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Are The Experiences With Salvia Real?

No experiences with Salvia are ever alike.  At times the experiences one has with Salvia might be very mild, while other times you will touch what so few of us ever get the chance to even see.  One thing is for certain, this spiritual herb has helped many people expand their conscious mind for generations.

What exactly is Salvia and how can it affect me?

Salvia, for those that do not know, is sage.  While common sage has always had some type of spiritual significant, Salvia Divinorum is different.  This type of sage was used by Aztec shamans to help them learn how to enter and control the travels in the higher states of consciousness.

Many people have spent years trying to open their minds to the universe around them, but have found that something was always stalling their spiritual growth.  This is where Salvia can help.

One undeniable aspect of Salvia is its ability to help the individual break past the barriers that might be stunting their spiritual growth.  Though there are other types of mystical herbs available, Salvia has shown to be non habit forming.  Aside from its non-addictive properties, this magical herb also does not contain harmful chemicals, like nicotine.

Because of its relatively harmless affects on the body, Salvia remains legal in just about every country in the world.  The only country that prohibits the use of this shamanistic herb is Australia.  Those that have wanted to expend there conscious mind into the universe around all of us should find it very easy to obtain Salvia for their own spiritual workings.

What should I do while trying Salvia?

Alone Salvia has very little to offer the user.  In most cases, those that have used Salvia by itself, thinking that it will get them intoxicated, have been disappointed.  What truly helps the user open up to the universe around us is to add Salvia to their other spiritual workings.

Meditation, or some type of magical practice, is one of the best ways to truly experience the mind-expanding effects that this ancient herb has to offer.  Others have found that by also adding other spiritual herbs, like Calea Zacatechichi, they have been able to easily experience the spiritual phenomenon that the great shamans of the world have been teaching for generations.

Are you ready to experience the whole universe with new eye?

If you are ready to take your spiritual working to a whole new level, it might be time to try Salvia.  A little bit of this herb can really help you finally break through the barriers that have held you back in the past, while helping you experience what is real in the universe.       

Source by Cara Conde

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Are The Experiences With Salvia Real?


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