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Recommended: 5 Website Logo Making Tools For Creating Your Stunning Logo

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A website logo is a symbol of a brand. The logo of a website is critical and represents a kind of “image” of the website, so it takes a lot of planning on the design.

Most people who design logos will go directly to the outsourcing services to find professionals for designing. But if the budget is limited, some people will want to use the website logo maker to design their own logo.

5 best website logo making tools recommended

And this post has listed 5 logo creation tools that are currently most popular. So you can compare them and then select the one best suited to create your logo.

What you should take note of while choosing your logo making tool?

1. The file formats supported?

A brand logo may be used not only on the website but also in various places. At this time, file format support is critical.

The file format provided by some platforms may be a JPG file with a white background, but most logos require a PNG file with a transparent background; while some only offer free low-quality PNG files, other formats require additional payment.

Therefore, before using a logo platform, you need to understand which formats it can support, and the quality of the images that these formats match, or whether you need to pay for it.

2. Do they support your language fonts?

If you are a non-English brand website, then the logo may need to display your local characters, but because most fonts are copyrighted, not every platform can support this need.

Some platforms do not support non-English fonts like Japanese characters at all, and some platforms do, but they cannot be arbitrarily adjusted and can only use several font styles preset on the platform.

So if you need to have Japanese characters on your logo, whether the logo platform supports and can modify the Japanese characters is a key part you need to pay special attention to.

3 Who owns the copyright of the logo?

The copyright of the logo is also fundamental, because some logo production platforms will have specific templates for you to apply, or AI will automatically generate the logo for you.

In this way, in addition to the question of whether the logo is the platform or your own, there may also be the problem of “logo duplication” (because different users may choose the same set), it is very important to whom the copyright belongs to. 

For some websites, as long as the logo is created and downloaded, the copyright is yours. While for others, you need to pay another to obtain the copyright. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the detailed rules and regulations before using the platform, especially the copyright.

Recommended: The best 5 logo makers for creating your stunning logo


Of the many software tools provided with the ability to help people design logos online quickly and for free, DesignEvo is a quality option at the top. The ability to help meet the needs of many users makes this software even more trustworthy.

When using DesignEvo software, it is guaranteed to help you customize a cool logo quickly, after just a few simple clicks. With an impressive stock of logo templates to choose from, creating your brand image is not so difficult. 

To be creative with the large image store that DesignEvo software brings, owning a quality logo, meeting your needs and desires of each person is something that can be done in a short time.

The outstanding advantage of this logo design software lies in its simple to use, easy to manage interface. Therefore, when in need to design a logo for any purpose, you can choose DesignEvo to perfect to your need. 

Professional, quality, fresh logos with appropriate fields they provide are what every individual and business admires when exploiting DesignEvo software continuously.


If you want to design a logo online, without a charge, then OnlineLogoMaker is also a good option to trust and use. 

Handy with many useful features, this logo maker makes creating your logo an easy process with beautiful designs done quickly and with high quality. 

With an easy-to-use software that is suitable for all types of users, logo designing and adding a finishing touch could be very readily at the bag.

Using a logo design tool as OnlineLogoMaker ensures flexibility when the application needs to change the layout, font, font size, color, icon system, or display image easily. 

It is the most suitable software for small and medium-sized businesses or small websites that want to save costs but still ensure all the necessary elements to make a professional operating logo. 

If you don’t want to dish out a lot of money on the brand identity process, designing your own logo with this tool is an appropriate choice.

The usage is quite simple, so just having a basic understanding of logo making is what you need to use the OnlineLogoMaker’s impressive features. Also, the full support provided helps each unit to quickly complete their logo and operate more stably and effectively.


Known as a resourceful logo design software, it is understandable why the FlamingText is so popular. The outstanding advantages that this logo design tool brings to people are highly acknowledged, with an impressive number of users that have been able to experience what this software can do.

FlamingText software brings a library of thousands of different fonts, extremely unique for users when designing logos for easy reference and selection.

Besides the stock of logos, the logo maker also supports users to be able to carry out their own design in creating their logo. Full of necessary features, with a simple implementation, creating a quality logo is something that is possible for anyone.

When designing, you can proceed to choose the right font at the design page, so saving time, faster operations, without the hassles or troubles that are found in other software tools.


Top among software tools that support logo design, LogoEase focuses on perfecting the logo for the website according to user needs. A free tool, fast execution time, you will be able to perfect logo for your website in just a few short minutes. 

It means, the needs of users are quickly met with great satisfaction. And this software tool also supports specific features such as:

Combining hundreds of images, different types of fonts for users to refer to. You can combine different features according to your own needs when designing logo.

Making sure your online logo design actions can be saved in different formats such as EPS, JPG, or PNG, TIEF, etc.

It is easy to change the font color, font, design layout, and on-demand with just a few simple and convenient operations.

Simple to use, the quick and free operation makes this software even more recommended, getting more trusted. When you need a logo to use for your website, choosing LogoEase can be the most beneficial solution.


Among the many websites that provide logo design services according to the needs of users, Logoshi is a worthy option to note. 

In fact, this is a website that supports the design of logos for more than 2000 small and large businesses. With hundreds of pre-made logo templates available, you can create your logo for your own practical needs.

Quick start, easy in customizing on-demand, convenient resizing, details at will. Not only that, the support for automatic logo creation, the most comfortable to use interface, the higher efficiency. 

What Logoshi offers is suitable for both professional logo designers and amateurs who can aptly and effectively meet their varying specific needs on this platform.

Recommended: 5 Website Logo Making Tools For Creating Your Stunning Logo
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Recommended: 5 Website Logo Making Tools For Creating Your Stunning Logo


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