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Amzshark Review: Best Premier Toolkit for Professionals 2020

Amazon sales rank might be a metric that clarifies the association among items inside one classification that bolstered their business execution. Sales rank is refreshed hourly and can run from 1 to more than 1 million. It is impacted via regularity, and its calculation stays unrevealed.

It’s imperative to recollect those lone items inside a similar essential classification are mulled over while computing your sales rank. That implies, for every fundamental item class, there is one item, in any case, one in second, one in third. One item can be that as it may, have an Amazon deals rank in extra than one sub-category.

AMZShark is an excellent Amazon dealer arrangement that is a total package of 13 devices expected to give you the correct answer for each progression of the Amazon selling process, from finding keyword research, listing optimization, posting enhancement, and PPC methodology.

Why Should You Do Review Tracking When Selling Online?

An important thing to know when beginning your seller journey on Amazon is that managing customer Feedback is crucial when growing an Amazon business.

Real-time feedback alerts can directly cause higher conversion rates. Being able to deal with customer concerns quickly allows you to get back potential customers.

AMZShark has automated feedback tracking to simplify your seller experience. Their tool referred to as Feedback Alerts allows you to get a summary of all customer feedback for a selected Amazon seller. You can use it on your products as well as on your competition.

With this feedback, you’ll immediately see the requirements and needs of your visitors also as a monitor for potential problems like incorrect or missing information along the customer journey.

AMZ Shark Review: Product Features

  • Sales Tracker
  • Niche Scout
  • Search Rankings Tracker
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Listings Scout
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • Super URLs
  • Feedback Alerts
  • Competition Scout
  • Review Alerts
  • Supplier Scout

How AMZ Shark Works?

It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where to start. Selling a product on Amazon can get complicated: am I entering a distinct segment that’s already oversaturated? Is my pricing too low? Too high? What kind of revenue am I able to expect to make?

The answers to these questions are very crucial for the Amazon Seller world. Finding your top competitors is straightforward enough via Amazon’s program. But wouldn’t a side-by-side analysis of all the highest sellers be useful? What if you’ll compile an Excel spreadsheet listing all the vital data you would like for your research?

AMZShark makes data processing fast and straightforward with their feature called Keyword Comparison. Using Keyword Comparison, you’ll create a bird’ s-eye view of multiple Amazon seller categories so you’ll see a good range of results so you’ll compare and contrast easily.

Keyword Comparison: Get an in-depth Analysis of Your Amazon Product Niche

Here’s how it works step by step:

Create a job name in the top box. If you choose not to do this, we will automatically label it for you.

Enter the different categories you’d like to compare in the box labelled “Keywords.” Specify which country you’re searching in and then click “Add Keyword Comparison Job.” It takes just five minutes or less to finish gathering results.

Click the work Name to ascertain stats, including search volume estimates, cost-per-click, the total number of search results, average price, reviews, sales rank, daily sales, and revenue. You can use the sorting arrows in each column to arrange results supporting what matters most to you.

Export your results to Excel. You can download each job as a CSV file, or you can click “Download Combined CSV” on the main page to get everything in one spreadsheet.

Amazon Seller Shortcomings: the way to Use Research to Your Advantage

Gather relevant products via Niche Scout.

Niche Scout is chock-full of valuable information for your seller category. By entering only one keyword, you’ll learn its average sales rank, monthly revenue, and the number of reviews. Most importantly, it also shows the highest products that rank on Page 1 for that keyword.

Filter your Review Alerts only to show 1-3 star ratings

You should now be seeing only the poor reviews of the products in your niche. This information is invaluable – use it to your advantage! Study the general satisfaction levels that the purchasers write on. Look for patterns. Apply their feedback to your own business. If there are several complaints about product packaging, make sure your product is packed correctly.

All AMZShark data is exportable as an Excel file. This way you’ll take your findings with you to your next sales meeting, or do the more in-depth analysis yourself.

Discovering Your Seller Niche Both Inside and out of doors Amazon

Enter a keyword representing your seller category. Select your country and click on “Add Supplier Scout Job.”

In less than five minutes, results will populate. Click the findings to ascertain the top-selling products also as their price, rating, number of reviews, and where else you’ll find them online. The arrows on each column allow you to sort results based on what’s important to you.

Click “Download CSV” at the highest of the page to export your findings into an easy-to-read Excel sheet.

Be the primary to understand When Your Buy Box Is Hijacked

Do you ever worry about losing the Buy Box on your listing to hijackers? Some Amazon products have dozens of sellers vying for control of the Buy Box. AMZShark’s solution to the present common issue may be a feature called Hijacking Alerts.

Finding Every Variation of an Amazon Product

There are millions of products listed on Amazon, and new ones are added every day. With such a lot of volume to sift through, finding every variation (or “child”) of a product to research is often daunting. Luckily, AMZShark has built a system which will see every variety for you. It’s called, obviously, Variation Scout.

Variations Scout allows you to find all the variations of any product on Amazon. If a product is obtainable in several sizes or colours, we will assist you in finding every variety – also referred to as a product’s “children” – to assist together with your research.

How to Track Amazon Sales Accurately

No matter how long you’ve been selling on Amazon, I’m sure you’re aware by now that success in selling takes research – tons of research. One of the foremost vital aspects of Amazon to review is stock tracking your competitors. By knowing what proportion inventory other sellers are moving, you’ll determine what sort of product to shop for and the way to edge out the competition.

But how can we track other people’s inventory? AMZShark has perfected this process in our hottest tool, Sales Tracker.

It directly tracks stock levels repeatedly per day, giving accurate sales data.

The Benefits of Tracking Your Amazon Seller Feedback

An important thing to know when beginning your seller journey on Amazon is that managing customer feedback is crucial when growing an Amazon business.

Real-time feedback alerts can directly cause higher conversion rates. Being able to deal with customer concerns quickly allows you to get back potential customers.

AMZShark has automated feedback tracking to simplify your seller experience. Their tool referred to as Feedback Alerts allows you to get a summary of all customer feedback for a selected Amazon seller. You can use it on your products also as in your competition.

To Track your Product Rankings on Amazon

Amazon rank tracking can have an enormous effect on how your business grows and progresses. Your rankings are the first driver of Amazon customers to your listings since Amazon is the third biggest program within the world, after Google and Youtube. Rank tracking is additionally used to get feedback on your content optimization and also to keep an eye fixed on your competitors.

How to Find the Keywords Your Competition Ranks For on Amazon

Your product can be displayed in the proper places on Amazon is by playing a game of “monkey see, monkey do.” In other words, if you can determine what keywords your competition ranks for, you’ll get a huge leg up in knowing the way to shoot your product to the highest of the ranks.

AMZShark Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

  • Sales Tracker
  • Niche Scout
  • Search Rankings Tracker
  • Supplier Scout
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Listing Scout
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • Super URLs
  • Feedback Alerts
  • Competition Scout
  • Review Alerts
  • PPC Scout

AMZ Shark Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

Sales Tracker- Accurately track the sales of just about any Amazon product, in any country. Sales Tracker uses both Sales Rank and stock levels to offer regularly updated sales data.

Up to 1000 products are often tracked directly, allowing large scale, accurate sales tracking. Up to 90 days of data is available, along with a breakdown of which merchants have controlled the buy box. CSV export of all information is available.

Graphs allow you to view units sold, revenue, sales rank and sales prices per day for each product.

Niche Scout- Niche Scout allows you to instantly get competitiveness and profitability scores for top ranking products in a given niche, including the average number of reviews, the average monthly revenue, and more, at-a-glance.

Search Rankings Tracker- Find out exactly where specific products rank in Amazon’s program. Track the rankings of any number of products on Amazon, for any marketplace, quickly and simply. Two hundred plus keywords can be tracked at once. See the results of your marketing growth, updated daily.

Keyword Explorer- Find hundreds of keywords that relate to your niche quickly and simply. Use the popular terms we discover in your product listings to maximize exposure on Amazon. Use these results in PPC campaigns, Amazon SEO and in-depth keyword research.

Listings Scout- See every facet of a product’s listing page. You can use this information to refine your page and boost your presence in Amazon’s program. Compare listings that rank for a keyword and find weak spots in your listing.

Keyword Comparison- Easily compare and contrast up to twenty keywords directly, useful for identifying profitable sub-niches. Create a bird’ s-eye view of several different Amazon seller niches to see a wide range of results so you can compare and contrast easily.

Hijacking Alerts- Keep a watch over the Buy Box on your product listings. Receive automatic email alerts when a competitor steals the Buy Box from your listing. Results are updated many times per day.

Super URLs- Super URLs are often wont to help increase your search ranking on Amazon. Direct customers to your products using these links, and every buy made via Super URLs will boost your ranking in whichever keywords you select.

Feedback Alerts- Use this feature to urge a summary of all customer feedback for a selected Amazon seller. Automatically monitor your Seller Feedback, with automatic email alerts allowing you to remain on top of any negative comments.

Competition Scout- Find out what keywords your competitors rank for, and discover which keywords you should target. A great way to steal new, low competition keywords from your competitors.

Review Alerts- AMZShark allows you to trace reviews for up to 1000 products at a time, both your products and therefore, the products of competitors. Use Review Alerts for marketing research, investigate new niches and analyze customer desires

Reviews are often viewed and filtered on, also as being exportable in CSV format.

Supplier Scout- Find Suppliers (as well as non-Amazon sellers) on the online. Simply enter a keyword, and we’ll grab the top 5 pages of products from Amazon, and then look for those products on the web. You can use this to seek out both non-Amazon competitors and potential suppliers who sell this product to merchants.

AMZ Shark Review: Pricing Plans

$299/month (month to month commitment, there’s no annual fee) including the 13 tools and:

1000 Keywords tracked in Search Rankings

1000 Sales Tracker Products

1000 Review Alerts Products

300 Hijacking Alerts Products

100 Feedback Alerts Sellers

Unlimited Keyword Explorer Searches

Unlimited Niche Scout Searches

Unlimited Super URLs

Unlimited Keyword Comparisons

Unlimited Competition Scout Searches

Friendly, Fast, Premium Support

AMZ Shark Review: Coupon Codes

AMZ Shark Trial Plan

On first signing up for AMZShark, you’ll be given a free trial for a month. However, you are doing got to enter your card details to urge access for this, and you’ll be automatically charged afterwards if you continue using AMZShark

Despite this, there are no contracts, and you can cancel any time.

AMZ Shark Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Elioplus PRM
  • LogicBay
  • DataFeedWatch
  • FeedArmy
  • Hotel-Spider Vertriebsplattform
  • LeadMethod
  • Omnibees
  • Save1Minute
  • List On Fire
  • Collaborative Channel Commerce
  • TL Channel Manager
  • Channeltivity
  • Kyozou
  • Channel Manager
  • MappingMaster Channel Manager


Without a doubt, AMZShark is one among the most essential and most comprehensive Amazon marketing packages around. With all of that said, for larger businesses who can more readily absorb the additional cost, AMZShark remains an excellent option. Thanks to its wide selection of tools and the fact it works on every single Amazon marketplace. It allows you to modify quickly and for larger businesses who are looking to expand globally, this alone might be a reason to settle on AMZShark over others. AMZShark is a coffee grade for the straightforward incontrovertible fact that it’s comprehensive, useful and well-designed.

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Amzshark Review: Best Premier Toolkit for Professionals 2020


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