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Jarvis 1.0 is Possible (needs 1 more step)

I used to write. Not much, but at least 1 blog every 2 months but now I’ve stopped. Reason? I’m bored of writing blogs and I can imagine your plight reading:)

So when I thought I had an idea to share in a blog, I thought I will do this a little differently this time and see how it pans out. So I’m going to break this into parts like in a movie and like in a movie on a TV, throw in a few adverts as well.

Part 1: If you have been reading my blogs, you already know that I’m an inside sales guy (the kind that don’t go out of the office to sell). I had been doing very tiny amounts of travel lately and carrying a laptop around for meetings is a pain in the neck, quite literally. So I thought it is time to adopt a smart phone (I have been using a feature phone since my E71 (the ‘smart phone’ from Nokia)) and do Teamchat’s experience based demos on the phone.

Anyway, like a kid with a new toy, I searched all of google play store for apps I could use to increase productivity, to make sure I was able to do everything I do on a laptop without it (that’s the goal anyway). But secretly, I also hoped to do a few things that is not possible with a laptop (I’m a believer that things can be improved 10x more easily than by, say, 5%).

I found many amazing apps but most importantly, I found ‘assistant’. I downloaded it immediately and started testing it. I tested by saying out loud ‘open Teamchat’ and it read ‘open teen chat’. First thought: ‘I got this app to open Teamchat and it wouldn’t, duh’. A little bit of digging and I found that I can actually train this app if only with the paid version, I instantly paid and this worked fine and opening Teamchat is just one of the many amazing things this app can do, it’s just amazing. I even named her, Sesame.

Advert 1: For Parents anywhere: Having trouble engaging your kid?

Read Saulo Dos Santos Soares' answer to Why don't kids like to talk about their day when their parents get home? on Quora

End of Advert.

Part 2: Remember Jarvis from the early Tony Stark (Ironman) movies? I like him, Tony says things to him, he listens, he accesses some logic (if required) and does things for our protagonist. I want one!

And I don’t like the idea of the new (Avengers 2) Jarvis, I find it creepy for my bot to be an actual person, It may just be me but it’s creepy. See how short this part was :)

Advert 2:  For Indians specifically, but it might be applicable to other cultures world-wide as well.

Dying to Be Me | A short film directed by Deva Katta
End of Advert.

Part 3: Beerud (CEO of Teamchat) also believes in something. He believes that one should be able to interact with anything/ anyone (that is connected, think people, software, IOT) by mere messaging (as against writing codes or doing different things at different places (online or off)).

Why? Ever wondered why Whatsapp is used more than facebook? 
The other way around, think about it, if you want to call someone, you both have to be available, if you send an SMS, it's a one-sided thing, but a Message has literally changed the game, you send a message and the other person responds when he/ she can. Isn't it blissful, to not be disturbing someone or interrupting something? And it still counts as a conversation, I mean you know it's not the abyss you are sending messages to, there's a person at the other end :)

How? If you have been on Whatsapp or any other messaging app, you’d be overwhelmed with the flow of messages (I think that’s the reason why Whatsapp has a group size limit of 100 people), What happens if you are listening to software? IOT? They could keep sending data (not all of which you care about). So the team at Teamchat came up with a clever solution: a ‘smart message’

What would it look like? Think of an OS for a second (Windows, Android, iOS). Now think of Apps.

What if, now, you replace the OS (in the mental picture you created) with Teamchat. Also replace Apps with Bots (programmable Smart Messages, workflows, integrations).

Now instead of opening each app in the OS to do different tasks, you just send messages on Teamchat to do specific tasks, all on a single platform, like… wait for it.. Jarvis 1.0

Advert 3: For eCommerce/ Marketplace/ On-demand Delivery companies: You’d have heard of these already, but laying it our here for quick reference:

How Flipkart’s Ping aims to redefine e-commerce through the messenger 

Quikr Launches Quikr Nxt – Instant Messaging Service For Buyers & Sellers
With Teamchat, you can add similar (and/ or more advanced) capabilities to your app in days if not hours. End of Advert.

Draw Conclusions: No, seriously, draw your own conclusions.. I’ve laid out parts and would love to know what you think. What would you like achieved with mere messaging?

About the Author: Raj Nadar is the Director of Inside Sales at Teamchat where he spends most of his time talking to leaders from around the world around how they plan on utilizing Teamchat for their organizations. Have a unique workflow you want to explore? I would love to talk.

Connect with me? Raj Nadar on Linkedin
                             Raj Nadar on Twitter

P.S: Teamchat has a free version which has smart messages including everything paid users have created plus polls, surveys, meeting invites, announcements, daily sales reports, location check-in, lookup, functional workflows specific to HR, IT, Services and Sales, Finance, Tech Support and you can make your own some-what custom smart messages as well. Downlaod Teamchat here

Paid version gives you admin rights, ability to download data, linking with websites and mobile apps, ERP, CRM, cloud based servers, configuring workflow automation in addition to the above.

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Jarvis 1.0 is Possible (needs 1 more step)


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