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The metaverse full ecological value integration platform represented by THINGS will become the newest metaverse investment windfall

In a report released to investors last Thursday, Wall Street major Morgan Stanley predicted that the Metaverse market will reach $8 trillion by 2024 and could become the next generation of social media, streaming and gaming platforms, according to Forbes.

Brian Nowak, Morgan Stanley’s equity analyst covering the Internet sector, said in the report that the metaverse is largely conceptual at this point, but the ideas are limitless. Different types of virtual worlds will have the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with each other.

The game market is growing fast with obvious social attributes

Gaming has been a key segment of the entertainment industry for many years, and the growth of the gaming market accelerated during the new crown epidemic. According to Morgan Stanley Research, the number of U.S. gaming participants will be 50 million in 2020, up 31% year-over-year, compared to a 7% increase in users in the previous two years.

For investors, here are three key trends to watch: first, the number of gamers and the amount of time spent on games is increasing; second, players can play, play against, and share with players from around the world, creating a global consumer market; and third, the popularity of microtransactions and other forms of pay-to-play offers investors more ways to benefit from them.

Game enthusiasts often carry anti-social stereotypes, but gaming has increasingly become a way to build and maintain social relationships.

The metaverse-wide ecological value integration platform represented by THINGS will become the newest metaverse investment windfall

THINGS metaverse platform is able to build an open metaverse ecological platform by utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain smart contract functionality to allow developers to design blockchain games, while allowing players to own and transfer the loot NFT obtained in the game and securely buy, sell and trade through a peer-to-peer marketplace.

In addition to the advantages of the model that THINGS’ own platform has, the THINGS team is also noteworthy. The THINGS team comes from the designers of several well-known projects, including the well-known project Decentraland, GODA, who previously launched a decentralized virtual reality world powered by the ethereum blockchain in February 2020, enabling users to create and monetize content and applications. Users can buy virtual land plots, create custom avatars, participate in governance and trade rare digital collectibles.

THINGS is the NFT meta-universe platform that the renowned Xcelerator Foundation in the United States values and is focused on participating in.

THINGS applies the irreplaceability of NFT to the integration of the whole ecological resources of the metaverse, creating a diversified, fast, decentralized, DAO governance platform. In the platform strategy, THINGS includes metaverse game, metaverse social, metaverse conference, metaverse ecology and so on, and around the ecology of metaverse, many excellent metaverse real estate, game, social, virtual scene, digital collection and different communities and development organizations have appeared. However, there is still a lack of a unified platform to unify these developers, projects, players and platforms. In the process of developing hardware and software, it is important for THINGS Metaverse to understand the importance of an effective content ecosystem for the entire industry. On this premise, THINGS launched the Meta-Universe Total Ecological Value Integration Platform to focus on the development of the Meta-Universe content ecology and create fertile soil for the future Meta-Universe ecology. In the THINGS platform, excellent creators of metaverse projects can be listed through the THINGS platform, and careful research reports will be made and listed on the THINGS platform under the strict evaluation of the THINGS platform, while users will learn about the projects in all aspects through the powerful content push of the THINGS platform, and THINGS will automatically scan the data of the full-value users in the industry through the inspection and evaluation of big data. THINGS will automatically scan the data and analyze the user profile of all value users in the industry, so as to achieve the purpose of aggregating value users, which will be the best C-end experience portal for quality project initiators. value aggregation.

At the same time THINGS focus on the development of WEB3.0 investment, metaverse games, metaverse social, digital twin technology, virtual scene interaction, UE5 engine development and refinement, NFT design, in THINGS team really let the players really own their NFT assets.

THINGS team members have participated in numerous AAAA MMORPG games, NFT design including some of the world’s most famous IPs, and some of the earliest mobile MMORPGs. where the famous American foundation Xcelerator Foundation is an important support for the THINGS team’s layout in Europe and America.

Everything in the THINGS ecology is based on THINGS-NFT as ecological circulation. In Thins, each blind box is developed using the ERC-721 protocol, which ensures the independence and fair and open transparency of the blind box, of which there are five types of blind boxes, namely blue gems, green gems, purple gems, white gems and yellow gems. These five NFT gems have each different rights and interests, making the ecological circulation of the THINGS platform more fed and convenient, breaking through the traditional Gamefi platform trading difficulties, no quality game platform, no traffic players and other various pain points!

Blue Gem

Blue Gem Nft is the most independent and rare in the whole game, it represents a different right, is a special existence in the game, Blue Gem Nft can only be obtained by players extracting blind boxes, of course, can also be transferred through the THINGS NFT platform. Players holding blue gem NFT have the exclusive right to THINGS white list, THINGS platform will regularly push THINGS platform game latest operation information and community governance program to blue gem players every period, have voting governance rights and interests, can have guild formation rights and interests, of course, sapphire NFT users can also transfer their rights to green gem NFT users, but each time the rights and interests shared will consume the sapphire user’s own equity value, the total equity value is 100, if consumed, you need to consume the blue gem THINGS-NFT to replenish their own equity value, of course, can also be sold in the NFT trading market.

Green Gems

Green gem NFT is a rare NFT of THINGS platform, users who have green gem can not only get the rights and interests of blue gem NFT users, but also enjoy the priority rights and dividends of IGO and THINGS platform from time to time, holding green gem can enjoy the character role and prop NFT rewards of Gamefi under THINGS platform from time to time, green gem NFT is a symbol of status in all THINGS games, it represents noble and rare, with the THINGS platform Gamefi priority experience. May receive the right to form guilds from blue gem NFT users as a THINGS community contributor with a call to arms for additional game earnings!

Purple Gems

The Purple Gem NFT is a character character representation symbol of the designated Gamefi, and its owner will receive free access to all THINGS games and game proceeds! You can also sell your own created NFT to sell on THINGSNFT trading platform to gain profit.

White Gems

White Gems NFT users can enjoy THINGS platform discounts to enter the game profit, and also have the right to join the guild, and can also earn profits by trading and selling on the NFT platform

Yellow Gems

THINGS games are developed using the latest UE5 engine technology, in the game, holding yellow gem NFT can be purchased in the game NFT equipment and related skills and other NFT, trading equipment in the game without any commission, you can also accept the guild issued tasks to complete their own additional income!

THINGS metaverse aggregates large 3D class RPG games, casual games, farm experience and other various high quality games, the producer of each game uses the latest large UE5 engine development, from the texture and the design of each economic model are of the highest quality, but also brings many players new various experiences, so that the player user really experience immersive metaverse games.

In the future, THINGS metaverse will use its technical strength to realize virtual social, virtual shopping, virtual real estate, virtual land, virtual people, virtual city and other metaverse ecology!

In the future all users will be able to use THINGS-NFT to buy clothes and accessories in the game to express their personality and connect with others in the virtual world.

In the THINGS metaverse platform game, THINGS-NFT can be paid for energy props, new lives or ad-free subscriptions. Weapons can also be purchased to improve the gaming experience, as well as beautiful cars to show off to other players. the entire design of THINGS is taken to the extreme in the metaverse game, where users can also invest in real estate in the digital world.

Conclusion: THINGS meta-universe will be the benchmark of the new era leading the meta-universe, among all kinds of existing platforms, THINGS embodies its unique game model and payment model, for player-users and platform all kinds of game makers, THINGS has carried out strict checks, so as to achieve a perfect all-in-one future meta-universe game platform, and as the only circulation NFT of THINGS, it is also The future is promising and the value is infinite!

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The metaverse full ecological value integration platform represented by THINGS will become the newest metaverse investment windfall


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