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The economy’s rapid expansion into the online world has made Digital Marketing an essential part of the marketing mix. Digital marketing is a collection of all marketing initiatives that use the internet or an electronic gadget.

Digital marketing includes specific efforts to impact your brand’s online presence, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, digital display advertising, games, e-commerce marketing and much more. The internet has become the medium of choice, with digital media as a part of everyday life for most consumers. It’s the primary source of news consumption, networking, research and references, shopping and plenty of other tasks. >

At present, Canada has over 30 million internet users—it’s one of the biggest online markets in the world. Canada’s digital audiences are projected to increase to 32 million users by 2022, making up almost 85% of the country’s population.

This tremendous growth in the online audience reinforces the need and evolution of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the next era in marketing trends; it involves strategic planning and provides direct access to consumers. Digital marketing has several benefits:


Most consumers begin their buying journey online. In online marketing, consumers can be filtered based on search histories, interests, hobbies, demographics, and purchase habits, thus allowing you to reach your target audience directly. The internet not only provides access to a massive number of consumers at the same time but also lets you offer them personalized content matching consumer interests/needs.


With traditional marketing, it’s not always possible to get a quantitative analysis of results. However, with digital marketing tactics such as search engine marketing, you receive a report which includes real-time analytics and detailed audience demographic information. It removes the hassle of figuring out what’s working or not working. The report provides valuable insight into the performance of your campaigns such as email open rates and clicks, and there’s always room to pivot the direction for as needed based on the campaign’s success.


Traditional marketing methods are generally expensive, often reaching up to six-figure investments. It’s nearly impossible for companies with a small budget to compete with large organizations. However, digital marketing is an extremely cost-effective avenue, with companies getting better results for their marketing spend. Digital marketing tactics have a low cost of entry into avenues such as online digital advertisements, pay-per-click, social media ads. Although search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media engagement tactics take time to show results, digital ads and social media ads produce quick results.

Digital marketing provides room for smaller organizations to remain competitive in a crowded market, still giving them a voice to stand out from the pack.

Lead Generation

Most of your customers are online, and now you can reach them directly. By using relevant keywords, you can reach more qualified buyers online through search engine optimization. Digital marketing can also help you reach consumers using mobiles, tablets, or desktops.

Higher Conversion

The best part about digital marketing is that customers are just a few clicks away. Through targeted content, you can narrow down on your ideal buyer, and they don’t have to pick up the phone or go to the store to make a purchase. You get a higher return on your investment, as consumers get all the information they need without investing the time or effort that’s usually involved in the traditional purchase decision process. The digital purchase process usually quick and seamless.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will change the world of marketing—it analyzes consumer behaviour and search patterns, and utilizes social media to help businesses understand how people make purchase decisions. Companies that adopt AI in 2019 will get an edge over competitors, save costs, and accelerate growth. From content marketing to chatbots, AI has its presence in various avenues that assist brand development.


An AI-based technology, chatbots talk to customers and site visitors in real-time, day or night, using instant messaging. Chatbots are responsive, respond promptly, accurately recall customers’ entire buying history, and are always patient so it’s no surprise that many customers prefer interacting with them.

Chatbots provide outstanding customer service, meet customers’ expectations and automate repetitive tasks, allowing companies to focus on higher priorities. At present, 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots—by 2022, businesses will save over $8 billion each year using chatbots.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is changing the world of advertising. Programmatic advertising is the use of  AI to automate ad buying to help target specific audiences. It involves real-time bidding or auctions and is efficient and fast. This leads to high conversions and low customer acquisition costs. Almost 90% of online display ads will be programmatic by 2020.

Content Marketing

Key content marketing trends for 2019 will be:

  • A more strategic approach to content marketing:  with many businesses now having a holistic content marketing strategy, supporting audience engagement and leads/sales generation.
  • Focus on content quality based on a more in-depth understanding of personas.
  • New roles and structure to support content marketing activities as investment increases.
  • Improved measurement of content marketing effectiveness.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves using key people in a given field to get your brand’s message out. Instead of marketing directly to a group of consumers, you pay the influencer to reach his audience. It’s similar to word-of-mouth, and your brand’s message is shared through a credible source trusted by the mass.  People generally trust consumer opinions over corporate statements, so getting your brand’s message out through a credible influencer is optimal.

Paid and Earned Media

Advertising and PR complete the picture of digital channels. The big winners for 2018 were native advertising and video advertising — which we can expect to continue to be relevant in 2019 — given that video advertising overtook display advertising for the first time.

Social Media

  • Facebook | Static or declining use in most age groups, except for the 55+ age group, which is now the largest number of users
  • Instagram | Increased usage across all age groups with the largest, Adults 25 -34, followed by Adults 18-24.
  • Snapchat | The largest increase and biggest user group is again Adults 25-34, showing that Snapchat isn’t just for teens. There are also increases in users in older age groups which are not far behind the younger age groups in adoption levels.
  • It’s expected that Instagram ad spending will continue to increase in line with increased usage and better advertising options on the platform. Recent data shows that Facebook ad spending grew 40% VYA (2018);  the ad spend on Instagram soared 177% during the same period.

There’s currently an increased use of Facebook Messenger, which is an opportunity. Facebook reports on the importance of Messenger: 1.3 billion people used Messenger every month; 8 billion messages were exchanged between people and businesses every month;  78% of people with smartphones used messaging every month. As well as targeted sponsored ads, use of Messenger for conversations is a significant trend.


Legal Services – Establishing Differentiation in a Competitive, Undifferentiated Market

Consumer and Market Research Formulation, Positioning Strategy, Branding Strategy, Legal Services Brand Identity, Repositioning, Brand Architecture, Service Structuring, Product Development, Advertisement.

Building trust and credibility when public perception of the industry’s not positive.

Lawyers have quite the reputation — public opinion involves a low level of trust and perceives lawyers as lacking empathy, with a primary focus on charging high fees. My Loud Speaker disrupted the legal services category with unique branding and positioning campaign.

When the client, Hammerberg Lawyers, first walked into My Loud Speaker offices,  they were only looking for a campaign to promote their legal practice in light of the new ICBC cap for minor injuries. However, when My Loud Speaker’s creative team worked on the messaging strategy, they realized that the brand architecture and the structure of Hammerberg Lawyers’ services created a significant roadblock for effective consumer communication.

In-depth research on consumer behaviour led to USP.

According to consumer research, if the current brand were to be rebranded and positioned with a USP that differs from the conventional and over-communicated benefits of hiring a lawyer, it would be an advantage for the client over the existing competition.

Our strategy team analyzed the consumer motivations and factors influencing purchase decision; we identified differentiation points using strategically planned consumer and neuro research, which showed us that hiring a lawyer caused cognitive dissonance among consumers. Although the cognitive dissonance still led consumers to well-known brands, coupled with the lack of trust for the legal industry, consumers were still uncertain whether they made the right decision.

Creating a go-to brand.

Research and analysis conducted by the agency, along with a separate study conducted by our strategy team in consumer behaviour, market perception and competitor analysis, revealed that there was an opportunity to be explored if the brand was restructured based on two service divisions: corporate and contingency based.

Our recommendation was to create a new brand, with the right positioning and tone of voice, to turn this behavioural insight into a breakthrough positioning opportunity, thereby disrupting the legal services industry and standing out from the pack.

The strategy was approved on the spot.

My Loud Speaker created comprehensive strategic and tactical roadmaps for splitting the service and brand, which was a 12-month action plan and required a multi-million dollar investment. The roadmaps were presented together with a 200-page strategy document and research findings — the client approved the strategy on the spot.

The only (but expected) challenge we faced was a demonstration of the necessity for and potential of such a big project to our client. Following approval, we walked the client through every step to relieve the stress of change — after all, they had to shift how they worked and thought about their business completely. We also explained all the next steps and the challenges these changes may create for the client; the comprehensive strategy and roadmaps prepared by the agency were highly instrumental in illustrating the potential.

Revolutionized how people think about legal services.

That’s how Helpforme was born: a personal, positive, and facilitative personal legal services brand positioned to change consumers’ associations and how people think about legal services.

My Loud Speaker developed the new brand name based on extensive behavioural research. We designed the corporate identity, brand maps, brand character, and also provided the client with marketing and business consultancy and internal training to make the transition as smooth as intended.

In less than three months, My Loud Speaker created all the brand, marketing communications, and new product development strategies. We also implemented the plan and created the branding elements within that period through agile planning and by using breakthrough design-thinking models for effective (and efficient) creative resource utilization.

A strategic digital marketing campaign to generate website traffic and leads.

My Loud Speaker worked as business partners for Helpforme; through a strategic digital campaign, our digital team drove traffic Helpforme’s new website and generated leads. My Loud Speaker developed, implemented, and managed the entire SEM campaign. The business objective of the digital campaign was straightforward: to generate 85 leads by the end of the campaign with a specified Cost Per Acquisition. The campaign, which launched in October 2018, had impressive results in just one month:

  • Nearly 3,500 website visitors (more than 98% were new visitors)
  • Average daily visitors +/- 180
  • 73 qualified leads
  • Mid-way through November, 58 leads were generated
  • Cost Per Acquisition met the campaign’s specified target

What can we do for you?

My Loud Speaker acts as a shadow marketing department for clients to actively identify any potential challenges they may face and works proactively towards preventing them. In addition to that, clients have 24/7 access to the account managers and our creative team which helps both My Loud Speaker and the client identify and implement solutions to any challenges that may arise. Our clients know that My Loud Speaker works in their best interest.

This case is one of many examples of the work that we do. My Loud Speaker creates sound strategies, marketing communication campaigns, brand positioning, and rebranding (among other services) based on extensive research and market knowledge, depending on the needs of each client.

Branding and Positioning in the Crowded US Consumer Electronics Space

Brand Awareness, Product Positioning in Consumer Goods/Consumer Electronics Market, Start-up Marketing, Digital Marketing, Media Planning, and Advertising.

The rise and fall of start-ups.

Start-ups rise and fall all the time because they don’t have a clear direction. While there may be a vision, it’s important to have marketing management strategies in place to ensure that the company grows quickly and works efficiently. It’s also essential to keep the company’s long-term growth and success in mind and plan accordingly.

Sum Products — standing out as a start-up.

In Silicon Valley’s crowded space of tech start-ups and consumer electronics, My Loud Speaker had to launch a campaign to set one brand apart. Sum Products released its latest innovation, +sum DIAL, a wireless charger with a beautiful design and 360-degree rotation — the only wireless charger of its kind in the market. However, the consumer electronics market is flooded with cool gadgets and products from various tech start-ups. How did My Loud Speaker distinguish Sum Products among the competition?

My Loud Speaker truly knows, understands, and works in collaboration with start-ups. We not only handle branding, marketing communications, and positioning strategies but work as business partners invested in the client’s long-term growth and success.

We created a unique positioning strategy for the defined audiences.

Based on initial research, My Loud Speaker determined that the best way to stand out among a crowd of tech and consumer electronics start-ups is to aim bigger and be better in terms of branding and marketing communications. My Loud Speaker identified two consumer segments as potential buyers of the product:

  • Lifestyle consumers who value design, aesthetics, and premium products
  • Early adopters of technology

We broke down the target audiences further using demographic and psychographic segmentation, and recommended a brand awareness campaign to establish Sum Products as a major player in the consumer goods market, and increase its product visibility. My Loud Speaker developed a positioning strategy that branded Sum Products as a premium brand with sophisticated products, not meant for the everyday consumer.

The key message: your life + infinite possibilities.

My Loud Speaker suggested a traditional and digital advertising campaign to the client, one that was a strong mix of mainstream new media placements — it was approved, planned, and successfully implemented in less than two months. Why is this special?

Cutting through the noise.

With large, well-known brands, such as Sony and Apple, were launching their wireless chargers, Sum Products really had to compete with its modest ad budget. As a new brand, gaining awareness in the mainstream market isn’t easy, but our media plan, which utilized some of the most popular new media outlets, gave Sum Products tremendous brand exposure.

With a comprehensive media and communications plan, and a digital marketing strategy, My Loud Speaker ran a strong campaign during the busiest shopping season — December 2018 — and cut through the noise. From running ad spots on some of the most consumed US new media, such as Hulu and podcasts including Dirty John, 9to5Mac, and WNYC’s The New Yorker Radio Hour, My Loud Speaker developed and implemented a robust media plan.

The campaign resulted in a 100% increase in website traffic.

We also ran a social media campaign as well as a digital marketing campaign to increase brand visibility and attract more consumers to Sum Products’ website. The assets for the ad spots and social media were also developed by our creative team very quickly, showing yet again that My Loud Speaker can deliver a high-quality campaign in a brief period through efficient resource allocation. In the first week, the Sum Products website reported a 100% increase in traffic. Also in the first week, 91 major media outlets picked up the story. Looking forward, MLS will manage the Sum Products brand and the launch of its future products for key US markets.


The best digital marketing agencies have a clear strategy in place that supports their client’s goals. Digital marketing has provided a new way to tap into potential customers, promote brand awareness, and increase sales. Depending on the goals of the client, marketers can support a larger campaign through digital marketing tactics.

Here’s some information on of the most common digital marketing tactics and the channels involved in each one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of receiving website traffic to your site through free, organic, editorial search results. It optimizes your website to “rank” it higher in search engine results, thereby increasing the visibility of your site and its traffic.

The channels that benefit from SEO include:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Infographics

Content Marketing

Content marketing denotes the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract and retain a specific audience and to drive them to action. It helps to increase sales and attracts quality customers relevant to your brand. The channels that can be used in your content marketing strategy include the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks and whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Online brochures and lookbooks

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the use of social media platforms to promote your product, service, or organization. It can be used to increase brand awareness, drive sales, increase website traffic, and generate leads for your business. These are some of the channels used in social media marketing:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click or PPC is a type of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays a publisher every time the brand’s ad is clicked. Clicks are a way to measure interest in a particular product, brand, or service. Channels where you can use PPC include:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Messages
  • Google AdWords allows you to pay for top ranks on Google’s search engine results
  • Facebook Ads
  • Promoted Tweets on Twitter

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of performance-based advertising where the affiliate receives a commission for promoting a business’ products or services on their website. It’s performance-based marketing in which in the business rewards/awards the affiliate for every customer he/she brings in.

Affiliate marketing channels include:

  • YouTube Partner Program Video Ads
  • Sharing affiliate links on your social media accounts
  • Affiliate links on your website/blog

Native Advertising

Native advertising refers to advertisements or sponsored content that that blend with the editorial content on a website and match the look, feel, and tone of unpaid content. BuzzFeed sponsored articles are a good example of native advertising, but many people also consider social media advertising to be “native” such as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to software that serves to automate your basic marketing operations. Many repetitive tasks that would otherwise be done manually can be automated, such as:

  • Email newsletters
  • Social media post scheduling
  • Contact list updating
  • Lead-nurturing workflows
  • Campaign tracking and reporting

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the use of emails to promote your product, service, or organization. Companies also use email marketing to communicate with their audiences and keep them updated on the latest news. Email marketing can also drive traffic to the business’ website. An email marketing campaign may include the following:

  • Newsletters
  • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something
  • Customer welcome emails
  • Holiday promotions to loyalty program members
  • Tips or similar series emails to nurture customers

Online PR

Much like traditional PR, online PR is the practice of securing earned media coverage on digital publications, blogs, and other content-based websites. The channels used for online PR are:

  • Outreach to secure media placements/editorial coverage on digital news sites
  • Connecting with reporters and media outlets via social media
  • Engaging with online reviews of your company
  • Engaging with comments on your website or blog

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting, engaging, and retaining visitors on your website. Every digital marketing tactic listed above can be used in an inbound marketing strategy.


Choosing the right digital marketing agency is key to the success of your campaign. There are several criteria to keep in mind when picking an agency. The following list will help you pick the right agency for you, based on your needs.


Know your needs and determine your budget. While there’s no fixed price for marketing services, you should understand the scope of the work and the costs it might entail. Your initial consultation meeting with agencies will go a lot better if you’re prepared. Be clear on your budget so you know the services that might be covered under that.


Understand the agency’s expertise—is it digital marketing? Or is it a full-service agency with a team dedicated to digital marketing? Ensure that the agency you choose has the relevant knowledge and expertise, be it SEO, SEM, email marketing or social media marketing.


Although experience doesn’t necessarily mean that the agency does quality work, it is a factor that helps determine the competency of the agency. Look into the company’s case studies and find out if they have worked with similar clients or on similar projects before. Was the campaign successful? Was their approach innovative, reliable, and smart? Ask the agency about their processes and how they approach new projects, then determine for yourself if it showcases sound judgement.


Credibility always counts. Read client testimonials and reviews and learn about their experience working with the agency and if it was positive. Request client references, possibly from a campaign that wasn’t successful. Thoroughly go through the agency’s website and social media accounts and ensure they’re properly maintained. Understand the agency’s personality and get a sense of its reliability.


Lastly, it’s important that you like the agency you work with. If the connection isn’t there, it’s hard to assume the agency understands your needs and can deliver the outcome you expect. Marketing is a fun and creative industry, so choose an agency that reflects that and is also aligned with your personal needs.


When creating a digital marketing plan, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The following steps provide a framework to launch a digital marketing plan.

Narrow down your target market

Knowing your target market sets the foundation for your campaign. It’s important to know who you’re addressing and be clear about the action you expect from them. Define your target market based on demographic information such as age, location, gender, and income, and/or psychographic information such as user behavior, hobbies, and attitudes.

Set your goals

What do you hope to accomplish through your campaign? Set your goals, be it increase sales or build awareness for your product or service. The entire campaign revolves around your objective. At the end of the campaign, you can evaluate to see if you’ve accomplished those goals.

Evaluate your current channels and tools

What are you doing in terms of digital marketing right now? Evaluate your paid, earned, and owned media. Do you have a comprehensive campaign? Are you investing in digital advertising, search engine optimization, public relations, or influencer relations? Make a list of what you’re doing and the things you’re not.

Determine your digital marketing tools

Decide your digital marketing mix. Based on what you’re already doing, choose to invest or explore channels that give you a comprehensive campaign. If you’re already doing social media advertisements, include influencer outreach as part of your PR campaign. If you’re working on digital strategy, make sure you prioritize search engine optimization and Google Display Ads.

Monitor and evaluate

Is your campaign working? Monitor the analytics (Google Analytics is a good source) and evaluate the results. You can also frequently track the progress of your campaign with digital advertising and make adjustments accordingly during the campaign, rather than waiting until it’s completed (and sometimes, too late to do anything about). In any case, evaluating the numbers such as website traffic, bounce rate, and click-through rate will help your future campaigns as well.



Founded in 2011, Popcorn is a marketing agency based out of Vancouver and Toronto offering a complete range of services including digital strategy development, community management, public relations, content creation, event planning, digital media design, and more. The agency’s passion is to connect people with brands they love. Popcorn specializes in lifestyles and retail brands, food, beverage, hospitality, technology, and government clients.


Location: 225 W. 8th Ave. #200, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N3

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Marloo Creative Studio

Marloo is a full-service creative marketing & advertising agency providing most of the clients’ essential marketing needs. Marloo provides solutions in strategy consultation, branding, print and website development. The agency strives to provide quality customer service and creating a beautiful society.  Marloo is based in Toronto, Vancouver, and Dubai.


Location: 142 – 757 West Hastings Street, Suite# 508
    Vancouver, BC V6C 1A1

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:  

Stigan Media Inc.

Founded in 2009, Stigan Media is a Web Design and Marketing Agency in Vancouver. The agency’s vast experience and knowledge in online marketing enable them to take the guesswork out of online advertising and provide clients with options and solutions that are both easy and affordable to implement. With industry knowledge, innovative goal-oriented mindset, as well as creativity and drive, Stigan optimizes digital strategies for all types of businesses.

Services offered include web and logo design, and search engine optimization.


Location: 55 Water St #513, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1A1

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Jive PR + Digital

Jive PR + Digital is an award-winning agency providing public relations and digital marketing services.  The company has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles and ensures its clients have a voice along both coasts.


Location: 138 E 7th Ave #100, Vancouver, BC V5T 1M6

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

My Loud Speaker Marketing

My Loud Speaker is a marketing agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The agency specializes in branding, public relations, and advertising—its mission is to help clients achieve their full potential. Some of its clients are Gateway Property Management, DMCL and GKS Law Firm.


Location: 395 Railway St #206, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency that works to help its clients thrive in a complex market. The agency has offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver and provides branding, digital marketing, and website design services, among others.


Location: 548 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

York & Chapel

York and Chapel is a full-service digital branding agency started 15 years ago with offices in Connecticut, San Francisco, Vancouver, as well as New York. The agency provides web design, content marketing, and UX/UI design services, among others, and focuses primarily on technology clients.


Location: 3981 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Y7

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:

Edkent Media

Edkent Media is a results-driven digital marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada. Edkent Media provides digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and website design services to its clients.


Location: 701 W Georgia St #1500, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6

Social Media:

  • YouTube:  
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:  
  • LinkedIn:  

Jelly Marketing

Founded in 2012, Jelly Digital Marketing and PR is a digital advertising agency that specializes in public relations, social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Key clients include La-Z-Boy Furniture, Sussex Insurance, Greater Vancouver Zoo, Giants Hockey WHL, Ten Thousand Villages, Choices Markets, and CEFA.


Location: 9067 Church St, Langley, BC V1M 0E8

Social Media:

  • Instagram:   
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:  

Forge and Smith

Forge and Smith is a digital agency that provides digital strategy, branding, web design, web development and UX/UI design services. Key clients include Olympics Canada, United Way, Knowledge Network, and Discovery Channel.


Location: 101 – 620 Royal Ave. New Westminster, BC V3M 1J2

Social Media:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:   

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