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The Best Supplements For Brain Fog & Health – Our Top 10 List

If you often find yourself feeling distracted, fatigued or just plain “off”, chances are that you’re struggling with Brain Fog. We all undergo this degenerative process especially due to the impact of today’s fast-paced and industrialized way of living. But with goals to be met and competition streaming in, left, right and center, you need to invest in a supplement that helps you restore your clear-headedness. Below are the top 10 most sought-after brain fog supplements.

  • Qualia (Editor’s Choice)
  • Mind Lab Pro (Editor’s Choice)
  • NooCube
  • Awakened Alchemy
  • Nitrovit
  • Lumonol (Editor’s Choice)
  • Brain Pill
  • OptiMind
  • Alpha Brain

1. Qualia

Qualia is a pre-made nootropic stack that has won itself widespread praise. Its formula is split into two distinct steps namely: morning and evening blends. Each one of the two blends is rich with ingredients that help restore the brain’s natural potential. According to the manufacturer, this product is designed to help one transcend the limitations of life caused by cognitive decline. Some of the potential reasons behind Qualia’s rise and rise to fame include:


Qualia claims to boost your willpower by tapping into deep capacities for an engaging world. To be honest, that sounds like too much marketing on their part but the reality is that this product utilizes your brains capacity to think beyond the usual limits.

Cognitive Balance

Besides helping you overcome brain fog issues, this supplement helps restore cognitive balance. This, of course, translates into better memory retention and the ability to feel smarter.

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2. Mind Lab Pro

This is a universal nootropic that claims to contain eleven nootropic compounds that have been intricately combined to improve mental focus. So, whether you’re suffering from brain fog, lower energy levels, poor circulation and so forth, this product promises to turn things around for you.

Enhances Metabolism

One of the ways Mind Lab Pro does its job is by enhancing metabolism and stabilizing the production of neurotransmitters. As you might be aware, neurotransmitters are responsible for conveying signals to the brain. Therefore, this supplement will help you avoid being mentally fatigued or depressed which in turn means it will boost your brain performance.

Neurological Effects

This nootropic is rich in a substance known as Citicoline which has been scientifically proven to improve neurological performance. In addition, Citicoline does a pretty good job of raising levels of dopamine and acetylcholine. High levels of acetylcholine are associated with better learning abilities and stronger memory retention.

Brain Booster

It is one thing to improve neurological function, and another to re-awaken the brain. Fortunately, Mind Lab Pro does an incredible job at this. It functions as a reliable brain booster thanks to the presence of Bacopa Monnieri and Lion’s Mane Mushroom as part of its formula.

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3. Noocube

Made by Wolfson Berg Limited Noocube is one of the supplements designed to help tackle brain fog. One thing you need to note about Noocube is that some of the fake ones come with lots of caffeine – meant to capitalize on the biohacking boom. However, Noocube isn’t one of those. Its list of ingredients contains the likes of Alpha GPC, AC-11, Oat Straw, Huperzine A, Bacopa, L-Theanine, Vinpocetine and L-Tyrosine among others.

Resolves Degenerative Issues

Noocube takes a unique approach to repairing degenerative issues of the brain. This is accomplished through repairing individual DNA strands. By helping each strand repair itself, this supplement aims to reverse negative effects such as memory loss among other cognitive imbalance-related issues.

Improved Attention Span

Besides restoring your brain’s good old days, this supplement does a pretty decent job of enhancing your attention span. That means you can enjoy studying some complex stuff or even pay attention for long durations without being distracted. Well, sometimes this is the little boost we need to be at our level best.

Detoxifying the Mind

One thing you should always remember is that the more you live, the more the toxins your body cells accumulate. With Noocube, though, it is possible to detox the brain in order to improve its functioning. A better functioning brain leads to more alertness and an extended attention span.

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4. Awakened Alchemy

Awakened Alchemy is marketed as a dietary supplement that features an innovative formula made up of 12 clinically researched ingredients. Each one of these ingredients are claimed to be in their most potent and bioactive forms. They include Methylcobalamin, Ashwagandha, Beta phenylethylamine HCL, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and Citicoline, to name but a few. This supplement promotes:

Strength and Relaxation

Besides powering up your brain, this supplement aims to calm your nerves. We all need to calm down our nerves once in a while in order to be more productive. Thankfully, Awakened Alchemy comes loaded with Ashwagandha extracts which are lauded for their ability to boost strength and relaxation.

Feel Good Effect

Each package of Awakened Alchemy comes with Beta-Phenylethylamine HCI (PEA) which does an incredible job of stimulating dopamine production. Besides, PEA increases the level of serotonin which then translates to better appetite control and stable blood sugar levels. Overall, you enjoy a better quality of life and enhanced energy supplies.

Supports Neurotransmission

Neurotransmission is, simply put, the process through which information is conveyed from sensory organs to the brain. At the center of this crucial process are neurons which form part of the nervous system. This supplement does a decent job of streamlining the manner in which this transfer of information takes place. This translates to more productivity, better focus and reduced symptoms of brain fog.

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5. Nitrovit

Brain fog is a culmination of lack of focus, motivation and inadequate energy supplies. In the middle of this whole fiasco is brain nutrition factor – and that is exactly what Nitrovit aims to solve. Indeed, Nitrovit claims to contain essential supplies of basic ingredients needed to boost brain performance. This supplement brings about a number of health benefits including:

Better Circulation

Blood circulation plays a major role in ensuring sufficient oxygen supplies to the brain. As you might be aware, oxygen is an essential part of energy processing at the cellular level. Therefore, high levels of oxygen in the brain lead to more brain energy and this further leads to improved cognitive function.

Anti Lipofuscin Benefits

This formula is designed to break down Lipofuscin deposits that tend to slow down blood flow to the brain. Different studies indicate that high levels of Lipofuscin in the body result in slowed down brain function and poor learning capabilities. Fortunately, this brain fog supplement has all it takes to reverse all those effects and promote better cognitive function.

Anti-Stress Effects

Part of Nitrovit is an ingredient simply known as N Acetyl L-Tyrosine or simply (NALT). NALT does a pretty decent job of relieving anxiety and reducing stress. It also boosts brain function and enhances mental alertness and overall focus.

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6. Lumonol

Lumonol is more of an energy blend than anything else. Yup, it is a ready-made stack which means you get quite a number of enhanced effects from just using it. Some people use Lumonol as a complementary mechanism so they can maintain ample brain energy and at the same time avoid usual brain slow-down. In addition to boosting one’s working memory, this supplement does a lot to reduce anxiety and facilitate creative thinking.

Unlock Your Potential

Lumonol does an incredible job of unlocking your potential. In fact, one of its aims (going by the company’s official sales page) is to offer a “real life Limitless pill”. That’s indeed important especially because we all need to be smart and zealous to overcome day-to-day life challenges.

All-Natural Approach

One major benefit of this formula is that it is mainly based on herbal extracts. We are talking about vitamins and amino acids which are sometimes all we need in order to enjoy an improved cognitive performance.

More Neurotransmitter Activity

Lumonol penetrates deep into the neuron-level from where it does a remarkable job in improving the manner in which signals are transmitted. This, of course, translates into better memory, improved mood and above all – better focus.

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7. Brain Pill – Your Unfair Advantage

Yet another one of the popular adult supplements is BrainPill whose tagline “Your Unfair Advantage” speaks volumes. The main objective of this supplement is to provide one with the much-needed capacity enhancement. It also prevents memory loss and promotes information processing abilities. Yet another plus point as far as this product is concerned is that it is made in the USA in an accredited facility. Some of its major selling points include:

Rejuvenating the Brain

The brain might slow down due to a number of reasons including lack of essential ingredients. In that regard, BrainPill comes fully loaded with an element commonly known as Citicoline. This is a water-soluble compound that replenishes brain nutrients thereby boosting one’s mental performance. This effect is further enhanced by the presence of Bacopa monnieri which plays a restorative role in the brain.

Mental Clarity

Apart from boosting mental stamina, this supplement is optimized for promoting mental clarity. It achieves this through its ability to stabilize energy supply to the neurons. Also worth noting is that this supplement does an incredible job of balancing brain nutrients which further promotes faster consumption and processing of information.

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8. Optimind

If you’re looking for a nootropic that is third-party verified, then this stack is definitely a must-have. To begin with, it comes with a decent supply of energy-rich ingredients. These play a restorative role and further ensure the brain remains highly productive. But perhaps the unique thing about it is that it is highly effective at dealing with brain fogging and fatigue. But besides enjoying high energy supplies, this product has some other benefits worth unraveling including:

Ability to Enhance Cognitive Function

Optimind is one of the few bio-hacking pills that have been proven to support cognitive function. And guess what the magic ingredient is? Yup, it’s Bacopa Monnieri. Indeed, this wetland herb has earned a reputation for its ability to improve learning rates something that can also improve academic performance.

Ability to Concentrate For Long Hours

This supplement has some caffeine which helps undo any blockages that may cause a delay in energy supply. Another fantastic ingredient stacked in this nootropic is Phosphatidylserine which also does a wonderful job of restoring any damaged brain cells. So, in a nutshell, Optimind presents you with a winning formula.

Better Body Balance

Part of Optimind’s expansive list of ingredients is GABA, an Amino acid neurotransmitter which restores calm in the body. Besides that, GABA stabilizes blood sugar levels and keeps you productive for many more hours. That, of course, translates into more concentration power and better focus.

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CILTEP proudly bears the title of the first community-driven nootropic available for sale. Indeed, this product is unique thanks to its ability to supply chemically induced long-term potentiation. The potentiation theory is based on an old theory about cellular mechanism. That may sound like a rather rudimentary approach until you look closely at what the nootropic actually does:

Improves Signal Conveyance

CILTEP works by enhancing PDE-4 Inhibition. PDE4 is an element that tends to block neuron signals and in the process slowing down productivity. The lower the level of this element in the body the better your ability to process information.

Always Alert

Low levels of a molecule known as cAMP often lead to a slow-down in brain performance. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people experience brain fog. Luckily, for you, this supplement boosts cAMP availability thereby enhancing productivity and regulating alertness.

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10. Alpha Brain

There is no doubt that Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropics on the market. This is partly attributed to its media exposure, especially through the Joe Rogan Experience online channels. Besides media coverage, Alpha enjoys widespread popularity among its users who often review it with the highest possible ratings. But why is Alpha Brain this popular?

It Enhances Cognitive Abilities

This nootropic offers a unique approach to mental performance. First, it is worth appreciating the fact that it offers a highly individualized approach to wellness. Its main ingredients namely huperzia serrata, vinpocetine, and alpha GPC work synergistically to improve cholinergic operations. This is especially important for people who are struggling to overcome effects of a fogging brain.

Better Mood Control

Part of Alpha Brain is an ingredient called L-Tyrosine. Those who are familiar with L-Tyrosine will tell you that it is an essential amino acid whose high levels in the body promote a “feel good effect”. Besides that, this supplement suppresses anxiety levels and aids in depression management.

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Final Word

If you are performing below your natural abilities, it could be that a brain fog has taken over essential parts of your brain. It’s time to clear all that confusion. As it turns out, choosing the best supplement can help turnaround your quality of life.

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