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Influencers + Marketing: The Power of Voice & Branding

Ever since we have started to realize the ongoing changes around us, a striking wave has been witnessed in the ways of branding and Marketing. The buying process has never ever followed a straight line as consumers traverse multiple touchpoints, channels, and types of media throughout their buying process.

And, this was clearly proved in the catastrophic times of the corona crisis.

Media has taken digital grounds and is no longer restricted to print. As audiences go digital, so do the media that play a significant role in creating awareness for brands. The media has adapted to new ways and has found consumers on its level. 

Voice centric approach is the new normal and Influencers add a boost to it being potentially the most valuable. Certainly, influencers are known to relate and connect closely with customers and can drive product conversions in an authentic and trustworthy way, thereby, creating long-lasting relationships.

Celebrities have long been favorite to generate noise on the marks on a large scale and this hasn’t changed the context, instead has only switched its wheels. (from print media to social media)

Earlier brands used to publicize their offers, collaborating with celebrities and media publications (like Vogue), but currently, famous commoners and active social influencers have taken a toll and seen promoting brands in the most realistic way possible.

“Influencer Marketing is one of the most compelling marketing strategies and was recognized as the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method in 2017.”

Each voice plays a role, therefore it’s crucial to adopt a unified marketing approach to measure business investments and communication. 

Fashion brands are using celebrities to reinvent their image under the perception of their consumers – like Coach and her collaboration with Selena Gomez. 

Ever since we have started to realize the ongoing changes around us, a striking wave has been witnessed in the ways of branding and marketing. The buying process has

Social media marketing and social media platforms have made their Voice share who they are and continue to foster an influencer-oriented online environment by including features such as engaging content that can be purchased and that lends itself to successful influencer marketing.

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Influencers’ Segmentation & Marketing Criteria

Influencers do fall into different categories based on their number of followers with which respect they are approached by different levels of brands.

(10-100K followers)

(100-500K followers)

(500K-2M followers)

(more than 2M followers)

By integrating such an impactful approach brands can quickly and easily leverage their online presence, building trust, and gaining loyalty via the medium of the most preferred and famous personalities trending on social media. 

This enables you to compare the performance of various marketing strategies, including PR and media, influence marketing, partner marketing activities, and content and social networks, and pivot the best working technique to acquire long-term marketing goals.

However, there is a real need for marketers to understand the power of this marketing type and how it can be used to move ideas, to the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

“The battle on social media is becoming increasingly voracious, at all levels, and it translates into more exposure, promotions, offers, and brand launches through influencers.”

Here the role is played by many to build relationships with customers, making up a strong influencer strategy.

From Creators to Analysts to Media to Influencers.

It’s a hierarchical symbiotic “give & get” bond established between those with a story to tell and those that need stories.

Working with influencer marketing allows brands to connect in a natural (non-invasive) and direct way with their target audience. 

It also helps them optimize their investment, compared to other advertising media. The most crucial step is choosing the right influencers who will represent the brand. Otherwise, a reputational crisis could arise for free. 

Next, there are some necessary aspects that are resolute and necessary to know to carry out successful campaigns with influencers. 

Steps to Success


Defining the objective is the first step before jumping on to creating an influencer campaign. Based on this the ideal partner or influencer must be selected.

If any brand is looking for more reach, they may choose a celebrity for his/her large number of followers. If you are looking for credibility or improving reputation, you can work with micro-influencers.


Brand representatives consider the influencer selection process very pivotal as it’s essential to identify the mouthpiece that fits well with the essence of the brand and thus generate a natural brand-influencer relationship.

First things first, social media influencers are not the same as celebrities where many times, influencers have proved to be more profitable than celebs as they have a community that believes in them and the experience to deal with subjects and narratives is their specialty.


It’s an attitude that brands should consider when exercising a strategy with influencers. Most lose focus on their promise and send wrong inconsistent messages. Thus, brands must be mindful of the content and be integral in their communication. 


It’s vital to guide the content that the influencers will present for two reasons; first, the consumers do not feel the recommendation as an advertisement and the second is because, with so much advertising bombardment, brands must strive to give an original message that is relevant and direct to consumers. 

One can say, a war could be lost on the weaker flank, which in this case would be content.

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Last Words

The influencers have revolutionized the advertising market and have become important strategic partners for most brands. 93% of advertisers work with them which shows that these marketing strategies generate returns on investment (ROI) 11 times higher, compared to traditional digital marketing strategies.

Word of mouth has always been important. 

But with the Internet and especially with social networks, the weight that so-called influencers have gained in purchasing decisions is increasing. The potential of Influencer Marketing is enormous. 

However, there are no immediate or absolute guarantees of success. As in all marketing activities, the correct strategy must be drawn up and every detail of execution taken care of.

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Influencers + Marketing: The Power of Voice & Branding


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