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Electric Lawn Mower: Benefits and Drawbacks

Electric lawnmowers are trending these days. These machines are important to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Mowing is necessary, but any faulty or outdated appliance could lead to putting a lot of strain and effort into such activities. For smoother and easy mowing experience, you can choose Electric mowers; either corded or cordless.

In simple terms, cordless electric lawnmowers are also called battery-operated mowers. Wired electric lawn mower performs as per the length of its wire. You may require an extension cord if you wish to mow your lawn that’s spread over a wider area. The cordless mowers, on the other hand, come with a rechargeable battery. You have to fully recharge the battery before putting these mowers to use.

Pros of Electric Lawnmower

Less Noisy: Electric lawnmowers are less noisy than mowers that are operated on petrol or gas. Petrol-run mowers produce a sound level up to 95 decibels when in use. It’s not only disturbing but can also lead to hearing troubles. While Electric Mowers work just at around 75 decibels. They don’t produce much noise when you put them into use.

Easy to Use: An electric mower is very simple and easy to operate. These are light weighted and compact. Even people with no knowledge about electric equipment can easily use the device for lawn maintenance. The electric mower has a simple button to increase or reduce its speed. These mowers don’t cause any back pain because they are compact and relatively less bulky than their gas or fuel-operated counterparts.

Eco-friendly Appliance: Every time, we talk about climate change and environmental problems, then it must be noted that fossil fuel emissions and other gases contribute the most to environmental pollution. However, electrical lawnmowers don’t emit such gases. As a proud owner of an electric lawnmower, you are doing your bit towards protecting the environment. These machines don’t pollute the environment.

Affordable Price: Not all consumers can buy gas-operated mowers. These models are expensive than electric mowers. Corded electric or cordless battery-operated mowers are relatively cheaper than gas/ fuel mowers. They don’t have too many operating costs for maintenance and servicing. For operating your electric mowers, you don’t need gallons of fuel. Just connect the mower’s plug into your switchboard or recharge its battery, and start mowing your lawn!

No Fuel or Other Oils: The electric lawnmowers operate on electric connectivity. They don’t require fuel or any other oils for their use. However, you may still need oils to lubricate the machine when it doesn’t operate effectively after regular wear and tear.

Cons of Electric Lawnmowers

Need Uninterrupted Electricity: The biggest drawback of electric lawnmower is the fact that these gadgets can’t run without electricity. You always need electricity to use electric lawnmowers for mowing your lawn. A wired mower covers a distance of up to 10 meters only. If you are planning to clean up a wider area, then you might need a long power cable and extension box.

Relatively Unsafe: These mowers rotate at a relatively high speed. So, even slight negligence on part of the operator can lead to a huge problem. Also, if the wire has even a bit of cut, then it may lead to electric shock.

Narrow Blades: Electric lawnmowers have sharp edges, which don’t always lead to appropriate results. For more effective mowing, you might need to use a combination of various mowers with distinct functions and capabilities. Electric mowers can’t be a solution to cleaning up all types of lawns.

Grass Damage: Sometimes, electric mowers fail to completely clean up the grass. These machines usually just chop off the grass. Ideally, a mower should sharply clean up the entire surface including bush, shrubs, and small plants exactly like a pair of scissors.

Problematic Cable: While mowing your lawn, you have to be a little more careful so that you don’t stretch the code beyond its reach. Even a little inattentiveness could make the wire tangle into your feet leading to a serious accident.


An electric lawnmower comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide whether you should go for gas-operated mowers or electric mowers. If you have a small garden with shorter grass and shrubs, then electric lawnmowers will be suitable.

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Electric Lawn Mower: Benefits and Drawbacks


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