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How To Blog Successfully

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The concept of making money online is basically this:

The internet is an immense storefront where 3.75 Billion potential customers can “window-shop” anything they want. Have a website that is simple to buy from, and get your website in front of the people who are already curious about what you are selling.

Success then is this: Get your website to where people are ready to see them.

For sales then, how do I get my website to the top of Search engines where my products will be found? Big companies can afford Pay-Per-Click or Sponsored listings, but most people trying to make money online simply cannot afford Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The best way for average advertisers to get to the top of search engines, better than Pay-Per-Click, is blogging.

Well-managed blogs are highly successful in getting free traffic through search engines. They are a great place to publish ideas where they can be found by people interested in what you are selling.

But not just any blog will get search engine traffic. Your site has to appear on the top page of results. There are many, many, millions of websites online.

When is the last time you looked something up and then clicked on page 3 of search results for your answer? Ever? Likely not.

So what do you need for success then?

How do you beat your competition?

It takes more than a free blog in Blogger or WordPress and writing about your business to get to top search engine listings. Writing is a small part of blog success, but your blog will not be successful unless free traffic is being driven by search engines.

With so many competing websites these days, you may think it’s impossible to reach top results in search engines.

It’s not hard. Let me re-phrase that: It’s not hard unless you are doing it wrong.

You don’t have to ‘re-invent the wheel’. Don’t leave success to trial and error, Wealthy Affiliate provides a framework for success.

Using this proven blogging method, combined with the tenacity to publish posts on a regular basis, any sales website on any topic can get free traffic from search engines.

Search engines love blogs that are well-written, informative, regularly updated, and properly optimized for their “spiders” that crawl the web in search of sites to list.

In order to simplify getting a blog to the top position of search engines, allow me to introduce:

The Five T’s of Blog Results With Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Tools,
  2. Training,
  3. Teamwork
  4. Time, and
  5. Tenacity.

#1. Tools.

Successfully getting to the top of Google or Bing is not simply deciding on keywords you believe are most important to your business and targeting them with content.

What is a website?

Even with great online publishing software, to make a nice-looking blog, a blogger should understand, It is the result of programming language: Hyper-Text Markup Language, or HTML for short, being translated in software called and internet browser.

I’m not trying to make it complicated, you don’t have to be a programmer to be a successful blogger. I’m just saying that understanding some basics of HTML can highly useful when editing posts.

Learning some basics of HTML can be easily done at

Installing SEO software to work with, and properly filling in SEO settings within your blog, are required to best optimize your posts for search engine results.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get your publishing tools, and here is why:

Most of the technical parts of it like installing templates on your domain name, information security, site security, blogging software, and site speed, are all handled by the onsite technical support team, making it relatively easy for people with limited programming skills to successfully build a blog that drives traffic.

Also, included in membership is free access to great research tools and 100’s of affiliate programs to monetize almost any topic.

Which brings us to # 2:

#2. Training.

All a Wealthy Affiliate member has to do to OWN search engine results is follow video training and use tools step-by-step, and keep doing so without giving up. That simple.

All the software, tools, and training you’ll ever need for success are included in one very affordable membership fee.

Anything you need to learn is available in video training, classrooms, and by asking members of the community.

Yes, community. This leads us to blog traffic success factor # 3.

#3. Teamwork.

The whole purpose of the Wealthy Affiliate service is to help people successfully build blogs that drive traffic, and the biggest part of that success is driven by teamwork. Peers, other people with blogs, supporting each other.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active community of over 1.4 Million other members who help each other.

You have to be able to ask for critiques and be open to making changes to your website based on the experience of others.

The amount of time that many people spend looking at your site is called ‘Site Stickiness‘ and is a critical measurement that Google considers when deciding which blogs to rank high in results, and which ones don’t.

You also need engagement on your blog posts. Other Wealthy Affiliate members spend time on your website to read your blog posts, and post Comments, in exchange for others doing the same to their websites.

These two engagement factors, Site Stickiness and Comments, are both measured by Google. When you have both, your results in search engines will be better. These are both achieved by teamwork. Wealthy Affiliate makes this possible, and this is one of the biggest reasons why Wealthy Affiliate blogs OWN search engine listings.

The last two T factors to owning a traffic-driving blog are these:

#4. Time, and

#5. Tenacity.

Google’s spiders need to measure engagement over a period of time before deciding that your site is current enough and relevant enough to list at the top of search results.

Regular updates tell Google that your blog is current, and regular engagement tells Google that your content is relevant. You will need both to achieve top search engine results.

Success takes both time and tenacity… it can take up to 6 months of writing weekly or bi-weekly posts, and getting for feedback from the community, in order to achieve the free traffic you need, 1st page search results.

Putting the pieces together:

Tools, Training, Teamwork, Time, and Tenacity. These are the 5 T’s of driving serious free search engine traffic to your blog, search engine traffic being the Key Performance Indicator of a successful Blog.

Tools, Training, and Teamwork are all fully provided by and accessed from right within one simple platform, with a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

Time and Tenacity are up to you to provide. Decide if you are going to stick with it, and if so then do it. Ask questions from the community. Help others, and they will help you succeed.

Sure, it’s possible to succeed without a Wealthy Affiliate membership, but why risk failure by trial and error? Make success simple, don’t over-complicate things when you don’t have to.

Taste and see…

Try a free Starter Membership to for the free training and start your own free blog… then if it feels right for you, upgrade to Premium and stick with it to really watch your blog take off with unbridled success.

Please let me know what you think of my 5 T’s in the comments below. How do you think Wealthy Affiliate can help you?

Best regards,

Elaine Nicol

(This post contains affiliate links, from which that you join Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade to a paid membership, Elaine will receive a commission, at no additional cost to you. Guarantees cannot be made for your success, but the 5 T’s greatly improve your chances. For full affiliate disclaimer, click here.)

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How To Blog Successfully


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