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Objection Handling – “Send me an email” – genuine or a waste of your time?

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The world of work is laden with emails these days.   As a working society we seem to have fallen into a pattern of emailing colleagues, prospects and friends for many things which could quite easily – and much more quickly – be covered over the course of a telephone call.

Worse still, those replies create an enormous drain on our time.  Having that notification ping up every time a new email arrives takes you away from the task in hand and puts you and your time management at the mercy of others.

But that’s for a different blog post.

In this instance I’d like to talk about one of the most common objections – if you can call it that – faced by anyone having to make outbound sales and marketing calls, that ambiguous response of “can you send me an email’

This can be an extremely frustrating – and hard to manage – objection because the prospect isn’t outright telling your he or she isn’t Interested, they are, however, sending you out a relatively pleasant and easy to swallow message that they’re probably not interested, they’re probably looking to get you off the phone and, if you do send it, probably aren’t going to read it.

But, as the prospect is asking you for more information, you could easily fool yourself into thinking that means they’re interested in what you have to offer.   In the vast majority of cases – you would be wrong!

So, bearing in mind that, in all likelihood, the prospect isn’t really interested – yet – the handling of this objection has to come from a perspective of putting the ball back into their court.

You need to take control of the situation – yes, you’ll be more than happy to email them but use this as an opportunity to further clarify their position – and needs.


“I’d be more than happy to email you but can I just clarify what your process is for selecting new suppliers…..”

“Certainly, I can email you – what information would you need from me?……” (and then use this information to expand the conversation further)

“I’ll gladly email you some details across – who else within the business would this be relevant for…..”

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind how precious your time is and how important your sales figures are – providing you’ve done your homework, you should be aware that this prospect is likely to benefit from what you’re offering so, if you do send an email, stress the importance of following this up.   The prospect may well be interested but you’ve just caught him/her at a bad time – agree on a date/time for a follow up call.  Let the prospect know what the purpose of that call will be, explain how long it’s likely to take and what they’re likely to get at the end of it.   If you truly believe in your offering, this should come naturally.

So, when a prospect says “send me an email”, be aware that this is most likely a tactic to get you off the phone and employ these tactics to expand the conversation, stress the benefits of speaking with you again and ensure that any emails are eye catching, laden with benefits and help to solve a problem – not just “sell” something.

Good luck!

And if you need help with any aspects of sales and marketing for your business, do get in touch on 0330 20 50 500 – we love to talk!

Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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Objection Handling – “Send me an email” – genuine or a waste of your time?


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