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What The iPhone X Means For Video Quality

The Camera phone has changed rapidly in the last ten—even five—years, and it’s only continuing to improve with smartphone advancements. The first camera phone was introduced only 17 years ago in 2000, and three years later, phones started recording low quality video.

In less than two decades, smartphones have completely changed the video market to not only compete with professional-grade cameras… smartphones are even surpassing them in some regards. With the introduction of the Iphone X, the rules of traditional videography and photography are expected to change even more drastically.

What does the new iPhone mean for the future of videography and video marketing?

The iPhone X Features

The iPhone X is “all about display.” From the widened screen to the dual camera system, the iPhone X focuses heavily on visuals.

Video features of the iPhone X include:

• 12mp f/1.8 aperture wide lens (on top): wide, “cityscape” angle with improved light sensor

• 12mp f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens (on bottom): zoom lens to enhanced close-up shots

• Portrait mode on both front and back camera

• Portrait lighting: has a similar effect to studio lighting

• Dual optical image stabilization: stabilizes to avoid camera “shake” and blurry pictures

• Machine learning: the camera can detect images in the scene

• Light definition: you have control of the lighting in a shot

• Quad-LED true tone flash: automatically measures light temperature

• New color filter: editing with new color filters and contrasts

• Deeper pixels: greater colorization and smooth lines between colors

• Larger and faster sensor: higher resolution, better in dim lighting than previously, layered backdrops

• 4K video recording at 60fps: greater pixilation for crisp, fast shots

• Slow-mo video in 1080p at 240fps: ultra slow motion with crisp visuals

The iPhone X Review

Our favorite review of the iPhone X so far is by Fstoppers, a blog by and for photographers and videographers. They compared the iPhone X’s video capabilities to the Panasonic GH5, which is a professional mirrorless camera that retails just under $2000 without a lens. They wanted to see how well the iPhone X would hold up to a preferred camera among a majority of videographers.

The iPhone performed better than we—or they—expected. In some tests, it even surpassed the GH5 in terms of color vibrancy and contrast. This was especially true in slow-motion frames and well-lit shots. When placed on a gimbal, the iPhone X was smooth and stable. The GH5 was still better, but the iPhone X was more mobile and convenient, and it doesn’t require balancing.

Still, the iPhone X couldn’t completely hold its own. The zooming feature is better than previous iPhones, but it still gets blurry as you continue to move in. The phone also couldn’t provide a clear picture in scenes with dim or low lighting.

You can watch Fstoppers full comparison of the iPhone X versus GH5 here:

The Future Of Video

Technology excites most content creators. New capacities and abilities allow for greater creativity and innovation. The cameras we use today deliver more than we could have ever imagined 50, 25, or even 10 years ago. For example, the iPhone X has already started to incorporate imagined representations with real life images in a form of virtual reality. The iPhone is the start of VR in our pockets.

Still, this new technology is forcing videographers, photographers, marketers, and content creators to ask a tough question: is technology putting us out of business? Does this mean that anyone with a smartphone can start shooting and editing quality video anywhere at any time?

Yes and no. Technology like the iPhone and drone videography is making photo and video more accessible to the masses. Anyone with a phone can now film a video with good pixilation, contrasted lighting, and vibrant colors. We’re already seeing this with influencers on Instagram and Facebook. Creating content has become as easy as consuming it.

But Production companies are not out of a job. In fact, this technology will likely make our job even more fun, challenging, and rewarding. This means that a quality video alone won’t cut it anymore.

Anyone can create a video, but not everyone knows how to build a video that viewers want to see. Not everyone knows how to market that video. Amateur photographers and videographers may have better gadgets than before, but they’re still amateurs.

This means that production companies are going to have to step up their game. Quality isn’t enough. There will be a greater emphasis on the storyboard and narrative of a video. There will be formalized marketing campaigns that detail the purpose of the content and how that video will be dispersed on various platforms.

Moreover, production companies will have access to new and exciting ways to create video. With this technology comes new means of innovation. Along with the shot quality of the iPhone, its mobility and convenience will make live broadcasting and “surprise” shooting as professional and elegant as planned scenes.

Hiring a production company will likely prove a higher return on investment than ever before.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone X is just one of many new phones and gadgets revamping the way visual content is created. With these advancements, we expect high levels of innovation and creativity.

We believe that society is reaching an artistic digital renaissance.

We are excited to be perfectly placed in this exponential development. As marketers in a digital world, we understand how to create not just quality video, but quality video with a story, purpose, and goal. We use new technologies and tools to grow our client’s business through groundbreaking video content.

Be part of the action. Contact True Film Production now to gain our marketing expertise and optimize on the video content boom.

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What The iPhone X Means For Video Quality


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