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Bindwise Review: Best Amazon Seller Monitoring Tool 2020

Business owners associated with manufacturing and selling products heavily rely on factory operations for manufacturing. Regardless of whether factories are organized or disorganized, they pose the same challenge towards business owners, which are unforeseen problems that can occur anytime and can disrupt the operations. Most will say that it is the disorganized factories which mostly cause these issues, but in truth, even an organized factory is prone to accidents and poor product quality. All factories are vulnerable to these setbacks, and if your business deals with more complicated items, then your risk rate goes up proportionally. As problems are found to occur at any stage of the manufacturing process, you cannot determine the stage at which most issues arise. Contrary to popular belief, product inspection cannot solve this problem as it only offers the snapshot and the order status of the particular product during a manufacturing stage. But does that ensure that why problems are occurring in the first place?

For this, the only feasible solution for factory owners who want to sell their products by maintaining the quality guaranteed is to conduct product Monitoring. Nowadays, thanks to the progress in technology, there are product monitoring tools available to offer Sellers the broad-spectrum view of their factories. It is by the assistance of software like this that now business owners can manage their product’s life cycle from start to finish, including workflow planning, concept development, and even communication between work teams. If you have been in the industry at least for a few years or also if you are trying to make your way towards a successful business endeavor, you would know the cruciality of a business strategy. Often business owners channelize all their attention towards branding and promotion of their products, absolutely ignoring product monitoring resulting in considerable losses in the future.

To not make the same mistake, you should use a price monitoring tool designed explicitly for eCommerce sellers, like Bindwise.

As mentioned already, Bindwise is a product monitoring tool which works to help eCommerce sellers in need of automated daily management of their businesses. The monitoring tool offers automatics Amazon data alerts on reviews, keyword rankings, the sales performance of sellers of various eCommerce platforms. Bindwise accomplishes the task of product monitoring mostly with the help of two prime features, eCommerce platform in Google Sheets and product monitoring for amazon sellers.

Why Should You Do Product Monitoring When Selling Online?

When brands sell their products through other eCommerce retailers, often they don’t pay heed to monitor the prices for their customers. But in ideal cases, they should indulge in amazon seller monitoring to improve the experience of the customers. When you are selling your products online, customers want their buying experience to be seamless, be it searching for a product or applying a discount coupon during checkout.

Some sellers do not sell their items on their eCommerce platforms but directly on leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. They need not worry about site speed and performance; instead, they would have to take care of their products alone.

If a customer faces a snag while purchasing any items from your brand, they will not hesitate to move to the next similar product available, offered by your rival brands.

These are some of the reasons telling you why you should employ product monitoring in your eCommerce business:

  • Unexpected errors– Online shopping means that your customers can make transactions around the clock, so what would you do if an error happens while you are away? For example, before festivals, which is one of the peak seasons if your product runs out of stock while your customers are looking forward to buying it from you, what will you do? It will cause negative impressions of yours on your customers, thereby impacting on your annual sales. Product monitoring tools like Bindwise are curated to monitor the performance of your products and also to alert you if it detects some errors in the near future.
  • Amazon suspensions– Do you know that every day, numerous products are banned from the amazon listing history? It mostly happens due to some underlying problems with the listings. These trigger Amazon to prevent your product from appearing in the search results whenever a user searches for your products. Due to this, many businesses completely crash down due to lack of revenue, and the worst part is since Amazon does not notify the sellers about it, they remain unaware about it. But a tracking tool would notify you when it detects a bug in your listings before Amazon can find it and block it.
  • Visualizing product life cycles– With the help of overview and charts of your sales performance, you would be able to determine whether a product has gone down in demand. Accordingly, you can halt its production altogether and design a new product to continue your legacy. As developing a product takes time and effort, you can also discount your items to clear out your existing stocks.
  • Dynamic pricing strategy– Every brand who has ventured into e-commerce should have an available pricing policy to beat several players in the industry. As it is tedious to develop in-house pricing algorithms, a product monitoring tool is a favorable option to determine how other sellers are setting their prices during different seasons round the year.

Bindwise Review: Product Features

The list of features offered by this platform to help sellers empower their business opportunities is indeed huge:

  • Stock or inventory alerts to let you know about the status of your inventory.
  • Negative seller feedback if your product receives a significant number of negative feedback you would be warned
  • Performance of sellers can be viewed with the help of graphs and charts.
  • Constant alerts whenever your product gets reviews on Amazon and eBay.
  • Shipment reminders so that you don’t miss a shipment deadline to Amazon
  • Notify you about blocked listings
  • In case your due shipment is late, even if by a few days the tool will alert you about the same.
  • You can also receive product listing alerts if you enable the feature.
  • Monitors hijackers on behalf of the sellers.
  • If you have not noticed violating policies on Amazon, the tool will alarm you about the same before Amazon notices it.
  • It will also let you know about your buybox losses or when your product gets hijacked.
  • Offers updates about silently repressed listings or defects in your listings
  • Within the ASIN notifications feature, users can embed in listings in the product details pages.

How Bindwise Works?

This tool specially designed for amazon seller monitoring does a commendable job in improving your listing ranking. Do you know that other sellers might be using your product listings to sell their products? No one, not even Amazon, will tell you about this, but this is unfair on the sellers who create product listings by putting in sums of effort. As mentioned before, there are two distinct tools of Bindwise which offers product monitoring functionalities, and in this article, the two features would be illustrated in details:

  • Monitoring for Amazon sellers– This ToS compliant tool designed to work effectively on the platform of Amazon works by automating the routine tasks at first. Then it improves the sales performance of the sellers as well as their buy box percentage and helps them to make strategic decisions for various critical business problems. Apart from this, the additional features also alarm the sellers about specific problems and errors in their product listings on Amazon, which if available, might cost them suspension from Amazon. Even if Amazon does not suspend your seller account, it can hide your listings, causing a massive loss in your revenue. After finding errors in your listings, it will notify you that is what is precisely wrong in your listings so that you can rectify them.

Also whenever hijackers try to steal your product listings, sellers would be alerted about it. So you can email Amazon with the ASINs of the active hijackers using your product listings so that Amazon can ban them.

Tools to detect negative reviews so that sellers can reply to them instantly to improve the brand reputation are also available. The tool also lets you look up into what other sellers are selling on Amazon.

Bindwise also looks for negative revenues from buyers as it can impact negatively on your buybox and allows you to reply to them as soon as possible and resolve the issues.

  • Ecommerce platform on google sheets– This invite-only feature of Bindwise allows the sellers to make the most of a custom-tailored eCommerce platform so that users can build a customized eCommerce platform created on the base of spreadsheets. The intention to build it on personal spreadsheets so to make the management of the orders super easy. In the case of multi-channel sales management, it offers real-time updates on full inventory and order processing.

Bindwise Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

  • Real-time notifications to sellers about their ASINs getting blocked
  • Monitoring hijackers and alerting users
  • Updates about changes in listing categories
  • Prevents violations of Amazon policies done unknowingly by sellers
  • Shipment reminder alerts
  • Alarms sellers about errors in the product listing
  • Overview of products other sellers are selling
  • Monitoring the quality of ASINs
  • Automated eCommerce solutions via personalized spreadsheets
  • Effective order management
  • Inventory management to prevent stockouts.
  • Negative seller feedback
  • Buybox losses
  • Listing optimization opportunities

Bindwise Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

  • It is an excellent solution for alerting sellers about changes in the product image, description, title, fees, and measurements.
  • Instant alerts about piggybackers or hijackers selling by using your product listings
  • The customer support team is great and quickly accomplishes changes in development if necessary.
  • The free plan is a great deal for the sellers who have just started selling.
  • The software is simple to use, but highly effective and also warns sellers about who is winning the buybox.
  • It alerts sellers about policy violations of Amazon.
  • The pricing is reasonable, and it does a commendable job in monitoring your listings.
  • If you want to monitor the quality of ASINs and you don’t have to do it manually for the numerous ASINs that you have.

Bindwise Review: Pricing Plans

There is only a single pricing plan introduced by Blindwise, and it is quite reasonable compared to the industry standards.
The plan charges you $19/month
You will get alerts 24/7
The tool will send you about 500 alerts a day
You can sell your products in 12 marketplaces.

Bindwise Review: Coupon Codes

Bindwise gives away amazing discount codes regularly.

Bindwise Trial Plan

There is a free plan charging you $0, and it allows you to get 100 notifications a day, and it enables you to run monitoring features seven days a month. Even the paid plan will allow you to enjoy a trial period for 30 days.

Bindwise Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Signifyd
  • Riskified
  • Kount
  • iDVision with iovation
  • Keepa
  • ClearSale
  • Reviewbox
  • A2X
  • SoftwareKey System
  • Digital River
  • Spitly
  • Bolt
  • Sellics
  • Jungle Scout
  • PayMotion
  • Radial
  • Stripe Radar


If you are a seller and you have read this Bindwise Review then you must have noted down the prerequisite features you would need from your product monitoring tool. Since you have the option to try out the benefits of Bindwise, you would not lose anything, but you would earn several features without paying a penny.

If your brand reputation is paramount to you, then Bindwise is a must-try for you. By investing in the tool, you would know about unscrupulous sellers stealing away your product listings with the help of amazon listing change tracker. If you don’t want hackers to steal away your hard work, then you should make the most of this tool.

Also, by investing in this software, you would not have to monitor your hundreds of ASINs manually.

Apart from this, for effective inventory and order management and to keep track of the shipment alerts, sellers should try out Bindwise.

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Bindwise Review: Best Amazon Seller Monitoring Tool 2020


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