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An Introduction To Ayurvedic Skin Care Blog
Ayurveda is the science of life; Ayur meaning life, and Veda meaning knowledge. This science began in India more than 5000 years ago. Since then, it has been used widely in the nation. Today, Ayurvedic science has an international interest as more people are trying to get back to nature and use organic ingredients in every aspect of their life. Ayurvedic science is built on the idea and principle that every person will have mind and body principles that govern their bodies. They determine the mental and physical characteristics of the individual. These principles are known as Doshas. The three life forces or ‘tridoshas’ that exist within our body and mind are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every individual possesses one of the three doshas. And upon understanding this better, caring for our body, skin and hair will become easier. Ergo, in skincare as well, when we understand which Dosha we fall under, caring for the body and mind becomes easier.Vata: Vata bodies are governed by air and space. This skin is usually dry and cool. People with Vata dosha can be vulnerable to dry weathers, especially harsh winters. This skin may have wrinkles and show signs of ageing early. Any food that is extremely hot, cold or dry is not ideal for this body. People with Vata dosha have to make sure they get enough water and oil for their body. They also tend to get dehydrated easily. Stress and not getting enough rest can have more effect on their skin than others. Pitta: Pitta bodies are governed by water and fire. Pitta dosha can cause skin breakouts. These people do not have the body to tolerate or digest spicy food. Similarly, they also get affected by exposure to the sun easily and can be sunburnt quicker than most. This skin is usually warm. This skin type is most likely to get wrinkles with age. Toxicity in the body will show signs of inflammation, acne and blemishes on the skin.Kapha: Kapha bodies are governed primarily by earth and water. This skin has a high tolerance for the sun. They are also thick and oily. This skin is prone to acne, large pores, blackheads and whiteheads breakouts. Increased oil on the skin combined with pollution causes this type of skin to clog. And an unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy diet affect this skin type more immediately than the other two. This body requires regular detoxification of body and skin.Combination: Few people can have combination skin. They could have a mix of two of the doshas. The combinations are – Vata-Pitta, Kapha-Pitta and Vata-Kapha. Based on the combination, people can adapt their skin and body care routines. Thus, an individual may have any one of the doshas or a combination of two of them. Ayurvedic healing takes into account the dosha a person has, along with their environmental factors (climate, level of pollution, exposure to sun) and lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise). It is also said that an individual may be born with one of the doshas but it may change over time due to the external factors that influence a person’s life. Thus, Ayurvedic healing takes into consideration all the factors and helps detoxify our body and skin in the most effective manner. This indispensable knowledge helps keep our skin healthy and beautiful from within.
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An Introduction To Ayurvedic Skin Care


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