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CBD Benefits Asian Americans Facing Cultural Stigma of Epilepsy

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CBD oil is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. As more people are willing to explore the benefits of natural medicine, the demand for Cbd Oil-based products increases. This is due to the significant benefits associated with full-spectrum CBD oil.

What IS CBD Oil?

CBD oil is perhaps the most important product derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil works as an anti-inflammatory and interacts with all organs and functions within the body. CBD oil even has the ability to decrease inflammation in the brain, which is why it has been so successful for epilepsy.

Cultural Perspective on Health Issues

According to, Epilepsy in Asian America Communities, research available on Asian American communities are limited. However, three people out of 200 are estimated to have epilepsy.

While the research available on Asian American communities and epilepsy is limited, data suggests that 255,000 Asian Americans in the United States — or 3 in 200 — have epilepsy. Because of challenges collecting data, as well as fear and confusion about having and disclosing the condition, the number could be even higher.

Lack of understanding coupled with challenges in finding quality care available in Asian languages, can make it hard for many Asian Americans living with epilepsy and their families to live healthy and full lives.

CBD Benefits Asian Americans Facing Cultural Stigma of Epilepsy

In addition, some people have negative perceptions about epilepsy, such as the mistaken belief that epilepsy has a spiritual cause or is a mental illness. Patients suffering from epilepsy who do not know the pathogenesis of their diseases or think heredity is the cause of their condition feel extremely ashamed and inferior to others especially with regard to marriage and having children. They often adopt negative strategies to deal with this situation, such as concealing the truth about their condition, or giving up chances for social activities. Talking about epilepsy is often seen as taboo, not something shared outside of the family.

“The best way to stop the mischaracterizations and stigma associated with epilepsy is to talk about it,” May Liang, Epilepsy Foundation Board Member

Global Epilepsy Statistics in Asia

According to Right Diagnosis, an estimated …. It is also important to note Right Diagnosis’ disclaimer on estimations.

Epilepsy to the populations of various countries and regions. These prevalence extrapolations for Epilepsy are only estimates, based on applying the prevalence rates from the US (or a similar country) to the population of other countries, and therefore may have very limited relevance to the actual prevalence of Epilepsy in any region.

Epilepsy Statistics in Chinese

In China alone there are nearly 11 million people suffering from epilepsy. Faced with limited access to drugs and the use of Chinese herbs for this disorder, many people in China seek Western treatments for this disease.

In the U.S., doctors treat some forms of epilepsy with surgery. This is risky and does not guarantee a cure. CBD oil, however, offers those who suffer with this disease a natural and risk free option for managing this condition. CBD oil has the potential to help millions of Chinese epilepsy suffers both in the U.S. and overseas.

Epilepsy Statistics in Koreans (South Korea)

With over 400k patients estimated to suffer from epilepsy and faced with the same limited access to drugs and the use of ginseng (traditional Korean medicine) to treat this disorder, many people in Korea seek Western treatments for this disease.

Epilepsy Statistics in Indians

An estimated 9 million Indians suffer from epilepsy, its prevalence is about 1% in of the Indian population. The prevalence is higher in the rural (1.9%) compared to urban population (0.6%).

Epilepsy Statistics in Filipinos

The Philippines has a population of 83 million and an estimated epilepsy prevalence of 0.9%.

Cannabis Misconceptions

CBD oil derived from hemp is not a narcotic and does not cause psychotropic side effects. Many people confuse hemp CBD oil with marijuana CBD oil, an easy mistake since they both derive from the cannabis family of plants. However, hemp-based CBD oil does not contain THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes people to feel high.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Hemp based CBD oil, under the guidelines of section 7606 of the U.S. Federal Farm Bill, is 100 percent legal. The Federal Farm Bill lays out specific guidelines for growing hemp that distinguishes it from medical marijuana or other similar plants. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states if it is in compliance with Section 7606 of the Farm Bill.

Our CBD oil products are in full compliance with Section 7606 of the Federal Farm Bill and meet or exceed all requirements of the Department of Agriculture for the State of Colorado for growing hemp. We strive to exceed these guidelines so that we can produce the highest quality product that provides the most benefits.

Additionally, we have all of our batches of CBD oil tested by a third party organization to ensure that the quality levels remain high and in compliance with these laws. We gladly provide lab results and certifications to our clients for all of our oil. In fact, we encourage our clients to obtain copies of these certifications so that they know and understand the quality of the products we offer.

Imported CBD Oil Products Vs. Domestic

CBD oil consumers are a distinct population. Most people who fall within this category are middle to high income individuals that desire a natural way to manage their health. They are health conscious in all areas of their life and they often look for quality over convenience or cost.

With strict growing and manufacturing guidelines issued by the federal government and the governments of states where hemp is allowed to grow, the end consumer often chooses U.S. grown products over imported varieties. These consumers are comfortable with the regulations surrounding these products and do not want to risk a different quality from other sources.

Offering CBD oil products that are in compliance with Section 7606 of the Farm Bill and have been regularly tested and certified for purity and quality quickly establishes a loyal consumer base.

CBD Oil Products and Uses

CBD oil is available in different types of products. The oil itself can be used independently or incorporated into:

  • Spray form or drops
  • Capsules
  • Balms and creams
  • Oil tinctures in a variety of flavors
  • Edibles, such as gummies or candies
  • Vape oil in a variety of flavors
  • CBD oil is also available as a powdered (or oil) concentrate so that the product can be used in naturally made makeup, soaps and similar products.

CBD oil products are available in different concentration levels to meet the needs and demands of the end consumer. The benefits of CBD oil are numerous and have helped people with the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety and similar disorders
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Pain Management
  • Topical Pain Relief
  • Skin and Hair Health
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation throughout body

There has been extensive medical testing conducted on the benefits of CBD oil for children with epilepsy. Doctors and hospitals are discovering that the use of CBD oil to manage seizures is more effective than the common prescriptions used for treating this disorder. As an additional bonus, the CBD oil does not have the same dangerous side effects experienced by most of the children who use the prescription medications.

Studies are being conducted on the effectiveness of CBD oil for adults with seizure disorders and the results are promising. Many adults have used CBD oil products to help manage their anxiety or stress disorders. This natural product eases tension throughout the body and has a calming effect on the brain. CBD oil, however, does not have dangerous side effects like all depression and anxiety medications.

The nutrients and amino acids that are naturally found in hemp oil are beneficial to skin and hair. Many people who have experienced dry and itchy skin or frail hair have found that using CBD oil health products causes improvements to these conditions.

CBD oil has also been effective in pain management therapies. Either consumed directly or applied to sore areas as a cream, CBD oil reduces inflammation in the body and eases pain. Consuming the product also helps calm the body from the anxiety and stress associated with pain. This is a natural way to manage pain and avoid dangerous opioid drugs.

There are countless other benefits that have been associated with using natural CBD oil. Dosage and type of consumable used is a personal preference, so everyone can adjust their consumption for the ultimate benefits.

The Future of CBD Oil

Hemp based CBD oil is experiencing tremendous growth as the general population begins to understand the many benefits of this product. In 2015, CBD oil went from a virtually unknown product to generating over 202 million in sales. In 2016 the product experienced tremendous growth, and experts now believe that by 2020 CBD oil could have yearly sales valued at over 500 million.

Opportunities to add full-spectrum CBD oil to your product lines are available. You can easily add completed products to your inventory or purchase concentrate to incorporate this certified and tested CBD oil into your own product lines. Here is some important information on CBD oil for you:

  • CBD oil is changing the way people look at hemp oil. CBD oil is the emerging product of the new century. Hemp oil is no longer a stepchild of the cannabis family, thanks to the interest in CBD.
  • CBD oil research studies show a steady rise in the understanding of CBD oil investments and retail growth. CBD oil investments in 2017 have already surprised members of the Hemp Industries Association, but this group is not the only group that is in disbelief.
  • Cannabis sales will increase by more than 25% this year. And that trend will continue through 2021, according to the ArcView Group. Most of the growth will come from the interest in CBD oil.
  • The CBD market will be a $2.1 billion market by 2020. The CBD market shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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Sources:, Science Direct, National Center for Biotechnology Information, Health Grove, Scientific Reports

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CBD Benefits Asian Americans Facing Cultural Stigma of Epilepsy


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