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You Can’t Make Money From A Website.

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Today of my blog visitors asked me in a comment, “How much time does it take to start making money from a website?”

people buy

I felt the answer was too big to reply my answer in that comment, so I decided to write a blog post about it that you all can benefit from.

There are several factors that play on the amount of time it starts to make money.

You’ll make more money, faster, if you remember this:

You don’t make money from a website. It’s doesn’t happen.

You make money when people buy through your website.

That is critical to always remember, and that fact can make or break your chances of success.

People only buy from people and/or businesses they trust will provide them with what they need, while feeling secure that their credit card information will not be misused.

Even if your website gets lots of real targeted visitors landing on your site… if these people don’t feel motivated enough to buy from your website, you will fail at making sales, and therefore you will make no money.

There is a lot of psychology that goes into people’s buying decisions.

Has your visitor been educated?

Providing an education on what you are selling involves more than providing info. That information must be understood.

Don’t provide too much info at once, make it logical and easy to understand.

Break it down into consumable bites so your readers’ heads don’t explode.

Do not put it all in one long video or one long run-on sentence. Provide illustrations if it helps educate your visitors. Highlight key points.

Categorize the information into clickable format help people find the specific info they are desiring. Features/Specifications/Reviews/Alternatives/Suggested Items, etc.

If people can’t follow what you are telling because your text runs into a big blob and is hard to read, they won’t buy, because they don’t have the patience to deal with eye strain while trying to figure out a jumble of text. People will lose interest and leave to find a website that is simpler to understand. That simple.

Keep phrases short and to the point. Space out your sentences. Pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Make your info easy to understand so people know what they are buying.



A potential buyer needs to believe and trust that whoever they are buying from will effectively provide to them whatever it is they have decided to pull out their credit card for.

That’s a matter of branding, and clear communication.

The level of comfort the buyer has with the seller is what is being discussed here.

Does the visitor view you as knowledgeable and as that you know what you are talking about?

Do you know enough about what you sell and have visible proof to back it up?

Is the product you are selling a fair price? If someone wants to buy an expensive item, they will usually shop around and find the cheapest place. If your’s is not fair price, say goodbye to sales.

Scams abound online, with billions of people online you simply can’t trust anyone. If you come across as an authority on the subject that has methodology and lots of quality content, people are more likely to believe what you write, and therefore be more likely to buy from you.

Features VS. Benefits.

It may be an old-school concept, but it still works in sales.

What motivates people to buy something are the benefits they will get from having that thing, not necessarily the thing itself.

Kids don’t want a toy bear to have the stitching or the color of the fabric, (features). They want something cute and soft to hold and gain happiness from. (benefits).

Affiliates don’t buy into writing a blog because they want to have a website to publish things online. They want free visitors from search engines, attract more sales, and the financial freedom that ultimately brings.

Computer buyers usually don’t understand or care about the actual coding and hardware technology behind the computer they buy. They don’t need to know, as long as it performs and meets their usability needs.

In other words, people buy what they will gain from a product or service, not the product itself.

Communicating the reader’s base motivation for buying is an important part of making money for any business, online or offline. It conveys that you understand what they want, and builds trust.

Keyword Targeted Traffic VS. Non-Targeted Traffic.

This are key differences between search engine Traffic, social traffic, and incentivised traffic as free traffic. I’ll define them here.

Keyword-driven search traffic. If someone types a keyword phrase into a search engine like Google or Bing, it means that they are looking for something related to that keyword. If that search takes them to your site, they are way more likely to buy because they’ve already acted upon the impulse to search for what they want and have hopefully found it on your site.

This is the biggest benefit of blogging for Organic Search Engine results. If your site is listed as #1 in Google’s organic listings, it is usually considered “go-to” authority on that topic.

Social traffic is people being on online site to chat with friends, make friends, or browse sites for little other purpose than to combat boredom or loneliness. It is just something to do. They had no intent to buy anything or look up any topic in particular, or buy anything. They are unlikely to land on your site.

If social traffic lands on your site by clicking on your link, it will likely be due to nothing more than a passing interest and is a rare case if they buy. Good for branding and relationship building.

Incentivised traffic are people who visit sites in exchange for something for free. This is poor traffic. You can potentially get tens of thousands of people landing on your site who never had any interest in actually reading your content or worse, buying anything. That defeats their purpose.

My key point is keyword-driven organic Search Engine Traffic is the best free traffic that may be motivated to buy from you. Hands down.

Communication Strategy.

People rarely buy on their first visit to a website. On their first visit, chances are they are in the process of gathering information and shopping around to compare vendors.

So, websites without a strategy to remind a previous visitor that they visited are missing out on further branding opportunities and perhaps losing potential sales forever.

Browser notifications, collection emails and email marketing, printable coupons, text message reminders, sales funnels… are super important factors in maximizing online sales.

Also, don’t simply sell what you are buying. Think about how to help your visitor make the best buying decision that will ultimately meet their needs.

In Conclusion:

Time and hard work are not the key factors in making money online.

Although it does TAKE time and hard work, the selling success of a website depends on:

  1. Educating visitors through clear and concise communication,

  2. Building trust,

  3. Leading with benefits instead of features,

  4. Is the traffic looking to buy in the first place, and

  5. Follow-up marketing strategy.

All points are equally important to a sales website and define the potential of success.

Organic search engine traffic takes the longest time to earn but is the best way for eager customers to find you which is always preferable.


Remember it’s free to get in and start benefiting, what do you have to lose? And what do you risk not gaining??

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I hope you found this article highly useful.

Don’t forget to share your questions and comments 🙂

Thanks for reading.


WA @ EN4Freedom

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You Can’t Make Money From A Website.


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