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BE THE STAR: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help Businesses Effectively Communicate

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In this day and age when businesses are countless, yours must be one of those leaping out! 

As advancements in technology and in the Internet happen, many techniques and strategies in starting up a business and making it grow and flourish are rising. Not to mention, people’s interests and attention span are shifting too, so there’s a huge need for businesses to step up their game. If not, they might be left out, and that’s what happens to many old businesses or probably those who are not updated with fresh trends in the business industry. 

Using social media for business communication

It definitely takes tons of efforts to be recognized and loved as a business in a time such as this, when earning the spotlight is not easy at all (and big brands cannot relate to that!) When you own a business, you surely have to nourish good relationships with your customers and potential customers. That is to inform and update them about your services and products offered, to make them stay and to assist them when they need help. 

Social media is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) avenue to aid businesses in terms of various communication needs. Interestingly, a business must communicate with its customers, with its prospective clients and with other businesses too. Well, there are many angles to the communication businesses have to carry out. Social media definitely has the significant keys to make communication better! How? You better keep reading!


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Highly important for start-up businesses is to be KNOWN, and that’s probably the first difficult goal. It’s not easy to reach, but it’s not impossible. You need patience and hardwork because you want people to discover your brand, and eventually, you want more of them to get magnetized. 

Aside from your family and friends who are your regular customers and supporters, you need strangers. Current patrons of some brands were once strangers, and it’s amazing how those businesses have been able to sustain their trust. You need the whole town to know the name of your business and what you’re up to! That’s how you will gain loyal customers that will constantly profit you in the long run!

Social media is very powerful through the virtual marketing it enables businesses to execute. First of all, most people are present online. Today, you will rarely meet a human being without a Facebook account. Sweetie, even pets and newborn babies have social media accounts even before they know it! Many people are on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more social media platforms! 

Two ladies chatting and looking their smart phones

That’s why social media is one of the best places to introduce your business to people. If you can’t easily bring them to where your business is, then you can bring your business to where they are. Social media is that world where everybody meets.

Businesses can more conveniently spread the news! Are you an online cosmetics store? A seafood shop? A clothing line? A pastries hub? A printing business? What is your purpose? What are your products? How can interested purchasers get their orders? What modes of payment are accepted? Where’s your location, and what time are you operating? These questions and more are the initial information needed to catch attention and to let people know that you can be a reliable brand. Good thing, through digital content creations, you can do these in a number of clicks, and people can be notified!

Social media marketing helps brands to be acknowledged. It allows for efficient brand building. It can take your brand right in front of netizens in no time! Through the use of boosting and promoting features, you can have the eyes of your social media audiences on your products even when they do not click on your page. It’s not shoving your brand to their faces, rather communicating it to gain brand awareness. 


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Businesses cannot just sit back and wait all the time. Communication is a two-way tunnel. It does not end with speaking or in this case, posting your products. Likewise, you have to listen to what people are talking about online.

As you know, comments, tweets, posts, videos and photos which are publicized through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be seen by everybody, thus, businesses can monitor. One of the aims of a business, especially those with an evolving variety of services, is to be on the same page with the audiences. Why is that important? It enables you to remain as an interesting brand whatever the era is. This is where being up to date with current news and trends turns out to be greatly useful! 

Welcome to twitter page on a smartphone device

The hashtags on Twitter with ranks that tell people what’s trending are among the top sources to know what’s the talk of the town. Furthermore, businesses can adjust depending on what places they are targeting because these trending hashtags cover global and local online conversations! Familiarizing yourself with the languages utilized by your target audience through social media posts is favorable in grabbing attention and making them feel comfortable about your brand.

Awesomely, not only the fun things people are talking about can be identified but also the struggles they have. Your business must vitally observe and pay attention to the latter. Publish social media content and build or modify your products dealing with those issues. You will not just be interesting but beneficial for them. Social media enables you to listen first then present your products related to what others are talking about!


A Lady on a phone call and equally using a laptop

Sometimes, kind accommodation is the savior of some unexpected business problems. If you scan product reviews in some online shopping stores, you might read something like this: “The product arrived later than I expected, but it’s fine because the seller is accommodating, and he kept updating me about it.” A sigh of relief for the seller upon reading it. 

Social media removes the boundaries of distances. Virtual networks give businesses the advantage to directly contact and chat with clients and potential buyers. Similarly, your customers are given the opportunity to be in touch with your brand speedily and personally. Establishing a dependable connection is peerless, and social media marketing aids businesses to do that.

Remember that you have to be committed to responding and communicating if you want people to be engaged with your brand. Staying active pays off! Your online presence is strengthened by your availability. 

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Comments and questions on your business posts are to be answered right away before they find another brand that responds more quickly than you do! Facebook has that detail for business pages that indicate the responding rate. Achieve that “Responds very quickly” badge there for people not to hesitate dropping by your inbox!

Moreover, clients and interested people expect that businesses can more rapidly manage their concerns and orders through social media. Good customer service is key! This platform is valuable for visible customer feedback too. Positive reactions can be seen by potential clients, and they can help your business gather more curiosity and trust. Customer responses that include suggestions for improvement are essential for you to know what to modify in your business services. 

Your social media page is your wall of announcements to communicate certain news and situations. Those could be changes in business operating hours, special features for holiday seasons, notifications for the physical store’s business relocation, a branch removal or a new site and more! You can connect with your customers faster and personally attend to their needs. You can let them know what you want to convey!



Your business can have a louder voice to call more people into it by using social media! You can be one of the stars in a sky of constellations. Let your business shine brighter through effective social media connection through communication!


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

BE THE STAR: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help Businesses Effectively Communicate
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BE THE STAR: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help Businesses Effectively Communicate


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