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Coin Block Aggregator injects new vitality into the development of aggregation ecology

Recently, Binance’s ecosystem has experienced explosive growth, sounding the clarion call for the rise of the Resistance. As a result, liquidity mining began to increase, and since then many traces have appeared and multiplied hundreds of non-direct investment products. People find that in the Blockchain world, financial gameplay is more diverse, the combination is more flexible, the data is more real, and the access is unlimited. What I have experienced is to break the various constraints of traditional finance and realize financial services: “trusted operation”, “millisecond-level access”, “unlimited application”, “intelligent expansion”, “world-class integration”, and finally To achieve global financial integration.

The value flow of the new world will be the pioneers, builders, field players and successful people in the future. Aggregating the value flow of the new world and providing complete DeFi applications for its services is the core business of Coin Block Aggregator. Coin Block Aggregator, as the world’s first large-scale aggregated ecological application public chain integrating DeFi, NFT, on-chain contract transactions and quiz entertainment ecology, adopts a modular design concept, and is passing the circulation application chain based on blockchain digital assets. With the hugeness and data value of digital assets, create the innovation and pattern of digital assets in traditional culture, so that all elements are combined like Lego, and create a blockchain application ecosystem that anyone can participate in!

Coin Block Aggregator takes the innovative blockchain entertainment model as its own mission, and is committed to building a Web3.0 aggregator platform, through the establishment of decentralized applications (DAPP), decentralized finance (Defi2.0), smart contracts (decentralized Contract leveraged trading), virtual space-time (metaverse), chain game (GameFI) and other ingenious innovations integrate the internal disk mechanism, creating a unique blockchain cluster ecological economic model for the sharing community, the purpose is to make it very convenient for people to develop Asset digitization business, build on-chain infrastructure for pan-entertainment industries such as on-chain contract trading, entertainment quiz, DEFI 2.0, GAMEFI, NFT, Metaverse, etc., and provide technology developers and entertainment value creators with anonymity and openness , reliability and fairness of the underlying platform support, realize virtual and network interconnection, let blockchain technology play a greater role in the quiz entertainment industry, and allow all users in the world who participate in the Coin Block Aggregator quiz entertainment ecosystem to earn while playing !

Analysis of key aggregation sectors on the Coin Block Aggregator chain:

1.Aggregate application infrastructure

The ability of a decentralized trading platform based on a public chain is limited by the ability of the underlying public chain. Taking Ethereum as an example, under the circumstance that the transaction processing capability of Ethereum has not been able to improve, the decentralized trading platform built on Ethereum cannot match the existing centralized trading platforms in terms of processing speed and user experience. . Coin Block Aggregator is not only a dedicated DEX public chain, but also a richer ecosystem built around the DEX public chain. In order to maximize the transaction processing speed of the DEX public chain, while ensuring the performance of the DEX public chain, it also supports complex financial applications.

Its advantages are also very obvious: faster transaction speed, lower fees, less burden on the Ethereum main chain and compatibility, able to support cross-chain migration of developers and users, independent blockchain browser, support for multi-ecological smart contracts, Function expansion of NFT, DEFI, GAMEFI, etc.

2.Decentralized contract leveraged trading

Coin Block Aggregator is committed to improving the industry ecology of blockchain asset trading, providing the most professional blockchain asset contract trading services for global blockchain asset enthusiasts, and creating the fairest and fairest comprehensive digital financial derivatives trading market. . Different from the common automatic market-making model AMM, Coin Block Aggregator adopts the order book model. The contract transaction has leverage, which can amplify the transaction fluctuation. It supports spot transactions, margin transactions, and contract transactions. After setting the transaction information, there is no time limit. If the transaction is successful, the transaction will be automatically cancelled without any fees.

3.On-chain entertainment quiz

Coin Block Aggregator builds an online “guessing” game ecological platform that can be widely participated by establishing an open-source “guessing” game developer platform. Coin Block Aggregator takes full advantage of the decentralization, non-tampering, fairness and justness of blockchain technology. While ensuring the playability of the game, it can also maintain players’ considerable basic game income, and supports NFTs to go online. Support the transaction and development of a series of NFTs in the entertainment industry such as VR games and game oracles! In the early stage, the quiz entertainment platform on the Coin Block Aggregator chain will take the digital asset market as the entry point, and launch market price quizzes, quiz games, etc. In the later stage, it will continue to expand to include sports events, stock market quotations, chess and card games, etc. A full range of quiz platforms within the platform will open up a new blueprint for blockchain quiz entertainment, which will completely subvert the existing traditional quiz industry, traditional asset trading platform and traditional foreign exchange market acceptance industry with a market size of hundreds of billions of dollars.

In the future, while developing the blockchain ecosystem in an all-round way, Coin Block Aggregator will launch a global genesis community fission plan, striving to build at least 4 cloud computing power centers and 10 super mining farms around the world. And strengthen the digital asset consumption ecology. In the future, transnational trade, transnational investment, entity incubation, project investment, digital technology research and development will be realized from technological innovation, application landing, investment value-added, entity incubation and other global ecology, promote sustainable development strategy, and continue to expand global territory!

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Coin Block Aggregator injects new vitality into the development of aggregation ecology


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