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4 Critical Components of Black Friday Deal Marketing

4 Critical Components of Black Friday Deal Marketing

Each year the statistics seem to grow at alarming rates.

Consumers are spending more and more online, and shopping seems to have become a trusted part of Thanksgiving week activities. Online spending is now in the BILLIONS – not just on Cyber Monday, but on Black Friday and on Thanksgiving Day as well.

“Black Friday in the mall is no longer as important, and online sales are more important than…
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For all Business owners out there, this time of year is a phenomenal opportunity to get in on the mad rush and capitalize on the mass of online consumer traffic.

Unfortunately, the holidays always seem to have the habit of sneaking up on us, leaving many small business owners scrambling to come up with last minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers that will capture their audience’s attention. Guilty of this? Don’t worry – you are not alone!

And then comes the insecurity of the unknown that often prevents businesses from even participating in the annual online shopping wonder. What should I offer my customers? How do I go about sharing the deal with them? How can I market my special offer so that people actually know about it, and buy it?

As a seasoned Marketer I am all too familiar with these questions and concerns, and I too often fall into the trap of over thinking and under doing; I think that’s only human.  But this year I don’t want you to miss out on leveraging the virtual sea of traffic that these shopping “holidays” bring.

4 Critical Components of Black Friday Deal Marketing (and how to get your special deal ready for the world)

1. Pick a deal that’s irresistible to your audience.

Yes it’s Black Friday, that time of year when businesses seem to advertise deals simply for the sake of having a Deal, but that’s not what smart businesses (like yours) do.

Do leverage the online traffic to your advantage, but don’t take shortcuts with your brand. 

Carefully consider what would be an irresistible deal for your audience, and craft that idea into a well-branded Black Friday campaign. If your business is a Spa, perhaps a buy-one-get-one free massage would be something your audience couldn’t resist. If your business sells online services, perhaps 40% off their first purchase would be enticing. You get the picture, just keep it simple, catchy, on-target and on-brand and you’ll have yourself a winner of a deal.

2. Choose a subject line that dominates any inbox (and feed).

It’s just the reality of days like Black Friday – your campaign will be one of millions. That’s why it’s your job to make it one in a million and the best way to do that is to dominate any inbox (or social network feed) with a killer subject line.

Most people only pay a couple of seconds attention to any email subject line, post or ad, and if those couple of seconds don’t capture their attention, the email is typically trashed (before it’s even opened) and posts and ads are skimmed over and ignored. Of course you don’t want that, nobody does! So choose your header wisely.

Hint: Concise and to the point subject lines typically works best.

3. Remember, remember your Call To Action.

Once your email is opened or your post or ad is read, you need to focus on directing your readers to take action on the special offer.

It seems obvious to include a Call To Action, but I can’t tell you how often it’s forgotten. Think about it like this – your reader is seeing your email/post/ad for the first time – you need to help them to quickly understand the deal and how to get it.

If they need to book online to secure the deal, ask them to do just that. If they need to call in, tell them to call before a certain time and provide the number (making sure that it’s a hyperlink so that mobile users can click the number and have it dial immediately).

Whatever is required for your customers to secure your deal, focus on making it unbelievably clear. It should be so obvious that there is absolutely no question how to redeem the deal, when to do it and what the email/link/phone number is in order to do so.

Remember, if you don’t ask for what you want, chances are good that you won’t get it. The same rule applies in marketing – if you don’t clearly ask your readers to take action, they probably won’t.

On that note, click HERE to sign up now to get free Small Biz Booster emails like this one sent straight to your inbox! Just kidding on the plug…well sorta! ;)

4. Be clear with legalities.

Before you promote your Black Friday Deal, remember to cover your bases.

Deals are fabulous – and they can go viral – so make smart decisions so that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

If you can only offer the deal to 50 people, say that. If you can only fulfill the deal up until a specific date, mention that date. Be clear about the deal’s fine-print to avoid future repercussions, and don’t shy away from the legal or feel bad about it for one second.

Limitations often work in the marketer’s favor. Readers who see that the deal is only available to the first 50 people, for example, are probably more likely to purchase the deal (it seems exclusive) and more likely to act quickly (since there is a sense of urgency).

Ready to create your special deal to market this Black Friday?

Go on and get started! And do include hashtags #blackfriday and #cybermonday and share your deal with me in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!


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Did you create a special deal for Black Friday? If so, what did you decide on and what were your challenges and successes? I’d love to hear about your own learnings in the comments section below!

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4 Critical Components of Black Friday Deal Marketing


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