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How to make a fancy Coffee or Espresso

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Make Your Partner A Coffee!

In my opinion nothing is sexier than waking up and my wife already making me a cup of coffee to get my day started. She knows just the way to make it as well, strong and slightly sweet. I personally prefer the strong and bold blends of coffee over a light roast and I only add a little sugar and cream. When I am feeling extra fancy I will add Hershey's chocolate syrup added to my coffee.

You might think that this blog is turning into a coffee only blog, but I just happen to LOVE coffee and it's something that I consider special that my wife and I do. We both enjoy a good cup of coffee together. We are able to sit, relax, and talk. We put our phones aside and truly enjoy each others company. One of the task you are given as a man is to take care of your wife, just as she takes care of you.

I love trying new things and I know that if I had the right tools I would be trying all these flavors of coffee. I know I gave a list of coffee servings from around the world last week and I was thinking, "What if someone wanted to make this themselves?". Well I am going to fix a little of that over the next few days. All the coffee servings I am about to share DO NOT have any syrups added to them. They are a pure, untainted form of coffee. I would suggest trying it this way first to get an idea of the base flavor then if you want experiment with different flavored syrups if you want to sweeten up the drink.

USA Inspired Blends of Coffee

  • Did you know that the average American drinks 3.5 cups a coffee a day?
  • Seattle has 10x more coffee stores per person than the rest of the USA
  • 107 million is the amount of Americans over the age of 18 who drink coffee daily. That's more than half of all Americans!
  • Tea was more popular than coffee in America until the Stamp Act of 1767 increased prices. The result was the Boston Tea Party. 

Cafe Breve

0.5 - Parts Milk Foam
1 - Part Steam Half & Half
1 - Part Espresso

Cafe Tobio

1 - Part Regular Drip Coffee
1 - Part Espresso

Iv'e had this before an numerous occasions, and it is DELICIOUS!

The Gibraltar

1 - Part Milk
2 - Parts Double Shot Espresso

Red Eye

1- Part Regular Drip Coffee
1 - Espresso Shot

Italian Inspired Blends of Coffee

  • Southern Italy favors short and strong espressos, whereas in the north, more milk is present
  • Unlike cafes in other parts of the world, Italian coffee bars aren't designed for lengthy hours of socializing. In Italian bars, it is customary to drink coffee standing up. 
  • 100,000 coffee bars for 60 million people. Italy has the largest number of coffee bars per capita.


1 - Part Milk
1 - Part Espresso

Express Romano

1 - Slice of Lemon

Caffe Marocchino

1 - Part Milk
Small Shot of Espresso
Spinkled with Cocoa


1 - Part Espresso Coffee
Topped with a small amount of frothed milk

More To Come

Don't worry if you thought the coffee posts were done, you are DEAD WRONG! You don't need to drink coffee either, find out what your partner likes. Do they prefer tea instead of coffee? Then find out how they like it and surprise them one morning with it already made with a small breakfast. You could schedule a time to meet them at work to share a quick drink as well. All of these things go a long way in having a healthy happy relationship. 

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How to make a fancy Coffee or Espresso


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