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FDF smart contract ecological platform to create the wealth value of smart contracts 

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1.What is a smart contract?

The concept of smart contracts was proposed by computer scientist Nick Szabo around 1993, and his thesis on smart contracts in 1994 was the pioneering work of smart contracts. For example: Ethereum = digital gold + smart contracts, only smart contracts are the only solution to decentralized finance.

Smart Contract — A self-enforcing contract with a programming protocol to follow and deployed on a public blockchain, a smart contract can store value and perform transfers when contractual requirements are met. It is characterized by being immutable, tamper-proof, fraud-proof, fair, impartial, and completely transparent. It is strictly pre-specified by the contract, it is 100% decentralized in the sense that there is no central point such as a company or authority controlling the contract. It can’t be stopped, it can’t be shut down, and you can’t be banned by the program There is no limit to what a smart contract algorithm can do, a smart contract simply executes what it’s programmed to do when the contract’s requirements are met, without third-party or human intervention.

At present, we all know that the absenteeism fee is relatively high in Ethereum smart contracts. Many users express that they cannot accept the absenteeism fee of dozens or hundreds, while the MATIC smart contract is very cheap, and the transfer speed is extremely fast, almost in seconds! Therefore, more and more DAPP smart contracts are issued on the MATIC public chain.

Among them, the most popular and well-known is the MATIC smart contract! Taking the perfect system and the concept of fair competition as the starting point, we really think about our customers. A smart contract project that puts customer interests first! Therefore, MATIC smart contracts are generally accepted!

2.Based on the FDF smart contract ecological platform developed on the MATIC public chain

FDF smart contract is a DAPP decentralized application jointly developed by a group of top mathematicians and MATIC technical teams around the world    The architecture is based on the decentralized smart contract mutual aid ecosystem developed on the MATIC public chain. FDF adopts blockchain technology, which has the characteristics of traceability, non-tampering and high transparency. It realizes 100% decentralization through smart contracts, and the model system and data are 100% open and transparent. The contract address is automatically generated on the blockchain to ensure the safety of funds. Escorted and audited by authoritative organizations, it is truly fair, just and open.

FDF smart contract is committed to providing users with the safest, most transparent, and longest-lasting financial management services. FDF adopts a reasonable inner loop such as multi-speed shift of investment income, linked orders, and an outer loop formed by rich market incentive policies. Form a powerful circular economy model of internal and external perpetual motion, allowing users to have a strong stickiness. FDF’s high security, high yield, and complete decentralization can bring sustainable, long-term and rich returns to users.

FDF smart contract aims to establish a decentralized economic circulation model with high transparency, high security and longevity to minimize trust risks. The contract codes audited by multiple authoritative institutions are automatically executed on the chain, and the contract funds are absolutely safe. , allowing users to experience investment returns with zero risk; FDF participation threshold is low, and it is 100% decentralized, data is open and transparent, traceable and cannot be tampered with, everything is automatically executed by on-chain contracts, and there is absolutely no possibility of human manipulation, completely allowing every A user is at ease and at ease.

The blockchain free financial game created by FDF is a completely decentralized, open and transparent data, fair and just DAPP system for global players. It has undergone the most rigorous mathematical model deduction, and has the most rigorous control panel + market operation + blockchain technology. It is committed to building a blockchain financial game platform that is 100% decentralized, completely free, and cyclical and mutually beneficial.

Since the launch of FDF, the model has been well received by the market, and the community consensus is extremely strong. Relying on the pioneering business model and the strong background of the MATIC chain, the market expanded rapidly and became popular for a time, and was unanimously recognized by the market.

3.Why choose FDF?

(1) To execute the smart contract deployed by the MATIC chain, the rules cannot be tampered with, which ensures fairness;

(2) All asset allocations are automatically allocated by public chain smart contracts to ensure the absolute security of assets;

(3) The internal and external circulation and mutual assistance ecology has the consensus basis of global players, which ensures the acceptance of players;

(4) The business rules are simple but not simple, easy to share and copy, and ensure the rapid multiplication of the team;

(5) The model is scientific and reasonable, conforms to market laws, combines dynamic and static, and obtains high returns from Internet financial management.

4.Advantages and charm of FDF

(1) The real blockchain smart contract DAPP, all program rules are placed on the MATIC public chain, which cannot be tampered with;

(2) USDT enters USDT and exits, which is fair, just, open and transparent;

(3) Solved the traditional Internet finance worries about the boss running away and shutting down the network;

(4) Withdrawal of coins is done in seconds by smart contracts, without regional time limit, and coins can be withdrawn in 24 hours around the world;

(5) The cycle is short, effectively enhancing the internal circulation, allowing the entire ecology to develop sustainably, benignly and healthily;

(6) The operation of the public chain, without operators, the technology directly faces the market, avoiding the interference of human factors;

(7) Safe and reliable, all smart contracts, no need to collect money, no real-name registration, no risk, no personal injury;

(8) Stable currency, strong credibility, realizable at any time, and high returns.


【FDF】Simply put:

1)Smart contracts, never shut down the network;

2)USDT in USDT out;

3)100% open and transparent;

4)100% completely free on-chain, circular financial game, the benchmark of decentralized finance;

5)Safe and reliable, all smart contracts;

6)Realize at any time with high income;

7)No need to download APP, support Imtoken, TP, Binance, Maizi, etc.;

All of the above are automatically run on the smart contract chain for 24 hours without a central server,

FDF smart contract, 100% open source, read it carefully and you will not jump into the pit.

Unlimited future value! let us wait and see! Grab it and achieve financial freedom together!



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FDF smart contract ecological platform to create the wealth value of smart contracts 


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