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Carnations, Content, Strawberries and Spam

Is there a relationship between Carnation, Content, Strawberries and Spam?

Content, Carnations, Strawberries and Spam, what is the relationship?
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Hello again,
This month we look at Content and SPAM. At first glance they may seem to be totally opposite, having nothing in common, but let's rethink that assumption.

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Content, Carnations, Strawberries and Spam

I'd like to share a story with you, when I had just left school and was working in a nursery [plants not babies] as a horticulture apprentice. We grew mostly carnations as I explained in my watermelon article. One day we were weeding the strawberry patch, [a thankless task,] later my boss yelled at me for leaving a weed behind. I explained it wasn't a weed, it was a carnation plant. I was expecting praise for being able to tell the difference between the 2 at an early stage. But instead he told me in no uncertain terms that ANYTHING growing where it wasn't wanted was a weed. He didn't care if a prize rose was growing here, it was, in his eyes, a weed.
I have never forgotten that lesson.
Lets apply that to content.
So, you have followed all the rules, read all the articles and have produced a really terrific, useful, informative chunk of content. Now you mail or tweet it out to your zillions of fans waiting expectantly for it. Job well done. You are certainly are not a SPAMMER.
Ahh, but what if, what you send out, despite being really excellent, is not what most of them really want or need? Your article is now a carnation in the strawberry patch. You ARE a spammer!
My point is now probably obvious, but just in case. There is more, a lot more to Content Marketing than just producing really useful material. Much more. Sure that is a good, nay, excellent beginning, but it is the finish that is important. You also need to make sure your material is targeted exactly to those people who want it, and no one else. How to do that? Ahaha, that is what we call Intelligent Content [the NEW buzzword] and another story for another time.... or you can contact us.
So let's now look at this Email.
Is it SPAM?
Maybe, so lets look at the how and why you are reading it.
Activ was formed from WPBeijing back in 2003 and we built a small base of people who were interested in our short newsy but unpolished emails. Over the years our audience has grown and our hand made emails are now courtesy of MAIL CHIMP. We build our audience two ways:
1/ By direct, voluntary subscription from any of the links we have on the web.
2/ By meeting and talking to people at trade shows, exhibits or social functions here in China and asking them to join us. Some say nope, some agree.
Now, we know, 12 years is a long time, some of you might have forgotten your China trip whilst for others you might have taken over a new role and our Edumercial is no longer relevant. Or, if your email is a generic [email protected] or [email protected] maybe the original incumbent has moved on and you have never ever been to China, much less met or even heard of us. In these cases it seems like SPAM, we accept that.
That is why at the foot of each of our Edumercials we have an option for you to update your information, tell us what it is you would like to read about, more about YOU. That way we can be more precise when we send out our material. And, if worse comes to worse and you really do want to end our relationship and hand back the ring, well, you can always email me and we will take care of it.
Again, out point is: Activ doesn't SPAM, if you don't want our material write and tell meand I will delete you, personally.
Ok, that's it for this month, don't forget Activ, in fact most of China is closed for about 7 ~ 10 days from October 1st in celebration of National day.
To end this months letter I have included a couple of links to help you with your CONTENT MARKETING.
A short and easy to read review of the 3 main points from the London Social Media Week Conference, 2015
Content HAS TO BE INTERESTING TO THE CONSUMER and easily digested. People today, even at B2B level don't have time to read through huge articles, so short video is a rising Queen [Yes, WP-A does Video and Audio production as well :>)]
Why you need a Content Strategy a longer but very good article on developing a CONTENT strategy: Content strategy helps organizations provide the right content, to the right people, at the right times, for the right reasons.

Content needs to be dynamic, changing to suit and reflect consumers needs, so data analysis is vital to be able to continuously refine and define your "niche" markets. If one doesn't know what one's consumers want NOW but keep on sending something they have lost interest in then you have missed the boat. It will be junked as SPAM. Data gives you feedback, enables you to know what is current, what they want,  in real time, NOW, not yesterday or last week.
Sadly, for many marketers, the game has changed, the rules are different and if they don't know or can't accept them it is time to get out of the game.
Your readers want content that is relevant and useful to them, but they also want ORIGINAL content. Today, there is so much info flying around chances are, unless what you provide is genuine, authentic your customers have already had it, dozens of times. This article looks at thoughts on Content geneartion from the Content Marketing World Conference, USA.
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Nothing here is copyright: please feel free to use and abuse as you chose~! [But an acknowledgement link to our IP would be nice]

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Carnations, Content, Strawberries and Spam


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