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Mobile Sales Tour Rentals

If you prefer to read instead of watching our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation between Mike Gilvar, Mal Gilvar, and Mike Graziani:

Mike Gilvar: Thanks everybody for joining this session of The Bottom Line at TTG. I’m here with Mike Graziani and Mel Gilmore and we’re talking about our mobile sales trailer again today. In our last video, we discussed the mobile sales trailers and the costs associated with them, and I understand that The Trade Group now is announcing a new product that will help with the cost issue, so, Graz, can you explain?

Mike Graziani: Sure, yeah, it is just that, it’s a mobile unit that we will be able to customize from a branding standpoint to your company’s liking, and that will be actually inside and out, but it offers all of the basic features of a meeting space, so we can have face-to-face meetings, which I think everybody is longing for, again, and we will have lounge space, hospitality space and meeting space, and it will all be supported with AV. We’ll have high speed internet. And again, from a customization standpoint, we’ll be able to add graphics to support your company’s brand as well as DMX controlled lighting, so we can have everything on key for your client.

Mike Gilvar: And Mal, why is this such an important concept in today’s environment?

Mal Gilvar: Well, we were just looking at a study done by a company called UFI, and they were saying that two-thirds of exhibiting companies that they have recently surveyed, and they did 3,000 companies, that trade show cancellations have had a notable and detrimental impact on their businesses. What came out of this is that the virtual shows that have taken the place of regular events simply haven’t been able to make up for those lost revenues. So right now more than ever, I think it’s really important that we’re substituting with something that gives the feeling of a live experience, and going around in these trailers while it’s not a trade show, it’s a perfect bridge to us getting back to going to those live events.

Mike Gilvar: Yeah, and that’s interesting too, you might really have their undivided attention in a way that you don’t have a trade show.

Mal Gilvar: Yeah, 100%. And you’re kind of creating a VIP experience too. If you drive up to a building and the entire company gets to come out and take a look at what you’re offering is you’re also impacting and reaching a wider audience, perhaps, than you would at a trade show where they can only send one or two executives.

Mike Gilvar: And Mel, or Graz, actually, how does a CMO or an event manager, how do they go about justifying this cost, how do they justify it to the upper management at an organization?

Mike Graziani: Well, I think Mal just touched on it, the fact that they are going to be able to reach so many people, but to be able to do it in such a focused way where you don’t have the distractions like you do at a normal trade show where you’re vying for attention among so many other competitors, this is truly a captive audience situation.

Mal Gilvar: And Mike, as you’re pointing out, to do that, the money that you spend in exhibiting at a trade show is significant, and not that the trailer would be insignificant, but I think the cost will be comparable or perhaps even slightly lower, so it’s easier to justify because you’re gonna be spending some of those same dollars that you were planning on spending anyway.

Mike Gilvar: Yeah, and I suppose if you’re going to go to the show and you have 100 meetings and it costs you $100,000 to be at the meetings, 10,000 per meeting, you could probably use a similar math calculation in order to justify the sales trailer I would suppose.

Mal Gilvar: Absolutely.

Mike Gilvar: Great, so what’s the bottom line for people considering one of these?

Mal Gilvar: Well, I think the bottom line is, is that you have to capture revenues in this environment some way, what people are finding is that these virtual events are not doing that for them, it’s not giving them enough. So this is a way to have a safe, much smaller live experience that will bridge the gap between the time of them being able to go back to trade shows.

Mike Gilvar: Great, thanks everybody for joining us on The Bottom Line with TTG, and we’ll see you on the next session.

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Mobile Sales Tour Rentals


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