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Mobile Marketing Possibilities

If you prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation between Mike Gilvar and Mike Graziani:

Mike Gilvar: Thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line with TTG. I’m here with our VP of Creative, Mike Graziani, today to talk about mobile marketing. Obviously, right now with the pandemic continuing, it’s more important than ever that we come up with ways to get people out there delivering their message and driving sales. So, Graz, we’ve talked at length about the Airstream trailer that we’re taking to market and delivering that as a rental. There’s a lot of other options out there in terms of mobile marketing, so let’s talk a little bit about the different classifications, and if you can kind of explain what they are and what types of things, and maybe we can show images on this video about what those types of things look like and maybe talk about what the advantages are of each.

Mike Graziani: Yeah, absolutely, and the classifications are relatively loose, nothing strict here, but staying within the Airstream size, those are what we call pull-behind trailer. So you’re gonna attach those to an existing vehicle, usually a large pickup truck, and it creates a very nice multi-room environment. We can incorporate a lot of glass. We can have the expansion ports on one or more sides, usually two…

Mike Gilvar: So comparing that to the Airstream, we’re talking about a lot bigger indoor footprint space than what we’re limited to when we do an Airstream, correct?

Mike Graziani: Possibly, yes. And because of the natural shape of the Airstream kind of closing in a little bit at the top, the boxier version feels a little less confined. And, again, the Airstream has certain limitations with its original structure, we’re kind of re-purposing it for our needs here, but with some of the new purpose-built units, you can incorporate a lot more glass into those, so the whole thing feels very open, very inviting. It can have expandable porches on it, very easy to deploy.

Mike Gilvar: Haven’t we gone through this before, Graz, that are basically taking a containership container and converting that to a mobile unit?

Mike Graziani: Yeah, absolutely. And that’s on the high end of the spectrum. The container offers the biggest opportunity for customization within. You can really create full… Almost living environments in them, so it can really take your office into a mobile direction and you almost lack for nothing. The downside of the container is the fact that it requires the most aggressive approach with regard to deployment. You have to have some sort of forklift or whatnot to take that container on and off the truck bed and put it into position. So it’s not something that you can just kind of self-set, it requires some additional heavy duty components to deploy that. And the nice thing about it though, is that you can use that both outside as a standalone unit, they’re completely environmentally tight, but then you can also use it as part of your exhibiting program, so it can be placed within… Most of them are about 40 feet in length. You can place that within the length of the new exhibit space, that’s 40 feet long, and that can really become the anchor for your exhibit.

Mike Gilvar: Interesting. And then an additional option, I suppose, is using our other outdoor structures as a way to set those up and engage with consumers and/or, I guess, business clients, is that… Would you see it that way?

Mike Graziani: Yeah, a lot of times we’re augmenting those things like a container with additional pieces, whether it’s some of our Euro-style tents or air-clad units and so forth, and the whole idea is you’re creating a nice village approach so you can have additional services there. A lot of times people will also hire in food trucks and things like that, so it really becomes more of a total experience that can allow the guest to stay around and hang out for a longer period of time.

Mike Gilvar: So what’s the bottom line for somebody who is looking at these types of solutions to augment their marketing program and obviously creating these things, understanding that their shows have been cancelled and they wanna do something to engage with their buyers, what’s the bottom line in terms of how do they decide what direction to go?

Mike Graziani: Well, I mean, bottom line is, it can be very cost-effective because there’s a lot of different options between what we talked about with the Airstream, all the way up to the container. We can do options with box trucks and smaller tractor trailer units that have expandable sides and whatnot on them, and they are self-contained. But the reality is, is they can again, be very cost-effective in the program because you can get so much use out of them, both as a replacement for trade shows and then as kind of a standalone entity beyond the trade show itself, so they’re not kind of a one-purpose only sort of endeavor.

Mike Gilvar: Thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line with TTG. We’ll see you again on our next session. Thanks a bunch.

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Mobile Marketing Possibilities


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