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Hongdu Capital Create Kendy decentralized electronic ticket system

Once upon a time, the openness and transparency of the blockchain became its own pain point? The blockchain technology that changes the world is combined with distributed ledger, point -to -point networks, and consensus mechanisms. It has the characteristics of decentralization, anonymity, non -charged, and encrypted operations.However, the current mainstream blockchain adopts open transparent ledger, and anyone can inquire about the total amount of funds and funds of each address, which is extremely vulnerable to monitoring. Anonymous, but most of the Digital currency exchanges must complete real -name verification. Therefore, as long as digital currency enters the centralized exchange or wallet, a high probability can find the privacy information of digital asset owners.

The world’s daily hundreds of billions of dollars in digital currencies are circulating in the market. These transactions are recorded on the open and transparent blockchain account book. Any user can find it on it. under the sun.The application of Digital Currency Landing is an inevitable trend. Imagine that when you use digital currencies to buy goods in the future, when paying to the store, the store will know how much money you are in your wallet, where the money comes from, and where these money will go. Although the characteristics of openness and transparency help the regulatory unit to supervise, it is a major challenge for user privacy and security. As the number of users and digital assets continues to increase, the demand for asset security, privacy and stability has formed a market for the market. Pain points, it is extremely needed to be newly reformed.

The current “concealment coins” are all constructed on their own blockchain. It must be used to use its own digital currency transactions to achieve hidden effects, which does not meet market demand. Such as DASH Da Shijin, XMR Monroe Coin and ZEC large coins, etc. These hidden coins are not hot. Most users still use Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, PADT USDT or ERC-20 BEP-20 Digital currency issued by TRC-20 specifications.

Hongdu Capital and KENNEDY→KENDY have developed a solution that can be applied to mainstream digital currencies and can achieve decentralized, safe, and hiding. The digital asset trading market occupies a place to do its best for digital currency landing to solve the privacy and security points of future physical transactions.

Decentralized electronic ticket systemKENNEDY→KENDY This is a decentralized “electronic vote agreement”. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts. The code is fully disclosed. The “Infinite Electronic Ticket” without a third-party trust basis is not required. , Adopt the “ZK-SNARK” and mixed-style data structures with “zero-knowledge simplicity”, while ensuring the anonymity of the holder of the voter, the privacy of information transmission, and the privacy of the data structure, providing the safest hidden transactions It is safe to ensure that the core data information of the platform is safe, and even big data trackers cannot track the transaction.

Zero Knowledge Proof with zero -knowledge proof

Zero -knowledge proof is an encrypted agreement that allows proofers to confirm the authenticity of the statement to the verification person without disclosing any information about the proven message.The simplified non-interactive knowledge argument (ZK-SNARK) algorithm in the zero knowledge certificate can be used to prove statement on privacy data, anonymous certification, anonymous payment and outsourcing calculation. Therefore It does not need to disclose the identity of the user and how much it is in its account to the network participants, so it is very suitable for the amount and flow of digital assets used to hide users.

Mixed data structure Mixed Data Structure

If only zero-knowledge proves ZK-SNARK cannot reach a real chain hiding, because the data structure of the smart contract is open, if a single transaction is encoded separately and recorded in the smart contract, then the check field changes can be changed. Late the depositors with the proposed person. TheKENNEDY→KENDY system adds mixed-style collection technology. Anyone who generates electronic votes in the deposit in the contract will add an growing data structure. This structure is protected by the entire encryption calculation. The person with the key uses ZK-SNARK and transmits the encrypted key to enter the contract. Knowing exactly whether the key belongs to the depositor.

KENNEDY→KENDY system supports mainstream Ethereum wallets (Metamask, Imtoekn) and mainstream digital currencies (Ethereum, USDT, and BEP-20 TRC-20 BEP-20 digital currency). Users deposit digital currencies intoKENNEDY→KENDY System, at this time, a set of encrypted electronic vouchers will be generated. When you want to retrieve digital currencies, use the group of votes to exchanges out of any address in theKENNEDY→KENDY system. During the process, it is fully protected by encryption.

Figure:KENNEDY→KENDYdecentralized electronic promissory note logic

TheKENNEDY→KENDY system charges 0.2% of the handling fee for each service as the income, and the exclusive token economy is created. When theKENNEDY→KENDY  is issued, the user can get theKENNEDY→KENDY as a reward.KENNEDY→KENDY can pledge. Based on the spirit of the sharing economy, the fees will be distributed to all users who pledge KENNEDY→KENDY according to the proportion. In addition to the pledge and enjoy the division, it can also be taken out arbitrarily. Users holding KENNEDY→KENDY can participate in community governance and vote for relevant governance parameters, including but not limited to currency surfaces, equity, handling fees, dividing proportions, or voting new BEP-20 ERC-20 TRC -20 specifications The currency of the currency is on the shelves.

Hongdu Capital takes the lead in supporting KENNEDY→KENDY decentralized electronic ticket system. It is the only company that opens the public and shares profits to solve the pain point of digital currency landing payment and create a new era of digital currency transactions.

The well-known Venture Capital Capital Group in Singapore, with the Israeli technology development team spent 10 million US dollars, lasted three years of heavy money to build a hiding technology. KENNEDY→KENDY was will be awarded BSC ~ GemdeFender, the NFT+ecological project of the Israeli and South Korea’s strength chain team, It is a new type of card game based on NFT, running on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) network.Eagle brand universe. The game is conceived and created by the Gemdefender Games development team in South Korea. It will achieve a qualitative leap in the DEFI game community. The game has a P2P championship style battle to enhance the experience of users and investors. This is also a competitive. , NFT Blind Box, Puretic Destruction, coin, and other new NFT chain tourism projects! The circulation volume was 20 million, 0.3 on August 29th, the oil cake was launched. In December this year, the KENNEDY→KENDY advertising machine and the bar ecological deployment of the bar in January of the Nasdaq Listing Exchange in December this year were launched. Chain Tour, offline chain bar, unmanned advertising machine industry, etc.; the space dog marketing team, the former operation director of the Ronna Inn operated the project. In the later period, large V foreign V shouted a single and secondary market linkage; at the end of August, DAPP launched pledged pledge. At present, the preheating is in the NFT diamond ~ Silver Card ~ Copper Card Node Subsulation Stage before launch.

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Hongdu Capital Create Kendy decentralized electronic ticket system


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