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“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some thing just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” — Warren Buffet

Keep this quote in mind before you start your Marketing efforts on Reddit. Reddit is a committed community that is committed to maintain the sanctity of Reddit and it takes time on Reddit to earn a genuine reputation of a valuable contributor.

“The Front Page of the Internet” was never meant to be a marketing site and Redditors make sure that it never becomes one. Reddit is basically built upon the foundation of various Subreddits. Think of any topic, there most probably will be a subreddit dedicated to that topic. That’s how huge Reddit is and it’s a big, big bull to tame!
Aside from your username the only other relevant element of your profile is the amount of “Karma” that you have. Karma reflects the quality of the content you have provided to Reddit. More the Karma, more your authority will be in the eyes of fellow Redditors. Simple as that.

Every marketer today is well aware of the fact that Reddit hates them and their stench of promotions. They hate them so much that Redditors have created special subreddits to ridicule advertisers and spammers.
The result, marketers today still ignore Reddit in their marketing strategy overlooking the number of unique visitors Reddit generates everyday.

Reinforcing the obvious! Source: Reddit

Reason, they are afraid of taking their marketing pitch to Reddit because of the uncertainty that their post will be appreciated on the platform or not. Also, it takes a lot of time to build a repo amongst fellow redditors and others to gain confidence in you that the content that you provide is useful. It takes a consistent, ever valuable approach to Reddit unlike other marketing platforms out there.

And then there are some who set an example!

There’s no reason to be intimidated by Reddit. Just use the platform as a ‘Redditor’ and not as a ‘Marketer’ and act as a ‘Human’ in there, not as a ‘Brand’.
It is a healthy community that focuses on value proposition and general welfare through information and expects the same from its contributors. While valuable information is greatly appreciated and garners recognition, bad self promotions and clear advertisements are ridiculed and frowned upon by the big community of Reddit.
Before we jump onto how to get started and convert Reddit into a superpower, there are some things you must keep in mind as you begin your marketing efforts on Reddit.

  • DO NOT submit only links to your blog (Reddit only allows for 10% of your submissions to be from the same source)
  • DO NOT submit the same post or comment a bunch of times to multiple subreddits (pretty obvious that you are promoting yourself)
  • DO NOT ask for upvotes or any other kind of vote manipulation (Reddit will find out)

10 Simple Tips to Ace Reddit

To ace Reddit you will have to post conversational, relevant content in the desired subreddits, be patient and keep your tone in check! There will be some harsh criticisms, advises and applauds. You must know how to handle them all with comments, that’ll boost your Karma and eventually the trust of your fellow Redditors.

Source: The StartupBros

21 Subreddits to kickstart your marketing on Reddit

Listen Up!
1. /r/advertising
2. /r/askmarketing
3. /r/bigSEO
4. /r/blogging
5. /r/blogs
6. /r/content_marketing
7. /r/copywriting
8. /r/dataisbeautiful
9. /r/emailmarketing
10. /r/entrepreneur
11. /r/freelance
12. /r/growthhacking
13. /r/inboundmarketing
14. /r/marketing
15. /r/seo
16. /r/smallbusiness
17. /r/socialmedia
18. /r/socialmediaresearch
19. /r/startups
20. /r/technology
21. /r/webmarketing
Good luck with Reddit!
Just remember. Treat Reddit like a Redditor and you will do just fine.

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Start your Marketing on Reddit today!


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