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How to Work from Home and Be More Productive

How To Work From Home And Be More Productive

There are many instances when we want to work from home. The current situation of the Corona Virus epidemic has forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. Even many freelancers and self-employed professionals work from home.

But for many people working from home is not easy. Many people find it difficult to work from home because of the distractions they encounter while working from home. The key to success while working from home is to create an environment that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. So many people want to know how to work from home and be more Productive. In this post, I am giving you some tips that will help you work from home and be more productive.

1. Create a To-Do List for the Tasks You Need to Accomplish Each Day

It is very easy to get distracted and get off task while working from home. Reasons could be many, for instance, you need to do laundry, cook, or do something. Having a checklist of the things you need to get done will help you visualize your progress and make you focus on your work and not get distracted.

It’s a good idea if you prepare your to-do list the previous night and start working in the morning without thinking about what to do first.

Keep checking off the tasks completed and it will give you a sense of achievement when you complete your to-do list. Even if some of the tasks are remaining you can add them to the to-do list for the next day and accomplish those pending tasks first.

2. Select a Work Space Based on Your Needs

Productivity requires discipline and dedication. While working from home many people use their bedroom, dining table, sofa, or floor with carpet to work from. But, that’s not ideal if you want to be more productive while working from home. Instead, you should set up a dedicated work desk for yourself in a place that is airy and have ample natural light to work from.

Also, make sure that you sit in an airy space so that you don’t feel suffocated. If you feel suffocated you might not be able to focus on your work.

Another advantage to set up your dedicated workspace is that you can use this space to get your work done faster. However, you can spend your morning writing or brainstorming ideas for your latest project on your breakfast table. In the afternoons you can relax sitting on the sofa, sifting through emails and completing the rest of your tasks for the workday.

One of the perks of working from home is being able to create a personalized work area in a way you may not be able to at the office. It’s all about creating a cozy yet productive space that is perfectly suited to your own working style. Add elements that promote a calming or inspiring environment, such as fresh flowers, houseplants, task lighting, candles or beautiful pictures, quotes that inspire you.

3. Declutter

You need to declutter your workspace while working from home. If there’s “stuff” lying around that reminds you of your household chores, your eyes will go there and you’ll get distracted.

Having a decluttered workspace helps keep you focused on your work rather than thinking about the household chores you have to do. So, try to declutter your workspace to stay focused on your work and be more aligned with an in-office experience.

Even on your desk do not keep unnecessary stuff that distracts you. A clean work desk with only necessary items helps you be more productive and focused on your work.

4. Get Ready for the Day

Working from home doesn’t mean that you should be working in your pajamas with the television on in the background. It needs the self-discipline to maintain an environment that makes you focus on your work even while working from home. To set the tone you should get ready in the morning as you are going to the office and not working from home.

Get yourself into the right mindset and start working early in the morning, as it will allow you more leisure time in the evening which you can spend with your family and friends. Set a productive intention and it will surely increase your chances of being more productive while you work from home.

5. Set a Work Routine

The advantage of working from home is that you can work in a free environment and not an enforced structure. But, that sort of freedom can also distract you from your work. So, you should create your own work schedule. It will help you organize your day better and accomplish more tasks than you would do otherwise.

For instance, I do my research and writing work in the night when I feel more comfortable and can write without being distracted by phone calls, stupid phone notifications, and noise-free environment. I keep my morning for creating images, reading industry news, replying to Social Media comments and questions, and emails. From 11 AM to 2 PM I finish the client’s work like tweaking their ads, re-writing their ad copies, making phone calls, meeting clients, etc.

Then, from 3 PM to 5 PM I read books I want to read and learn new things which help me do my work better. This routine works for me best and I can accomplish more tasks in this routine rather than changing my routine.

Though it is not possible every day to stick to this routine, I try hard to stick to my routine and get things done on time.

6. Put Yourself in a Good Position

Sitting in the right posture is utterly important for being productive. Some people find it easy to work in bed or on the sofa while working from home. But that’s not the ideal way to work from home and be productive. For things like reading a book, jotting down your ideas in your notebook, or reading and replying to your emails you can use your sofa or bed.

But, if you really want to do some writing or coding work you need to sit on a table and chair where you can position your Computer screen in front of your eyes and not keep your neck bent down to work on your laptop in your lap.

Maintaining a proper body alignment is important as it keeps you energetic and doesn’t tire you unnecessarily.

7. Turn on the Lights

Even if you are working on a laptop or a computer, sitting in a dark dull space might not be a good idea. Set your work desk in an area that has natural light coming from windows. You can make yourself sitting facing the window and keeping your computer’s back towards the window so that it doesn’t cause glare on your computer screen.

If it is not possible to set your workspace in a natural light setting and windows and outside environment of the window is distracting you, then pull the blinds or curtains and switch on the lights. You can use table lamps, or side lamps, or overhead lighting whichever makes you comfortable.

But sitting in dark even if you are using a backlit keyboard and anti-glaring screen would put a strain on your eyes and you won’t be able to work productively for a longer time.

In my case, overhead lighting works perfectly well for me while I am writing or even when I am using my computer to work on. You can try what lighting setup works best for you. But, make sure you sit in the proper light and not in dark.

8. Turn Off Notifications

The notifications which keep popping up on your phone can keep distracting you from your work. Good idea is to turn off all social media and email notifications when you are working. And check your social media and other stuff that is not related to work when you take a break.

If you keep your Facebook, and social media open on your computer in other tabs you might keep flipping your tabs to check on social media which is absolute wastage of your work time.

Put yourself into self-discipline and turn off everything that can distract you while you are working.

Even half of my work as a Digital Marketing Consultant is related to social media, but I don’t check social media until 6 PM if it is not work-related. It helps me save a lot of my time to do other productive work.

9. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination for sure is a major productivity killer. Look at your to-do list and try doing everything on it. If you start procrastinating you’ll create a cycle of constantly pushing things for later. And on that, another day it will be more hectic as you will be loaded with more work to do.

There could be a situation in which you have to push your work for later. But, make sure that you finish your work as quickly as you can and not bury yourself under the mountain of tasks which will kill your productivity thinking where to start and which one to finish first.

10. Get Out and Socialize

You can’t keep working for the entire day and night. Give yourself time to go out and meet friends. Sometimes you need to break up the day. Take short walks around the block to freshen up and socialize.

You can also take your laptop and head over to a nearby coffee shop, or library and work there for a few hours if it fits into your schedule. It will give you a better change.

You can also invite friends who also work from home or can go and work from their home. I do this and it creates a co-working group for us to brainstorm ideas and little chit chat which freshens up my mind.

Also, it provides me the opportunity to socialize and meet new people when I work from the Library or a coffee shop. Even two people I met in a coffee shop and after some chit chat they became my clients and gave me business.

11. Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is important to keep yourself hydrated. Keep drinking water and juices so that you remain hydrated and can focus on your work. Keeping yourself hydrated would make you feel energetic and focused. Also, it will help you keep yourself fit and able to work for a long time and safe from diseases.

Cut on caffeine. Too much tea or coffee can make you uncomfortable. And you won’t be able to focus on your work and productivity.

12. Give Yourself, Friends and Family Some Time

It is also important to give time to your family and friends. So, set your boundaries and set a time when you log off from your computer and workday and spend time with friends and family. Create a work-life balance and not keep yourself logged in 24/7.

I usually stop working at 6 PM and don’t see my computer until 9:30 PM. Meanwhile, I spend time with friends, family and going out for walks. It freshens up my mind and motivates me to come back to work with freshened up energy.

13. Get Enough Sleep

Set your bedtime routine and get enough sleep so that you don’t have to slouch on the chair or sofa between the work. Keep your sleep time in your schedule and follow it religiously. Sleeping is also important like healthy eating, exercise, and meditating.

14. Keep a Day Off for Leisure and other Household Tasks

If you are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to work all seven days of the week. Keep a day off which is convenient for you. On that day you can finish your household tasks and allow you to stay focused on your work on other days without distraction and interruption.


Working from home requires discipline. If you’re just starting out, it may take you a little time to find your groove. But if you follow the tips above you’ll find it a lot easier. The key is to keep a good work-life balance and take good care of yourself and stay healthy. The tips above will help you work from home and be more productive.

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How to Work from Home and Be More Productive


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