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Lavender Essential Hair Oil for Hair Growth! Heard of It?

All of us like to have healthy, shiny, strong Hair and we do several things to nourish our hair. While most natural recipes for the growth of your hair are time consuming and rigorous, there are some which can show good benefits in no time.Lavender oil is one such ingredient.

The purple meadows that we often see in beautiful photographs are made up of these purple flowers. The aromatic flower is known for many things, especially perfumes and beautification products. However, the most successful and best use of it is the lavender oil, derived from the flowers.

This is an essential oil rich in plant nutrients, which have proven record for curing symptoms like acne, stress, insomnia, nausea, headache, cough, skin rashes, dermatitis etc. The anti-oxidant healing property of the oil which is responsible for this can be used for hair growth as well.

Is It Really Effective?

We might be sceptical about it but experiments done on mouse models show how effective it is.

A study done in 2016 shows how lavender oil-treated mice recovered from bald patches quickly. It showed that the chemical nutrients in this oil make the follicle of the hair grow faster and embeds them in the scalp firmly.

The antioxidant property removes free radicals which cause hair damage, thus helping in hair growth.

How does it help us?

Now, this brings us to the next question regarding its utility as a hair care product.                                  

Balances the scalp for all hair type

This is an ideal balancing agent and works fine across all hair types. Whether you have oily hair or dry hair, lavender oil will work equally well.

For dry scalp, it will nourish the hair with adequate nutrients and for the oily scalp; the clogged sockets get cleaned for better follicular growth.

Dry scalp takes up all the moisture and nutrient from your hair making it hard to grow. Oily scalp, on the other hand, clog the sockets making the root weak. Lavender oil fine-tunes the balance between these 2 conditions and makes it healthy.

Heals and Repairs Damaged Hair

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Relaxation Cosmetic Oil

It has a healing capacity, which helps in soothing you when in stress. The same thing works here. It repairs in any damages by removing the free radicals, microbes, dandruff etc. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it useful in treating dandruff, microbial infection, acne, psoriasis etc.

Thus, it prevents dandruff, hair fall, and other such problems

Nourishes the follicles for hair growth

Lastly, the most useful effect of lavender oil is its growth-promoting property. Lavender oil makes the hair strong and durable by supplying it with enough nutrients for proper follicular growth.

In fact, there’s a history of using lavender for balding and other hairless problems from ancient times because of this property.

How to use it?

Now, that we know its beneficial effects, let us know how to properly use it for maximum benefits. Lavender oil, an essential cannot be used directly and needs to be mixed with other agents such as aloe vera, coconut oil, castor oil etc. for proper effect.

  • Make a nourishing hair serum by mixing aloe vera and lavender oil and apply it directly on your scalp. 10 tablespoons of lavender oil and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera will be good enough to soothe and relax your scalp.
  • Make hair growth oil by mixing 10 tablespoons of lavender oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of castor oil. Apply this on your hair and massage properly to nourish your hair.
  • Mix it with your shampoo and hair masks including homemade ones to nourish and cleanse your hair.


Now, before you jump on the bandwagon and start using them make sure to follow these steps as a precautionary measure:

  1. Lavender oils are essential oils so do not apply them in huge amount and also don’t apply them directly
  2. Always mix them with other agents such as gels, other oils, shampoos, masks etc.
  3. Never use the lavender oil concoction mixture that you have made without testing. You might be sensitive to it so first test it on your forearm.
  4. Commercially available lavender oils are of various kinds and it is confusing to choose the best one. Always go for products from France or Bulgaria. They are more original and better.

Now, that is lavender oil for you. It is an essential oil, which is an excellent hair care product if you know how to deal with it.

Check the lavender oil products at IHA and see how you can benefit from them directly.

This post first appeared on An Introduction To Ayurvedic Skin Care, please read the originial post: here

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Lavender Essential Hair Oil for Hair Growth! Heard of It?


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