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Superlearner Academy MasterClass Review – My Firsthand Experience With It

A Little Background Information

First off, while this qualifies to be a review of Superlearner Academy, it’s actually more of an experience share from me to you. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of how the program works and if it is really the right thing for you or not.

Just after completing campus, I got a job at a startup company that trains young people on entrepreneurship and innovation. Well, everything else did not seem out of the ordinary except for this one guy – the practice director, let’s call him Mr. B. Mr. B is one of the senior directors of the company, and since we have a relatively similar educational and career background he ended up taking a keen interest in me.

So every morning, I’d find my job email with 10 links of new articles that I had to read through and share my feedback with him. Of course, he was my boss and I had to do exactly that, though, I have to admit it was such a struggle since I still had to meet other KPIs at the workplace.

As time progressed, I realized I had huge workloads to pay attention to, yet Mr. B was not slowing down. So one day I paid him a visit just to share my experience with him and as we were talking I realized he was actually still reading. One interesting thing about his style of reading is that he’d scroll through a page and finish up in less than 1 minute. So after leaving the office, I decided to also add more to his plate by sending him some of my favorite articles. Interestingly, each of the links I sent to him came back with a half-page in-depth comment. Wow! How did he manage to read so fast and still retain such a high percentage of comprehension?

So, one day as I was browsing through Quora, I came across this thread where people were talking about SuperLearner Academy. That was one year ago. I remember it was a user inquiring about the efficacy of the system or something close to that. What really caught my attention is that Jonathan Levi who I later came to learn is the founder of Super Learner had personally responded to the question. He had also put a link to a Facebook group for those who wanted to learn more.

So, just like that, I decided to check out the group just to get an idea of how real this stuff was. I realized the group had close to 10,000 active members (it’s currently at close to 15K members). What really caught my attention is that strangers were chatting freely and sharing their learning experiences. It was like one big hall where people met to empower one another with the latest reading styles.

My Experience With Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi was (and still is) the admin of this group and he also interacts with group members on a day-to-day basis.

I decided to give the free trial version of the program a try. It took me roughly 10 seconds to sign up using the Linkedin sign-up option (there’s a lengthier sign-up process which involves filling up a form, though). The courses were quite interesting. Jonathan Levi guided me through every step of the way. The ex UC Berkeley graduate who now lives in Israel is really good at what he does, I must say. He was incredibly accommodative – and even though I had initially not spent a single dime to access any of his premium services, his customer service skills made me feel at home.

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SuperLearner Academy Masterclass Review

The free trial portion of it mainly comprises of a starter pack which familiarizes you with the concept of progressive overload. This is the same concept body-builders use in order to unlock the vast potential of their bodies. In this case, progressive overload is used to open up the vast potential of the mind. In addition, there is a section where you are given some really incredible tips on how to understand your memory. How can you try to improve something you don’t understand in the first place? In other words, the whole program, right from the first few lessons just stands out with its intelligent layout.

A typical section of the course comprises a few personalized videos. Jonathan uses these to hold your hand just the same way a tutor would in a face-to-face learning facility. You will also find a few PDF documents attached. These are mainly worksheets that you can use to track your lifestyle changes and reading habits et cetera.

At the end, there are quizzes and surveys. Then there is a counter at the top that tracks your personal performance and rewards you with some points to urge you forward. And then there is my favorite part of the system – the discussion forum. This is where you go to share all your lesson-related questions, complaints, stories, worries and so forth. If you are like me, I am an interpersonal learner, you can use the forum to improve your learning experience.


  • Super easy to sign up, plus you can sign up using any device be it a mobile phone, Mac or PC
  • Transparency: The program is so transparent; you only pay when you are comfortable
  • No upsells, no gimmicks – just pure learning
  • The user interface is quite friendly and easy to navigate
  • You learn at your own pace
  • The program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee program
  • Rich and dynamic community that you can leverage on to expand your professional networks


I honestly could not find any major flaw in this system except that you need to have good internet connectivity to access the courses. It would be a good idea to package the content in CDs and Content Access platforms going forward.

Back To My Story

I eventually enrolled in the premium package – and boy, did I like it! The 8-week course required me only to dedicate 30 minutes of learning per day and that amounted to 2 to 3 hours of memory and speed reading training per week. I initially had challenges with the “20 random word test” but Levi always came to my rescue until I was strong enough to nail that part of the course.

Before the training, I could only manage to read 300 words per minute with less than 30 percent comprehension. Now, I can comfortably handle 1000 words a minute with 70 to 80 percent comprehension. I know there are people who do up to 1,500 words a minute but I believe it will take some time for me to get there.

Long story short, no sooner had I started stunning Mr. B with my new-found reading power than our company opened a new branch – and guess who was appointed to supervise its progress? Of course, I know it takes more than just good comprehension skills to succeed in any career but I certainly feel this gave me the competitive advantage I needed (and still need) to excel.

Final Word

I can’t promise that Superlearner academy will transform your life as dramatically as it did to mine but I can assure you it will increase your retention rate and certainly make your life better. I would, therefore, recommend it to anyone who is looking to beef-up their reading and comprehension skills.

Two thumbs up.

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