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The Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform will provide fans with a new way to experience the game

“NFT + sports” is a new track combined with the blockchain and the sports industry, looking at the world, such a combination of forms has been used in more and more international events, this trend is particularly prominent in ball competitions, sports NFT provides fans with a new way to experience the game.

During last year’s Tokyo Olympics, the British delegation became the first team to launch the Tokyo Olympics-themed NFT. During the competition, all the legendary moments, videos, photos and other themes of the British team at the Tokyo Olympic Games were made into NFT form, and after the Tokyo Olympic Games, the United Kingdom also continued to launch a series of sports NFTs, encouraging netizens to buy exclusive exciting moments by using cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Leaving the Olympic arena, the connection between top sporting events and NFTs is also getting closer. The NBA became the first tournament to make huge profits from the NFT, followed by the NFL (Major League Soccer) and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) announced their official entry into the NFT. These events are gradually entering to the NFT market, which on the one hand can be seen as a digitally unique proof of ownership of their own content. On the other hand, these increasingly sophisticated digital rights around the sports agency NFTs also bring more business opportunities.

In Japan, which has just experienced the Olympic boom, “NFT+sports” has become a hot topic, and traditionally, fans only care about the teams in their hometown, but the “Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT” platform, which is exclusively licensed by the Japanese Professional Basketball League First Division (Hiroshima Dragonflies), they push the focus from the hometown team to any team or player you are interested in, that is, Hiroshima The licensing of Dragonflies is just the beginning, they will continue to introduce other Japanese First Division teams, as well as the NFT offering rights of the Japan Professional Basketball League, and integrate all Japanese First Division basketball teams, through the combination of NFT card game mentality and real B.League stars, bringing more participation, profit opportunities, real availability and other values, fans can have more reasons to actively support teams or players in their hometown or other regions.

Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT initially has a clear goal, through the exclusive authorization of the Japanese Professional Basketball League A team (Hiroshima Dragonflies), the production of a set of Hiroshima Dragonflies stars, events and games in one of the online digital set card game platform, around the NFT gameplay mainly focused on several aspects: player-related peripherals (such as autographed jerseys, exclusive portraits) NFT, The NFT of the game related to the event and the NFT of the legitimate rights of the event (such as event tickets, competition videos).

On the Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform, fans can trade B.League-related digital collections (initially mainly Hiroshima Dragonflies star cards), the price of these star cards is numbered according to the rarity of the card stars, and the attributes of the star cards are divided into four levels: normal, epic, rare and legendary. The rarity of a star card is related to the number of cards, as well as to the player’s signature moves that the card displays. For example, in this season, the higher the player’s wonderful goal instant heat, the higher the rarity of the matching star card.

For players who do not use “digital currency”, you can even use a “card collection game” to understand it, because it supports the use of credit card payments while supporting multi-chain transactions, making the blockchain insensitive and reducing the threshold for fan participation. But it is fundamentally different from ordinary cards because it is a unique digital collection, Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT combines the player’s game mentality of hoarding cards with real NBA stars, anchoring the influence of stars on basketball sports fans, and this new gameplay is also revitalizing the fan economy of fans.

Bank of America once believed that Metaverse and NFT assets would be the first to become popular among Gen Z, and they would be more receptive to digital content products, while sports activities and event “immersive” experiences were very business opportunities. Unlike mascots, the innovative viewing experience that fans get from it, as well as the unique sense of possessiveness and satisfaction brought by participatory interactions, is an important reason for driving the NFT of sports events, and of course, the opportunity for profit is also another important factor in people’s high emotions.

The Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform sells star cards, and the entry price ranges from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, or even higher. Fan players have the opportunity to earn rare cards by opening the NFT Card Pack, which provides a level playing field for everyone, as well as a market profit opportunity. Fans can buy an NFT Star Card that they think has potential and hold it for a long time, and the future growth of that player will bring you huge rewards. Or, if they think a Hiroshima Dragonflies player will perform great in the next game, they can buy his NFT star card in advance to get a return on the future market. Sports NFT is like a player’s stock market. The value of different NFT star cards changes every day, based on the player’s performance and chances on the field.

Sports NFT in the real world can have a great cross-value, and the underlying logic of the blockchain technology to empower the industry is the same, the Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform released NFT star card is naturally not excluded, through the NFT star card, fans can even get in touch directly with their favorite players, and they play virtual games interactive communication, Or airdrop some tickets to upcoming B.League matches for NFT star card holders, because the essence of NFT is an on-chain proof of rights to assets. From a physical level, the NFT is just a string of machine-generated data, it is not a work of art, avatar or star card itself, but a way to track asset ownership by chaining assets, in the Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform star card can be said to be a “provable fan identity equity card”. Therefore, through the NFT star card to strengthen the zero-distance communication between players and fan groups, revitalize the fan economy, and enhance the economic benefits of players, this is a promising market direction in the future.

For decades in Europe and the United States, fans have used star trading cards to further engage with their favorite teams and invest in their on-field idols. When fans buy a rookie card, it means they have a vested interest in the player’s performance over the next decade. Trading cards allow fans to gain some financial benefits in the game, and the Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform is using NFT digital to introduce the most fashionable sports card collection games to Japan, which will stimulate fans’ enthusiasm for the team they love from a new dimension.

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The Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform will provide fans with a new way to experience the game


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