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Cannabidiol for Beginners: Ultimate Guide – Edibles, Oil and Vaping

Cannabidiol : When it comes to newcomers entering the world of Medicinal Cannabis and CBD, there are many questions and lots of worries about using them as alternative forms of treatments. Most of these worries come from not knowing how medicinal cannabis works, as well as how its counterpart, Cannabidiol, is similar, but greatly different.

The main reason why people are still aware of these forms of treatments, though, comes from the reputation of cannabis, linked to illegal use of marijuana and how it has been portrayed by society as a bad drug to use, when in fact, it is much safer and less addictive than cigarettes, and comparing it to alcohol, its benefits can be greater, with less straining in the body if used correctly.

Cannabidiol For Beginners: Ultimate Guide – Edibles, Oil And VapingMedicinal Cannabis

Surprising or not, medicinal cannabis has been present in our society even before we acknowledged it as an illegal drug. In ancient China, the plant was used dried and reduced to dust and mixed with beverages like tea and wine, and it was mainly used to calm the pain, reduce stress, and alleviate inflammation.

In the ancient Netherlands, it has been hinted that cannabis was used as a form of painkiller as well, thanks to the discovery of its pollen found in human rests. The same goes for ancient Egypt, India, and Greece, as you can find over here.

Medicinal cannabis, though, was presented to the west around the 19th century and started to gain popularity as a method to relieve pain, usually induced in wines and teas. Nowadays, you can find multiple forms of the plant, from smokable strains, oils, and edibles.

But in all its history, why does Cannabidiol, mostly referred to as CBD, is now becoming a thing? Well, that’s because it might be a more reliable alternative, in comparison to cannabis-based treatments.


Medicinal cannabis works greatly on the human body (and even animals) because of its compounds. Mostly known as cannabinoids, there are many types of these compounds, but the most prominent one is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, for short.

This one, although it can grant the health benefits we are after, has side-effects, it is the compound providing the plant with its capabilities to get us intoxicated, or high, as some people refer it as to.

Here’s when cannabidiol enters the act as a great alternative. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is also one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, but there’s another plant that contains even more CBD than THC.

This plant is commonly referred to as the hemp plant, a cousin of the cannabis plant that only contains from 0.2% to 0.5% of THC. Most cannabidiol-based products are derived from this plant, and they provide the same health benefits as cannabis, with a big plus: it won’t get you high. You can get more info in here if you want.

For Humans and Pets

The thing about CBD is that thanks to being THC-free, it can also be used in animals. This caught the eye of pet owners with companions that suffered from certain diseases or were just too old.

Considering how senior dogs and cats, the most common pets, are prompt to suffering from joint pain, inflammatory diseases, and pain-inducing conditions such as cancer and kidney failure, this is a god-send gift for them.

CBD can also be used to help pets deal with certain forms of anxiety, like separatory anxiety, very common in rescued or adopted pets. The anxiety caused by being enclosed in a kennel or dealing with an unknown place is also a good example.

Some people, and pet owners, use it for themselves or their pets, to help them relax as well. This is also why cannabidiol can be a good choice for people who suffer from sleeping disorders

Why CBD Can Be a Better Choice

The main reason why cannabidiol can be a better choice, if compared to more traditional forms of treatments, like pills and drugs, is because of its safer and harmless side-effects.

If you compare them to how the side-effects of sleeping pills, pills for depression, and painkillers, cannabidiol is much harmless in comparison. You see, most side-effects caused by cannabidiol are related to diarrhea, dry mouth, vomiting, and other stomach conditions. Of course, if used in excess, it might cause liver damage as well. Still, these side-effects can be easily avoided if the dosage is reduced.

On the other hand, traditional drugs used to deal with the same conditions are well known for causing nasty side-effects in the long-term run, regardless of the dosage you take, since most of them have a recommended daily intake. These side-effects go from mood swings, headaches, excessive drowsiness, loss of focus, depressions, sleep disorders, liver damage, and lack of motivation.

That is the main reason why people have started to use CBD instead.

Oils, Edibles, and Smokeable Cannabidiol

Oil is the most common product you can find, but nowadays you can find gummies, cookies, protein bars, and many other options. If you are interested in these, you can always check this health supplement page for more detailed information.

Edibles and oils are very similar in the fact that they take time to kick in, because of how the digestive system works. Still, the effect tends to last longer, with a more soft, gentle effect. Oils are great if you need to take specific, and very detailed dosages since they are much easier to manage. Edibles are tastier but tend to cost more and you have to consume them before they expire.

Smokeable cannabidiol, also known as CBD strains, on the other hand, provide quicker, much stronger effects that last less. This is a great choice for people who might need a quick effect, but it can’t be consumed just anywhere, so some people might prefer the discretion of oils or edibles. You can also find vaping oils, which are pretty much the same as smokablecannabidiol, only that you are vaping it instead of actually smoking it.

Overall, all the alternatives work great, so just pick depending on your preferences! If you are thinking of getting some for your pet, try to get one that focuses on pets. You have oils and snacks as choices!

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Cannabidiol for Beginners: Ultimate Guide – Edibles, Oil and Vaping


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