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11 Days Of Halloween

11 Days Of Halloween

This October, treat your potential customers to a fun, branded Halloween video. It’s the perfect opportunity to utilize traditional Halloween clichés to create a narrative that soft-sells your brand in an engaging, memorable way.

How will your brand optimize on the season? In “The Pumpkin Spice Latte of Video Marketing”, we discuss the importance of employing the autumn craze in your video content strategy as a way to improve engagement with and awareness of your brand. One way to accomplish this is through creepy, funny, goofy Halloween videos.

Below you’ll find our 11-day countdown to October 31 with our favorite Halloween commercials and branding videos.

11. Haunted Hotel

Halloween isn’t a popular travel time, but travel sites like still want customers to book hotels. This creepy ad uses haunted hotels to gain traction this Halloween season. This video addresses a specific audience member: the thrill-seeker looking to experience new, creepy adventures this October—the “stay if you dare” crew. This directed marketing is a great way to boost ROI by encouraging Halloween travel for people who already love Halloween.


10. Skittles Giant Talking Spider

This hilariously weird commercial is on-brand for Skittles and Halloween. It uses unexpected and surprising twists that bring the plot back to the Skittles candy. The spider lures in kids with Skittles, just as you can attract kids to trick or treat at your house with Skittles. Or you could get eaten by a talking, joking spider.


9. Dulux Wash And Wear Ghost

If you want to repel ghosts this Halloween, you need Dulux paint on your walls. This commercial is an entertaining way to show off a specific aspect of the Dulux product—that the paint is resistant to everything, even ghosts.


8. M&Ms Crispy Costume

M&Ms loves to use seasons, holidays, and current events to relate to their audience. M&Ms have made their commercials a staple of holiday TV, from the red and yellow M&Ms’ interaction with Santa to the personified chocolates’ romantic connection on Valentine’s Day. For this commercial, Mars is pushing their glow-in-the-dark M&M bags, which is the perfect product for the Halloween season.


7. Cravendale Hint Of Pink Cow

This Cravendale commercial for strawberry milk plays on the creepy Halloween horror stereotypes. Only the little boy can see these strawberry cows, providing an eerie and unusual experience. But at the end, the narrator brings it back to the Cravendale brand; the cows come in peace—they just want their delicious milk back.


6. Svedka Presents First World Horrors

Svedka is playing to the Millennial drinker with these goofy and hilarious “frights.” What would scare a Millennial at Halloween? Not being able to take pictures. There’s subtle branding as the boys drink Svedka combined with direct branding of the “Svedka Presents” intro.


5. Geico Horror Movie

Everyone knows the Geico “it’s what you do commercials.” This Geico ad plays on the running film industry joke that people in horror movies always make bad decisions (and fall down while running). But switching to Geico is always a good decision… even if you’re in a Halloween slasher.


4. Kit Kat Lady

This is a Kit Kat commercial that has been playing often this year and last. Employing the pun of the Kat name, everything about this Halloween commercial is Kit Kat. The kids want to go to the Kat Lady’s house because she has Kit Kat everything… from Kit Kat candies to Kit Kat decorated cats. This commercial gets you ready for a Kit Kat “Halloween Break.”


3. State Farm Chase

This humorous video plays on the Halloween “disaster” of taking a short cut. But State Farm is always there to help you avoid disaster. This is a fun, narrative to show off the State Farm’s high level of customer service.


2. Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge

This Kmart commercial combines the marketing effects of Halloween, celebrities, and world records in one. Celebrity dancer Monternez Rezell changes his costume 150 times in 6 hours with an intriguing and artful dance. There is subtle branding of the Kmart bag as Monty gives us ideas for our own Halloween costume—which you can then go purchase at Kmart from over 3000 costume options.


1. Snickers Grocery Store Lady

This is one of the most popular Halloween branded commercials of all time with over 2 million views on YouTube. It’s hard to forget this creepy lady—and the humor of the kids behind the mask. This ad shows the unusual lengths kids will go to get Snickers for Halloween.


The Bottom Line

Halloween videos are a great way to create a story around the goofy, classic, and creepy feels of the season. Relate your brand directly to the Halloween holiday to help get in the hearts, minds, and feelings of your target audience.

If you want more Halloween fun, take a look at our countdown of the top 9 horror cult classics.

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11 Days Of Halloween


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