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Hip popping: 8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Snapping Hip Syndrome

 How to get rid of snapping hip syndrome


Hip popping also referred to as Snapping Hip Syndrome, is a common hip condition. With it, the patient hears a snapping or clicking sound whenever he walks, moves one of his legs around, or just stands up. For the more active individual like the dancer and athlete, it can interfere with the usual routine. It may not be life-threatening but it could be painful and downright annoying. So, immediately, it’s best to have it eliminated.

Here are 8 best ways:

Natural Methods

  1. Stretching Exercises

With regular bouts of stretching exercises, hip joint popping can be cured. Snapping Hip syndrome can also cause weakness. As to gather back strength, the objective has to be focused on improving flexibility and increasing blood circulation in the hip and upper thigh areas, hip, leg, and knee extensions are suggested to be done daily.

  1. The RICE Regimen

Hip pain and popping will no longer be a problem after weeks of adhering to the RICE regimen. Combining the benefits of rest, ice, compression, and elevation, inflammation, pain, and muscle irritations caused by the snapping Hip Syndrome will effectively subside. As it has popularly worked for military agents in treating hip pain and hip popping, the therapeutic program is worth trying.

Injection-Based Therapy

  1. Betamethasone

With immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties, betamethasone can rid concerns with snapping hip syndrome. Typically, it is used as an intramuscular injection to greatly reduce swelling and discomfort caused by the hip condition. As it can also serve as a lubricant that can ease the pressure of the joints on the hip muscles, snapping sounds will eventually disappear with a treatment course.

  1. Triamcinolone

Triamcinolone is among the more popular treatments for all sorts of hip pain. Popping hips won’t bother patients anymore after a series of the injection-based medication. As it has mild to strong corticosteroids potential, its use has to be moderated. Due to its effectiveness in relieving joint and tendon irritations, the normal condition of the hip muscles can be restored.

Oral Medications

  1. Aspirin

Aspirin can effectively treat a popping hip. As one of the groups of over-the-counter medications labeled non-steroidal, it is a go-to drug for hip irritations as well as all sorts of body aches. In a couple of hours, depending on the brand, it can rid the discomfort brought by a snapping hip.

  1. Ibuprofen

As an anti-inflammatory medication, ibuprofen meets the needs of patients suffering from popping hips. It directly manages the discomfort on the hip area. Plus, its effects are immediate. Unlike other drugs of its kind including aspirin, paracetamol, morphine, and anti-histamines, it is stable and is available in liquigel forms.


  1. Hip Arthroplasty

Hip arthroplasty, whether done in an anterior or lateral approach, is a good option for hip popping patients. It’s a modern technique that has undergone a series of developments. As the procedure requires the replacement of the damaged ball and socket of the hip, the snapping sound won’t be a problem any longer. If permanent treatment is sought, the hip surgery is recommended.

  1. Hip Resurfacing

With hip resurfacing, hip popping can be treated in a bone-conserving method. As a cobalt-chrome material is implanted, the hip will be restored to its normal condition. With the approach, the muscles, joints, and tendons are polished. Consequently, no clicking sound will be heard anymore. Though it may be a surgical procedure that many patients don’t find safe, the technique ensures there is a lesser risk of degradation over time.

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Hip popping: 8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Snapping Hip Syndrome


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