. What’s left is a potent mix of free form amino acids and vitamin B-6.

Each package contains 100mg of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, 100mg Niacin, 10mg of essential B6, 300mg Taurine, 300mg Inositol and 200mg of free-forming Glycine, packed together in a vegetable-based capsule. The manufacturers over at Country Life claims that their GABA supplement optimizes how your body uses amino acids in the freshest, most kosher form available. Moreover, the supplement relaxes the mind without any side effects at all. You’ll feel relaxed and sleepy without any drowsy hangover when you wake up. Bioavailability is enhanced via the B6 and it works as a cure for a migraine.

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7. Vitanica GABA Ease

Vitanica GABA boasts the best proprietary blend of highly researched natural ingredients and nutrients that lower stress levels and makes one feel more relaxed. Your nervous system takes a rest from all the daily stresses that you experience.

The portability of the product allows you to bring it with you in business travels or when you’re taking a vacation with your family. Each capsule holds 750mg of potent Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, along with 150mg of Skullcap for the nerves, 150mg of phytoestrogens, 150mg of extracts of passion flower and 100mg of L-Theanine compound from green tea extract. The product effectively mitigates the negative effects of anxiety, PMDD, and BPD; the company claims it can help those who are severely depressed. Moreover, the same company touts that Vitanica GABA Ease can replace your anti-depressant pills and anxiety medication. Each dose is vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

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8. Thorne Research PharmaGABA 100 – (Editor’s Choice)

The great thing about Thorne Research’s GABA supplement is that it comes from all-natural sources. This means there’s zero sweeteners, preservatives, no artificial colors and tastes to speak of whatsoever. Every gram of ingredient is harvested from nature and is 100% organic. Those who are sensitive to certain foods will find that this GABA product is safe as it doesn’t have nuts, eggs, barley, rye, stearates and traces of GMO. Each bottle is free of harmful compounds such as magnesium stearates, sugar, yeast, corn, soy and dairy products.

Thorne Research GABA promotes a stress-free, focused and relaxed state of mind. You’re sure to get restful sleep each time you take a dose. GABA materials help the brain naturally slow down and escape the effects of too much stimulation. Not all GABA products are bioavailable, which means it’s hard to absorb, but Thorne Research is a special exception.

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9. Pure Encapsulations GABA

Users should be able to take GABA supplements without worrying about side effects, allergies and food sensitivity whatsoever. Pure Encapsulations GABA supplement provides all of that, and more- you get bioavailable GABA that’s pro-vegan, vegetarian and comes in hypoallergenic form.

GAMA material promotes alpha wave formation in our brains, which mitigate nervousness, excessive anxiety and sends you to a truly relaxed state. Each serving contains 700mg of pure GAMA along with synergistic ingredients that allow your brain to quickly absorb the nutrients and therefore get to a relaxed state much faster.

The benefits of GABA are many. For one, it increases IgA levels which also boost the immune system when the body undergoes massive stress. Over time, the nervous system undergoes a reset from being overstimulated regularly. Continued use of Pure Encapsulations has been known to improve mood over long-term periods while greatly enhancing cell contact and regulation.

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10. NOW Foods GABA

NOW Foods knows how GABA can be beneficial to our overall health. Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is a natural soothing agent that calms down the brain when it’s being bombarded by sensory and information overload. Moreover, this non-essential amino acid has an important job of controlling the brain and the actions of your nerve cells by regulating the number of cells that reach the brain.

NOW Foods contain 500mg of potent GABA, along with 2mg of vitamin B6 to help with the brain absorption process. Like the best GABA supplements, NOW Foods has made their capsules free of GMO and gluten. Suffice to say, it’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

Taking a dose of NOW Foods GABA is nothing short of amazing. The tenseness of life disappears along with any stress that you may be held within. Anxiety becomes manageable and it’s now possible to get a good night’s sleep. The supplement can be taken by patients suffering from PTSD and insomnia as it calms down the nerves and prevents anxiety and panic attacks. Make sure to give NOW Foods GABA supplement a try because it’s one of the first and one of the best GABA supplements to come out of the market. The pioneer of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is the first in quality and in being cost-effective as well!

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Final Words

These are currently the best GABA supplements for 2018. As a warning and for your safety, always follow instructions listed on the label and the packaging for the best results. It’s also recommended for you to consult with your physician before taking added supplements.

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The Best GABA Supplement Brands – Our Top 10 List

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The Best GABA Supplement Brands – Our Top 10 List


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