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Buy Low! Company Culture Video Production is Highly Undervalued

While the effect is intangible, company culture video production offers the best value of any corporate video project.

When you’re quoted on a video project, you’re essentially paying for three broad inputs: people, equipment and time. Time is the most variable, and costly, factor of the three. To get the most bang for your buck you want to create as much high-quality content as possible, in the shortest span of time feasible.

Company Culture Video

The more good content you film, the more use you’ll get out of it. However, not all content is created equally. A product advertisement shoot will only yield video content about that product. An experienced video Production company can repurpose that content for different platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Ultimately, however, you can only use that footage to promote 1 product. The investment you made is sending one message 

and one message only – buy your product.

Company Culture video production, on the other hand, is highly versatile. Just like a product video, you can repurpose a company culture video for multiple platforms. The difference however, lies in the versatility of the message.

Your company culture has a personal effect on all stakeholders of your company. Naturally, a video about your company’s culture affects those same people as well. In a single session of filming, you can get footage to use for internal communication, recruitment and brand loyalty building.


Repurpose the content to onboard to new hires, entice talent to apply for a job, celebrate current employees and create a connection to your brand amongst customers. You can repurpose one video shoot into at least four distinct messages. As a bonus, those messages have a broader range of appropriate platforms on which they can live. Web pages with video embedded into them receive more traffic and higher engagement. Unless you sell one product, the homepage of your website isn’t the right place to advertise your products. But a video about your company’s culture…  

The value of company culture video production comes in the form of savings, not necessarily earnings. Immediately you save time, and if done right your investment into culture will save you costs on employee turnover, recruiting and customer retention.

Not sure what a company culture video is? Give us a shout and we’ll tell you all about its wonders!

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Buy Low! Company Culture Video Production is Highly Undervalued


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