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You and Coffee or Espresso

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Coffee World Culture

Imagine yourself sitting at a bistro in Italy, you just at lunch and decide you want a delicious Italian coffee. You raise your hand, singling the waiter, and proudly say "I would like a double shot of espresso, with mint and mocha, latte with whip cream on top!" The waiter stops his sentence to another patron short. The man playing music in the street abruptly stops. An old man at the table next to you starts yelling at you in Italian. Local couples with children block their child's ears and rush them as far away from you as possible. Soon everyone burst into laughter and points at you, calling you an ignorant American. The waiter hands you the drink you ordered in the most humiliating way possible. You are left sitting in the new void of the restaurant wandering, "What the actual hell did I just do?" 

You being the man that you are, should know as much as possible, to use to your benefit. This could be impressing the women in the area or just your woman. Showing your boss or potential client how worldly you are. 

I will rank the countries by consumption and price if available. The lower the number the more they drink and the higher the price tag is for a cup. 

Italians: Espresso 

Consumption: 18 - Price: 2

Italians LOVE their espresso, and they detest those fancy drinks we get here in America. If they order anything with creme or milk it is done in the morning. Anything throughout the day is just straight espresso that is quickly sipped standing up. Unless you got a good reason to sit down, then you are just expected to stand and drink. Anything outside of this you'll get a cocked head or two.

Turkey: Turk Kahvesi

Consumption/Price: N/A

Turk's like their coffee strong, thick, and sweet. There is a famous Turkish proverb that stats just that. "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." They typically drink it after meals with an assortments of other sweets. It is so thick people say its like drinking mud. So prepare yourself for a unique experience when trying it. 

Denmark: Kaffee

Consumption: 7 - Price: 6

The Danes just love coffee. Denmark can be described and dark, wet, and cold. It would be as to no surprise that the Danes love coffee because it is the exact opposite of the weather outside. I found another proverb about coffee, from Denmark of course, "Coffee has two virtues: it is wet and warm."

France: Cafe au Lait

Consumption: 21 - Price: N/A

The French start every day with a giant cup of coffee with hot milk. They then proceed to dunk baguettes or croissants into their coffee. I have done this before and it is a fantastic mix, especially when the coffee has hints of chocolate in it. 

Cuba: Cafe Cubano

Consumption/Price: N/A

The Cuban's enjoy their coffee crazy strong and all the time. A handful of comedians have done jokes on how strong the coffee is, like Ralphie May and Gabriel Iglesias. To make a Cafe Cubano all you need is a thick layer of sweet cream floating over extra strong espresso. Serve it in espresso cups immediately. 

Have you ever had any of these coffees before? I am hoping that my local Starbucks can give me the hookup on some of these drinks. I will update you gentlemen next week on how these coffees taste. Please comment below if you have had any of these flavors before. 

I got the coffee info from this website: 

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You and Coffee or Espresso


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