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Trade Show Replacement Tactics

If you prefer to read instead of watch our short video, here is the transcript of the conversation between Mike and Mal Gilvar:

Mike Gilvar: Thanks everybody for joining in today. We’re going to be talking about the various tactics that are available when your show’s been cancelled. Mal, let’s address today. A lot of people are dealing with cancelled shows, and what can we do when we cancel shows? When a show is cancelled, how do we go about marketing our company and driving revenues? It’s a challenge for everybody. We have our four primary products that we’re talking about to our client base, and I’d like to just give people an overview on what those different solutions are. So if you can just kind of delineate for us. First of all, what is a virtual trade show booth and how can that benefit our customers?

Mal Gilvar: Well, a virtual trade show booth is if you can’t go to an event, obviously, you’d like to be able to share the experiences that your customers would have had in an event at your booth with them. So what we can do is we could take your actual, a rendition, if you will, or a model of your existing exhibit, or we can create one that’s really customized and really futuristic. And we can drop in buttons, if you will, that allow people to scroll through and move through your template. And as they do that, they can click on these buttons to learn more about particular products, services, whatever it may be, and we can do that via text, we can do, we can launch movies. Any number of different things we can do to share your story.

Mike: Can we also link that, Mal, to a live conversation with a subject matter expert?

Mal: Absolutely, sure. You can have, you can click on a person, an avatar of a person, even if you wanted to. And it would immediately launch a Zoom or a team’s window, so that you can have a conversation with that person.

Mike: That’s awesome. And what’s the studio booth? What’s different about the studio booth with virtual meetings, how is that?

Mal: We can set up a studio at our location, or we can do it remotely at one of your locations. And in doing that, we would actually have a physical manifestation, your exhibit would be there. And then we could walk you through in a similar way. And you can have a number of different sales people and you could click on, “Yes, I’d like to have a discussion.” And then you have a private discussion of, again, via Zoom or Teams.

Mike: Awesome. And talk about the Mobile Sales Tours. When is that an appropriate thing and what is it?

Mal: Yeah. No, the Mobile Sales Tour is really great, because like a trade show it has an experiential aspect to it. If all you’re going do is send out an invitation to have a Zoom meeting, my God, we’re all doing that on a daily basis, and it’s a, we all know how. That isn’t terribly exciting. But if a mobile trailer shows up at your place of business and has a full resource center inside where a brand ambassador can walk you through the entire experience that you would have been able to do at a trade show, it’s really pretty exciting. And that is what we can accomplish with a mobile tour.

Mike: That’s awesome. And talk a little bit about how strategic marketing campaigns, maybe in conjunction with some of these other tactics like a Mobile Tour, talk about how a Strategic Marketing Campaign that tugs on someone’s desk can help facilitate those meetings.

Mal: Absolutely. I mean, look, we all get now, what, how many thousands of emails a day. I was just telling my sales team the other day that open rates of emails are down 17% over the same time last year, and it’s because people are getting inundated with these things. So a strategic marketing campaign that goes after individuals with a reason for them to open. For example, we’ll send something out via Federal Express, you’re going to open that package. And when you do, there’s a call to action, and that call to action would be potentially to have a meeting or to meet at a Mobile Tour, or to click on a virtual event.

Mike: So, Mal, tell me what is the bottom line for exhibitors whose shows have been cancelled and they’re trying to figure out what to do?

Mal: Look, there are other avenues that you can take that will be really effective at creating a memorable experience that can drive the similar kind of revenue that you can get at a trade show. You’re never going to, that face-to-face interaction that you get at trade shows is truly unique, but we can try to mimic that as much as we possibly can through some of these other avenues.

Mike: Thanks a bunch, and thanks for joining, everybody. We’ll be following up with additional videos that are going to drill down with more specifics on those four tactics. But thanks again for watching.

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Trade Show Replacement Tactics


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